Best Ways To Make Free Money At BetNow In December

There are a lot of things to like about BetNow. It has a deep sportsbook menu, a complimentary casino, and perhaps best of all, some of the best promotions in the whole online sportsbook marketplace. In this article, we’re going to share our absolute favorite deals available at BetNow this month. You could earn thousands of dollars of free play from any one of these deals. Sounds like a plan? Stick with us then!

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Free Play To Spend As You’d Like On Sports Bets

This has been one of the busiest sports months of all time. You have your usual NFL, NBA, NHL, and college sports betting mix. But on this rare occasion, you also have the World Cup, which is days away from crowning a champion. If you need some extra spending money to chase these opportunities then BetNow has you covered with multiple deposit bonuses.

Let’s begin with the trusty sign-up bonus. BetNow actually has three distinct deals, giving bettors the chance to pick the one most ideal for their style. Here are each of the three options at a glance:

  • 150-percent match up to $150; 12X rollover requirement (promo code is BN150)
  • 100-percent match up to $500; 20X rollover requirement (promo code is BN100)
  • 50-percent match up to $500; 10X rollover requirement (promo code is BN50)

These deals have actually changed recently. In the past, the 150-percent bonus didn’t even exist. And oh, boy, what a deal that is. All you need is a $100 deposit to maximize the $150 reward — a true “bang for your buck” offer. Though, for bettors that want as much free play as possible, perhaps the $500 deals are more worthwhile. The great thing is you have options at BetNow, which bucks the industry norm of having a single deal for all bettors.

And what happens once the sign-up bonus runs out — either you gamble all your funds or the bonus winnings themselves expire? Welp, there’s another free-play bonus you can earn. The best part? This deal isn’t a one-time thing. No, you can cash it forever. We’re talking about BetNow’s reload bonus which can reach as high as a 25 percent match on new deposits.

Combining both these deals is the quickest way to build up your betting bankroll. This should give you ample amounts of free money to bankroll your sports bets for the next month. That way, you can use your own funds to buy holiday presents and such.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

$10,000 Pick Em Contests Every Week

BetNow also has weekly contests available to bettors. No, these aren’t guaranteed free-play deals like the ones we mentioned before. You’ll actually have to earn this one, but if so, the prizes are multiples of the sign-up bonuses.

Let’s begin with the NFL. BetNow calls this its King of the Hill contest. The goal? Simply pick the winner of every NFL game that week. Straight-up winner, not against the spread or over/under. If you do that, plus get the tiebreaker, then you earn a whopping ten-grand prize from the contest.

There’s an almost identical contest with the NBA. Here, contestants must correctly pick 14 NBA games correctly that week. BetNow will choose the games in advance. The same $10,000 prize is available.

Now, we’re not saying either one of the contests is easy. No, not even in the slightest. However, you literally have zero to lose by playing. That’s because both contests are free to enter so you have zero downside risk. So long as you have an active BetNow account, you can compete. Weekly contests are available all regular season long.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Rebate Programs For Non-Sports Bets

BetNow’s sports betting experience is truly elite. However, it’s not the only thing available to throw money on. The site also features a full-fledged casino and racebook. Each of the two platforms has a rebate program that can get you paid.

We’ll begin in the casino. Whether you’re playing slots or table games, BetNow will reimburse 10 percent of losses incurred each week. Say you went on a cold streak in the casino and lost $70 one week. Welp, thanks to this program, you’d be refunded $7 on Monday — no strings attached. It’s a nice safety net because let’s be honest, you’re not going to have winning weeks each time. The same exact deal applies in the racebook. Horse-racing bet losses are refunded at the same percentage on Mondays.

Both the casino and racebook are great ways to “spice things up.” December might be a busy sports month, but things will definitely slow down during the spring and summer. During that period, it’s nice to fall back on the casino and racebook if there are no sports-betting opportunities of interest.

If you’ve read all the way to here, we can only assume you’re interested in gambling at BetNow and making free money. In case you’re not, you can read our in-depth BetNow review to learn more about the site and what awaits you by joining it.

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