Will Donald Trump Be Indicted? Make This Bet On It

The political news cycle is centered on Donald Trump and a possible indictment. Will it happen? Will it not? That question is available for gambling at the top betting sites for politics right now. You’re going to want to keep reading to get our expert pick on a possible Trump indictment.

Before we get to that, we have to look at the current odds. Mind you, this bet centers on Trump being indicted this year — not in 2024 or any time post-2023. As it stands, the odds are favoring that he indeed gets jailed:

OutcomesMyBookie ReviewGTBets ReviewBovada
Yes Indicted-175-175-175
Not Indicted+135+135+135

How Could Trump Be Indicted In 2023?

Part of the reason that a Trump indictment is the betting favorite is that there’s more than one possible scenario — of which most political fans or bettors are unaware of. There are actually three different cases that Trump could get indicted for in 2023. Let’s quickly break down each, since the gravity of the situation will influence our pick.

Let’s begin with the most recent case, in which Trump claimed he was going to be arrested on his own Truth Social platform. The arrest, which would’ve been the first of its kind for a U.S. President, didn’t happen when Trump said it would. Regardless, the threat looms large.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating Trump regarding “hush money” paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Remember her? Daniels was paid $130,000 to not go public with her affair with The Donald way back in 2006. However, this payment came in 2016 when Trump was first running for President. The DA office is examining whether Trump used campaign funds to make the payment — which is a felony in the state. The office offered Trump a chance to testify, which he turned down.

There’s a separate case in Georgia with more implications for Trump. Here, the Fulton County DA is investigating whether Trump attempted to solicit election fraud. Of course, this is in regard to the 2020 election in which Joe Biden won the state narrowly. It’s alleged that Trump pressured Georgia state officials to either change or contest the results.

The third and final investigation comes straight from the U.S. Department of Justice. There are actually two probes from the DOJ. One centers again on Trump trying to overturn the 2020 election results. The other is regarding classified documents found when the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Some of these mishandled documents were said to relate to secret intelligence, such as nuclear weapons.

So as you can see, there’s a lot of ammunition against Trump right now. Whether they’re weaponized against him or not as Trump runs for President a third straight time is what this bet ultimately comes down to. We have our betting pick on that next.

Trump Indictment Betting Pick

The obvious Trump indictment betting pick is yes, he will be arrested. It seems all parties want that outcome, including Trump himself. Democrats, wise or unwisely, think an arrest will lower Trump’s re-election chances in 2024. We mean, on the surface, being arrested a is an automatic disqualifier for a President. But we live in weird times, and oddly, Trump probably believes it might help him out.

Allow us to explain: Trump doesn’t have the Republican ticket guaranteed. He’ll likely have to beat Ron DeSantis in the primaries. We’re already seeing Trump’s strategy against DeSantis, who he’s trying to label as part of “the establishment.” Trump being arrested surely makes him out to be anti-establishment, a label he used to great success in 2016 as a political outsider.

Call us superstitious, but when betting, we question ourselves when a pick seems too obvious. And when it comes to Trump, it seems the non-obvious thing always happens. We mean, he defied polling and all conventional wisdom to win the presidency the first time. In the same token, Trump has dodged prior investigations — the Mueller case on “Russiagate” most notably.

Screw it, we’re betting that a Trump indictment does NOT happen. It seems like every single controversy is played for media attention but nothing ever comes out of it. It’s been seven years of that now, and we’re betting things don’t change. Get the plus-money and value and bet no indictment happens.

Donald Trump will NOTbe indicted in 2023
Bet now

How To Bet On US Politics?

You can’t just bet on US politics anywhere. No, it’s actually not legal to do so — even if it’s a regulated sportsbook. Many countries, including the United States, bar betting on political activity. However, no such rules apply to offshore betting sites. For your convenience, we’ve listed the top-used online sportsbooks in the offshore industry below. Any one of them will offer Trump indictment lines, plus others in the political realm.

If you need help picking a sportsbook to bet at, then do two things. The first is to read our detailed sportsbook reviews. The second is to compare current bonuses being offered. Both pieces of information are marked below so you have no excuses for not being fully informed.




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