Best Bets To Make Off Donald Trump’s Rumored Book Release

Trump is starting to lose grip over the Republican party, which might explain his latest stunt — a rumored self-published book filled with letters “A-list” celebrities have sent to Trump over the years. Yes, it’s supposedly a real thing in the works. Not only that, but you can even bet on the book at top political betting sites. We’re covering the best Trump celebrity letters bets in this article so keep reading for a good laugh and buck!

What’s Trump’s Book Of Letters?

Right before 2022 ended, Trump’s favorite rival news outlet, CNN, released details about a “book of letters” scheduled for 2023. Trump has called CNN “fake news” in the past so this felt like a joke at first. No one has confirmed it’s not, but no one’s denied it either. So to make it easier, let’s assume this is the real deal. In that case, what exactly are these Trump letters anyway?

CNN is describing it as a coffee-table book. Trump released a book in this style after leaving office that included 300-plus photographs and self-written captions from the 45th President of the United States. Only this time, the coffee book will feature letters written to or by Trump over the years. Here’s the kicker: the letters are from international icons.

CNN’s original reporting already mentioned that the likes of Elton John, Michael Jackson, and the Princess Diana of Wales will be included. Naturally, these details got savvy bookmakers thinking: who else will be in the book? Out of that, they’ve created this special bet with a laundry list of betting options. Some of the most popular betting choices are listed underneath:

CelebrityBovadaBetOnline Review
Tom Brady+100+100
Oprah Winfrey+100+100
Elon Musk+100+100
Alex Baldwin+110+110
Larry King+120+120
Kanye West+120+120
Kirstie Alley+300+300
Leo Dicaprio+300+300
Mike Tyson+300+300
Joe Rogan+400+400

Trump’s Books Betting Picks

Look, there’s a litany of possible betting picks to be included in Trump’s book. That’s why we felt it might be best to break up our picks into two categories — must-bets and don’t-bets. We’ve picked several names from the betting and organized them into each category below so you know who to bet on and who to avoid. Let’s get right to it:

Tom Brady

Count Brady as a closet Trump admirer. He can downplay his MAGA hat in the locker room back in 2015 all he wants, but we’re not buying it. The Brady we see in the public eye was manufactured by his P.R. team and being associated with Trump is risky business when you want mass appeal, as we imagine is the goal for Brady’s perception.

With that said, we’re positive Brady and Trump have prior correspondence in letter form. The two have played golf together and Brady even judged a Miss USA peasant (owned by Trump at the time) as early as 2002. Remember letters were actually a thing back then, which makes a Brady appearance a must-bet ordeal.

Tom Bradyto be included in Donald Trump's new book
Bet now

Kanye West

If reports are true, Trump and Kanye are no longer pals. West, in his bizarre anti-Semitic era, tried to “set up” Trump recently. By that, he brought Nick Fuentes — a far-right Holocaust denier — to dinner with Trump. Even for the polarizing Trump, Fuentes is a radioactive person to be seen with. With the P.R. disaster being so recent, we can’t imagine Trump flaunting his relationship with Ye in a book, social media, or anything else.

Oprah Winfrey

Seventeen years before Trump won the presidency in 2016, he was on Larry King Live, teasing a possible run at the Oval Office. In the interview, he said Oprah would be his running mate if he did. That never came to fruition — Trump chose Mike Pence as Vice President, while Oprah separated herself from Trump. Regardless, these two magnetic personalities were at one point close, which leads me to believe Oprah would be included in the book.

An Oprah inclusion would be a huge stroke to Trump’s ego — and if history has any say, ego drives Trump’s entire decision-making. Black women isn’t exactly a popular demographic for Trump in polls, while Oprah has the opposite effect on that same group. Winning favor in the polls is the underlying purpose of this book release so if Trump has any Oprah-signed letters, including them in the book is obvious.

Oprah Winfreyto be included in Donald Trump's new book
Bet now

Joe Rogan

We’ll be quite honest here: Rogan isn’t famous enough for Trump to include in his book. Yes, he has a massive podcast, but does Trump seem like a guy who listens to podcasts? The ex-President is a product of the old media system — cable TV and Hollywood. Trump probably remembers Rogan as the Fear Factor host more than anything else. Given Trump’s ego, that level of fame is likely beneath him.

How To Bet On US Politics?

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