Bet This Candidate To Be The Republican VP Nominee In 2024

All eyes are on Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, who are poised to contend for the 2024 Republican nominee for President. However, a fierce battle could be brewing for the eventual Vice President nominee. This battle and futures wager has flown under the radar, but not anymore. We’re giving you our expert advice on how to bet the Republican VP nominee futures wager — advice we think can make you plenty of money later this year!

Betting odds just came available at the most popular sportsbooks for political betting. We’ll be honest, the odds are a little all over the place at the moment. Here are the most favored VP candidates as it stands in early February:

Best Bets To Win 2024 Republican VP Nominee

It’s still early, very early. The only candidate that’s outright announced intentions to run for president under the Republican ticket is Trump. And the 2024 VP nominee pick directly hinges on the Presidential outcome. Other candidates expected to challenge Trump are the aforementioned Trump, Mike Pence (former VP of Trump in his previous run), Nikki Haley (rumored to be announcing her intentions soon), and Liz Cheney, among others.

But let’s be real, the only true challenger to Trump is DeSantis, if he indeed decides to run (he could wait until 2028 for all we know). That’s why for our betting approach below, we’re laying out two scenarios — one if Trump re-wins and another if DeSantis wins. We would expect different VP nominees in each case so rather than try to pick between DeSantis and Trump this early, we’ll hedge our bets with money multiple ways. Here’s who’s getting our money:

NomineeBovadaMyBookie ReviewBetOnline Review
Nikki Haley+200+200+200
Kristi Noem+850+850+850
Tim Scott+1000+1000+1000
Ron DeSantis+1200+1200+1200
Mike Pompeo+1200+1200+1200
Kari Lake+1200+1200+1200
Marjorie Taylor-Greene+1400+1400+1400

If Donald Trump Wins Presidential Nominee

You can rule out two candidates right away for Trump’s VP pick if he indeed wins out — DeSantis and Pence. The latter had a falling out with Donald Trump after Pence refused to help the ex-President overturn the 2020 election results. Pence also hinted that Trump had a hand in the January 6 riots. Therefore, that relationship is beyond repair and you could forget about Pence’s +2000 line.

As for DeSantis, never mind the egos of each clashing, but it might flat-out not be allowed. We’re no experts on constitutional rules, but some that are have said that a President and Vice President can’t hail from the same state. Remember, Trump now runs under Florida, not New York. DeSantis, the sitting governor of the Sunshine State, might not be allowed to run alongside Trump.

Alright, if none of these two, then who is the bet to make for Trump’s running mate? Rumors are swirling that it could be a woman, most notably Haley, Lake, or Greene. Of the three, our money is squarely going on Haley.

Haley, despite her Presidential intentions, has played it carefully not to completely alienate Trump. That comes most obvious based on what happened on January 6. Shortly after the Congressional storming, Haley lashed out at Trump saying, “we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him.” But by October of that year, Haley was singing a different tune. “We need him in the Republican Party. I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump,” she was quoted as saying.

This clear and obvious flip-flopping by Haley, to us, means she’s angling to be Trump’s Vice President. We’ll take her now while she’s still plus-money.

Nikki Haleyto be 2024 Republican Vice President
Bet now

If Ron DeSantis Wins Presidential Nominee

We’re not for one second buying into the DeSantis-waiting-for-2028-to-run narrative. He’s left breadcrumbs that a Presidential run this year is imminent — why else would you ramp up fundraising efforts and release an autobiography early this year? While that’s easy to discern, it’s much harder to figure out who DeSantis would want as a running mate if he can beat out Trump.

We’ll give it a go regardless and in doing so, we’re going with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Like DeSantis, Scott is gaining a lot of momentum in the party.  Scott is the only black Senate Republican and a top party fundraiser. Combine his fundraising efforts with DeSantis and you have quite a big “war chest” to top the Democrats come 2024. A DeSantis-Scott ticket could be very tough to beat out.

Tim Scottto be 2024 Republican Vice President
Bet now

How To Bet On US Politics?

You can’t just bet on US politics anywhere. No, no, at most regulated sportsbooks, it’s completely barred. However, no such rule applies to offshore online sportsbooks, like the ones you see featured underneath. These sites offer the full gamut of political odds, and not just on United States affairs. International elections are also bet-able on these platforms.

Pay attention to the table below if you need help picking the best sportsbook for you. You’ll find reviews and bonus offer details on the table, both of which will give you insight into what awaits from bookie to bookie. Once you’ve honed in on one, hit the corresponding “play now” button on the table and get fast-tracked into gambling on the platform!




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