Joe Biden Under 42.5 Approval Rating At End Of 2023

  • Joe Biden (+170) is still the favorite to get a second term as President of the United States. 
  • However, Biden’s approval rating has been under 50% for most of his presidency. 
  • With the Republicans a -105 to -115 favorite to win the Presidential Election, some numbers are interesting.

The 2024 political cycle figures to get a kick in the pants over the next week or so. Now, that is because Joe Biden expects to finally announce his bid for reelection. Despite many hints, we may finally be at the finishing line. However, what about those President Approval Rating Bets. Expect that to be a much different story with the current President in a distinct struggle to get Americans to like what he is doing.

Naturally, the prime online betting sportsbooks released a few more props and one asks the question what will Joe Biden’s approval rating be come the end of 2023. This one appears to have a very low bar set for it. Yes, look at these numbers below!

Joe Biden Approval NumbersBetOnline ReviewMyBookie Review
Over 42.5%-130-135
Under 42.5%EVEN+110

Presidential Approval Rating Bets – Can Joe Biden Bounce Back?

So, this article features the President Approval Rating Betand maybe a little more. It remains hard to believe, but many thought Biden would be closer to 45% by now. Yes, the Republicans have their majority in the House Of Representatives. On the other hand, it is by the thinnest of margins. Despite all this, the economy is still a mess, bank fallout is still not completely finished, and even with foreign diplomacy issues, Joe Biden expects to announce he will seek reelection this coming week.

One has to hand it to Biden. Every time he looks cornered, the President doubles down while looking at times clueless. This still works for him, somehow. No one has truly investigated anything and we hear very little of his misdeeds. However, mention Donald Trump and all bets are off!

The middle numbers are still far from great and again that announcement may anger Independent and Democrat voters alike. Honestly, no one truly knows. Consequently, how much does that number of 42.4% move between now and the end of 2023. Eight months is a lot of time and plenty of things can occur between now and then.

Biden is his own worst enemy despite his mostly “Grandpa” style. The handling of Joe Biden only increases as the questions get more and more inflammatory. At one point, 65% of Democrats and Independents said they would not vote for Biden if he sought reelection. Does that sink his approval rating a bit before 2023 ends? We believe it might.

Joe Bidento have Under 42.5% approval rating
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President Approval Rating Bets – Some Other Numbers?

Naturally, numbers can always go crazy. Why? That is simple. Yes, the top online political betting sites come in handy because they typically are on the latest scandals and news. After all, time is vicious and unforgiving. Does anyone expect a magic spike one way or the other in the President Approval Rating Bets? I doubt it!

After all, bumps usually occur during Presidential election years after a convention. Right now, things seem too quiet. Barring again a seismic scandal that gets pressed on this year, do not expect fireworks until 2024. Honestly, what most are counting on is that Biden announces his intentions. Eventually, some others either get in or duck out and little else. Are there some issues that can tilt Joe Biden’s approval rating lower?

Heading into the summer of 2023, inflation still is troubling and the fed may not be able to raise rates much longer. OPEC remains a thorn in Biden’s side and the “climate change” economy is not helping either. Americans are still having a difficult time making ends meet. Bluntly, it almost does not matter who the President is and some even debate who is truly running the show among the Democrats.

Again, it is early. Based on projected 40-42% approval ratings, that answer seems to be Biden is in trouble. Now, the good news in the President Approval Rating Bets lies in the fact that few pundits expect his numbers to tilt upward or stay up for that matter. By the way, there are some fun wagers to make. One of them is simply that Joe Biden may not finish his first term still. It’s come down to +475.

Joe Bidento not finish his first term
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Presidential Approval Number Bets – What About Trump And Others?

After what happened with Biden so far, what about other potential President Approval Number Bets? This is a great questions which leads us to other side props and more. Heck, it may create room for subsequent articles on new wagers to come. However, what we have at the present is quite interesting enough.

Notably, former President Donald Trump averaged around 41% for his approval rating. Was the country that divisive? Is it still? The latter becomes the better question here. For Democrats to want even worse candidates to run over Joe Biden is pretty sobering. Biden has his own issues, but the sum of all fears gets quite frightening when looking at the records of who else is out there.

Could anyone right now, whether Democrat or Republican, even get around a 50% approval rating? Now, that answer gets quickly dismissed with a resounding no. Worse, few current candidates on either side could probably manage 45% or so.

Looking at the President Approval Rating Bets, the Field still looks weirdly appetizing despite the dark prospects on either side when it comes to Biden and the Democrats.

The secure the Democratic Nomination for President
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Could Anyone Out There Save Us?

Could anyone out there save us?. Honestly, if a long shot from left field wanted to run, the chances they survive to Election Day is almost slim to none. For better or for worse, we may see Biden-Trump again. .

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