US Politics Betting: Who Will Be The Republican Nominee In 2024?

Both displeased American voters and bettors already have eyes darting toward the 2024 Presidential election. This article is for the latter crowd as we’re predicting who will be the 2024 Republican nominee when campaigning and voting are finished.

Betting odds are currently scattered — as they should be. We’re still more than two years away from knowing the nominee and heck, no one’s even officially announced their candidacy yet. Nonetheless, we have an idea of who can be on the ticket. As of early October, here are the betting front-runners to win per online sportsbooks:

Donald Trump+150+150
Ron DeSantis+500+500
Nikki Haley+700+700
Mike Pence+1400+1400
Ted Cruz+1600+1600
Mike Pompeo+1800+1800

Donald Trump Favored To Win 2024 Republican Nominee

It should come as no surprise that The Donald is tops in the betting field. The former President still has a huge supporter base, plus Trump isn’t one to go “quietly into the night” and take a backseat in the attention column. But we’re taken back by how big Trump is ahead of other betting candidates.

Trump at +150 is almost even money. The next closest option is +350 behind him. It’s almost like Trump is a sure thing to become the GOP’s presidential nominee in the eyes of the bookmakers — which is asinine given his “excessive baggage.”

We say this in the most non-partisan way possible: Trump has a heavy amount of challenges in front of him. He’s been “deplatformed” by social media sites, thus can’t seamlessly communicate directly with supporters. He has several criminal and civil lawsuits against him pending. His businesses owe over $1 billion. His 2016 built on “winning” is now stained after coming up short to Joe Biden in 2020. There are a few more to name, but those are the largest barriers in front of Trump presently.

Not only that, but there’s also little precedent for a one-term President to re-run for the oval office with a gap in between those runs. It’s happened twice before in US history. One was successful (Grover Cleveland), another was not (Theodore Roosevelt). Trump — who would be approaching 80 years old in 2024 — certainly has history working against him here.

Trump’s victory in 2016 felt near-impossible and he did pull it off, which is why we wouldn’t put it past him to overcome these dire challenges and secure the 2024 bid. But even then, +150 is way too rich for our liking given the baggage. We’re not betting Trump and believe there’s better value in another candidate instead.

Betting Betting Pick — Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Presidential hopes likely pin on COVID-19. Well, many candidates do, but more so DeSantis due to his unique response to the raging virus. He’s famously been anti-lockdown and anti-mask — a sharp contrast to fellow state governors.

The verdict isn’t quite out on whether DeSantis’ approach was correct or not. But when the dust settles, we’ll have a better idea at how Florida fared with other states in terms of death rate, hospitalization rate, and so forth. If DeSanti’s is proved right, he’ll be in a class of his own and earn all the credit that comes with that.

If there’s something else DeSantis has going for him, is that he’s “new.” New is a tried-and-true marketing technique in American politics. New ideas. New policies. New face. Americans have been trained this creates change, whether accurate or not. This newness will be the complete opposite of another Trump term, which obviously wasn’t a winning proposition in 2020 against Joe Biden.

We’re endorsing a DeSantis bet here but with one qualifier: make this a small bet. It’s just too early in the game to drop a substantial bet on any candidate. A reasonable wager though? Now that makes sense especially at his +500 price which could pay well even with a low sum.

Ron DeSantisto win the 2024 Republican nominee for President
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How To Bet US Politics

In recent years, politics has become a huge betting market, particularly around the US Presidential election. In fact, the 2020 election might’ve been one of the most bet-on events in history, rivaling that of NFL Super Bowls. Due to this surge, many online betting sites now support gambling on it. Some of the top bookmakers in this category are featured below.

At these sites, you’ll find up-to-date lines on the aforementioned Republican 2024 nominee, as well as the Democratic pick and the winner of the Presidential election altogether. Odds will fluctuate wildly from now to 2024, but these sites will keep lines up — and at great prices, too!

But here’s the real kicker about these betting sites: they offer awesome promotions that can build your betting bankroll fast. How? Though free play, that’s how. Bonuses offered are plenty, but in some cases, they can top out at $2500 in free play. The table underneath has a taste of some current sign-up bonuses available to first-time bettors of a site.

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