US Presidential Futures: Who Will Run in 2024?

  • Donald Trump (-175) is widely expected to be the Republican nominee again in 2024
  • The next United States presidential election will take place on November 5, 2024
  • Hillary Clinton (+300), The Rock (+300) and Jeff Bezos are just some of the interesting names you can bet on

With Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine playing out in real-time as we all helplessly follow the action on our phones, it’s a good time to think, “Who would I like to hold the office of President of the United States?”

Joe Biden has emerged as a global leader in unifying NATO and bringing strong economic sanctions against Vladimir Putin and his cronies, but hey, he’s 79 years old and the election is still almost three full years away.

Before we check the odds on who will run for the world’s highest office and offer our picks, here’s where you can find the top betting sites for Politics in 2022.

Donald Trump Sr-175
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+300
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson+300
Hillary Clinton+300
Tucker Carlson+400
Gavin Newsom+700
Ivanka Trump+700
Donald Trump Jr.+2500
Jeff Bezos+3300
Lara Trump+6600
Michael Moore+6600
Oprah Winfrey+6600
Kimberley Guilfoyle+10000
Meghan Markle+10000
Roger Stone+10000
Lebron James+15000
James Woods+20000
Mark Zuckerberg+20000
Meryl Streep+20000
Rosie O'Donnell+20000
Tom Hanks+20000
Henry Winkler+25000
Scott Baio+25000

The Donald

Here’s a scary thought. Vladimir Putin’s butt boy Donald Trump (-175) is the overwhelming favorite to make another run at the presidency and The Republican Party is currently favored to win the next election. The 75-year-old huckster recently doubled-down on praising the Russian autocrat as a “genius” for invading Ukraine and needlessly killing thousands. He also inspired an attack on his nation’s Capitol and asked his VP Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election.

This man is the betting favorite!

Are you down with AOC?…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (+300) will be eligible to run in 2024 as she will turn 35 years old (the presidential age minimum) just a few weeks before election day – but the Democratic congresswoman will face a few obstacles.

Only six presidents in U.S. history chose not to run for a second-term so don’t expect Biden to forego a second-term, even if he’ll be closing in on 82. AOC’s progressive, left-wing ideals would also surely come under Republican fire for being “communist” or “socialist” given today’s current events.

Donald TrumpTo Run for President
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Alexandria Ocasio-CortezTo Run for President
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Other interesting names

Dwayne Johnson (+300) is currently gaining invaluable political experience as the (checks notes) co-owner of the XFL. The Rock has said in the past he’d consider a run for president, and a recent poll showed that 46% of Americans would support his bid.

However, while our society is trending in the direction of electing former wrestlers and movie stars into office, this particular scenario feels more than three years away.

2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (+300) could want a rematch against Trump, but the GOP’s favorite punching bag has likely had enough of the limelight by now. And while handsome, California Governor Gavin Newsome (+700) probably doesn’t have a realistic path to the White House in 2024.

On the Republican side, there seems to be a lack of plausible candidates on the board – unless you believe Tucker Carlson (+400), Ivanka Trump (+700) or Donald Trump Jr. (+2500) are plausible. In that case, well done on multi-tasking as you’re obviously watching FOX News as you read this.

Finally, no list of potential US Presidents would be complete without a couple of tech gajillionaires (Jeff Bezos at +3300 and Mark Zuckerberg at +20000), professional athletes (LeBron James at +15000), Hollywood actors (Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks at +20000), a convicted criminal (Roger Stone at +10000) and, well, Oprah (+6600).

The RockTo Run for President
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