Best BetNow Bonuses For June 2022

Right now, the vast majority of popular online sportsbooks have their attention on the NBA and NHL, with each of them on their way to the championship final. BetNow, though? They’ve bucked the trend and “doubled down” on MLB instead. Baseball-savvy bettors need to hear about this killer baseball deal, along with the rest of the BetNow bonuses being offered right now in June. Below we’ve listed the bonuses most worth your attention for your convenience:

Hit A “Grand Slam”, Win $10,000

Get this: every week from now until the MLB regular season ends (in early October), BetNow is giving $10,000 a week to baseball bettors. It’s all part of the betting site’s Grand Slam Weekly contest.

The deal works like this: every week, BetNow picks 28 different MLB games. Contest participants must pick the straight-up winner — moneyline, not spread — on each game. Hit a perfect bracket and that $10,000 is all yours. Obviously, getting 28-of-28 bets is no easy task, but there is a consolation prize given to the top-5 scoring clients of that week so money can be made without perfect picking.

Entering the pick ’em contest is completely free. Though, participants are limited to one single entry per week — so no “double-dipping.” If one of the 28 games is rained out or delayed for some reason, then it simply won’t count as part of the contest. So in theory, you might win $10,000 by picking 26 or 27 MLB games accurately during the week. In the rare event of more than one person going perfect that week, the grand prize of $10,000 will be split equally among the winners.

Massive pick ’em contests such as these are a staple of the site, as mentioned in our unbiased BetNow review. They also do NFL contests and one for March Madness, which runs for a whopping $1 million. So if you have an uncanny ability to predict the winners of sports games, then there’s really no better place to gamble than BetNow.

Get Your Standard Free-Play Bonuses Here Too

BetNow also has “regular” sportsbook bonuses for money — you know, the sign-up and reload bonuses you’ve become accustomed to by now if you’ve ever gambled in sports online. These bonuses are perfect for increasing your betting spend in a hurry, which isn’t a bad idea right now given the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals are underway or about to be.

Let’s begin with the sign-up bonus, available to any new bettors of the site. BetNow offers a 50-percent match up to $500 (to max out, one would have to deposit $1000). It’s pretty standard stuff — not wildly great, not bad either, but just in-line with many competitors. In order to redeem the bonus, promo code BN50 must be used at the cashier section as this deal isn’t automatic.

Once the sign-up bonus is used up, returning bettors can also benefit from a reload bonus. Here, BetNow actually offers different reload bonuses that bettors can choose from. Here are the options:

  • 15% match up to $500 (rollover requirement of 3X on sports and 15X on casino; promo code is REUP15)
  • 20% match up to $500 (rollover requirement of 4X on sports and 20X on casino; promo code is REUP20)
  • 25% match up to $500 (rollover requirement of 5X on sports and 25X on casino; promo code is REUP25)

As you can see, all three deals are capped at $500 in free play, but the differences come in the match percentage and playthrough requirement. Bettors can choose the reload bonus that matches their needs most, which is a welcome change to the industry standard of sites having one and only one reload bonus for its players.

Year-Round Loyalty Program

Alright, this isn’t a June-specific promo. No, this one runs around the clock and over the long run, is actually the most valuable deal available at BetNow. Of course, we’re talking about a loyalty program. Look, we could write an entire article on this program, but let’s cover the main points you should know as a bettor.

Loyalty points accumulated at BetNow can be redeemed for cash. Essentially, 1000 points equals one dollar. Like most other bookmakers, BetNow offers differing amounts of points based on the bet type. For instance, every dollar wagered on a sports parlay is worth two points. Do a teaser and now it’s three points per dollar. Regular sports bets would be one point per dollar risked.

Interestingly enough, there are no “tiers” in this program. Most competitor sites have different levels that bettors can rank up through with unique perks for each tier, but no such thing currently exists at BetNow. Speaking of which, we would’ve liked BetNow to incorporate more rewards beyond just cash bonuses. For example, reduced juice or VIP features would’ve elevated this loyalty program even more.

Eric Uribe

Eric has lived and breathed sports since the age of 10. This enthusiasm led him down the path of sports journalism, where he covered sports — from the high school game to the pros — for several years. Now, Eric channels his sports interest into betting. When Eric isn't dishing out expert betting advice on this site, he's at the sportsbook watching the big game with a Red Bull vodka in hand.

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