On Sunday, February 7th, 2021 people from around the world will be tuning in to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. Betting on the Super Bowl is a huge deal, and this season is especially known for its prop bets. To get started, you can find Your Super Bowl 55 prop bet sheet here.

Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet 2021

We have our own bet sheet for the Super Bowl prop bets 2021. Here you can find crazy Super Bowl prop bets, as well as some more mainstream ones. A Super Bowl prop bet sheet will include a list of prop bets for the Super Bowl 2021, as well as Super Bowl prop bet odds. 

Super Bowl LV Coin TossHeads
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Number of Songs Played During Halftime ShowMore than 8
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What Will Happen to the Price of Bitcoin During Super Bowl LVIt Will Go Up
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Will a Kickoff Be Returned for a TouchdownYes
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National Anthem

Singing the National Anthem is always an unforgettable opening. National Anthem Super Bowl props include how long the song will last and if the singer will forget any words. Choking during this high-pressure moment is surprisingly common.


The singer for the National Anthem has not been announced yet. Knowing this will help you handle this fun Super Bowl prop bet with a little more to go off of. 


In 2020, Demi Lavato took one minute and 49 seconds. Bovada had set the over/under at two minutes and four seconds. So UNDER was the winning bet last year. 


Most people chosen to perform the National Anthem will be far from rookies. A good way to make fun Super Bowl prop bets into smart bets is to research where you can. When the singer is announced, check out their past performances.



The award for Most Valuable Player is nearly as coveted as the Lombardi Trophy itself. It is awarded to the player who contributed most to their team during the previous four quarters. When placing a prop bet on the Super Bowl MVP keep in mind that the winning team’s quarterback is the likeliest candidate. They have won it 29 times. 


Some have even won the award multiple times. Tom Brady (four times), Eli Manning (two times), and Bart Star (two times) are all multiple winners. If Aaron Rodgers wins it this year, he would join the list of repeat winners. 


This is a classic NFL Super Bowl prop bet. Choosing a non-quarterback will give you a bigger reward, especially with such stars coming into the Super Bowl this year.

Gatorade Shower

One of the crazy Super Bowl prop bets has to do with the final celebration. The famous Super Bowl prop bet on the color of the Gatorade shower.  It is a classic moment at the end of every Super Bowl. 


This is seemingly random. How can we know if the players prefer Cool Blue or Fierce Grape? However, if we look to history we can actually get some good hints for Super Bowl 2021 prop bet outcomes. 


In 2020, it was orange. When the Patriots won in 2019, it was blue. However, the most common color throughout the years has been clear. I did not even know clear was a color. A few times there was not even a Gatorade shower at all, really throwing this NFL Super Bowl prop bet for a loop.

Super Bowl Prop Bets for Halftime

The Super Bowl halftime show comes with its own collection of prop bets as well. Halftime shows are nearly as remembered as the game itself. 


Super Bowl 2021 prop bets for the halftime show will ask questions about Weekend, this year’s headliner. You will often see the option to bet on how many songs they will perform and which song will be their opener.


While many of us watch for the sport, some claim to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. These are some expensive spots, so they really put the effort into making them the best commercials of the year. 


Super Bowl commercial props include betting which beer or snack commercial will appear first. You can also bet on the total number of ads you think will run during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bet Faqs

  1. What is the craziest Super Bowl 2021 bet prop?
    • The craziest Super Bowl prop bets often border on the illicit. For example, one Super Bowl halftime show prop bet asked if television audiences would see J-Lo’s butt cleavage. 
  2. Should I bet on the coin toss? 
    • The coin toss is a classic prop bet. It is normally priced at just over +100. There is no way to predict it, but it could get your game off to an exciting start! 
  3. Where can I get a printable 2021 Super Bowl prop bet sheet? 
    • Here you can use our prop bet sheet and picks. Although not specifically designed for printing, it is definitely still an option. 
  4. What are the best Super Bowl prop bets? 
    • The best Super Bowl prop bets are ones you can research ahead of time. While fun should always be the focus, these are nonetheless good spots to make some dough. 
  5. How do Super Bowl Prop bet odds work?
    • Odds for Super Bowl prop bets work just like other odds. Just make sure you are using the system you are most comfortable with: fractional, decimal, or American.