Playoff Betting Is Worth It At BetOnline Thanks To Bonuses

The sports betting opportunities don’t let up one bit now that we’re into April and springtime. Both the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing this month, plus the final stretch of international soccer seasons. Perhaps one of the best places to catch all these bets is BetOnline. Why? Well, for one, the site is begging you to take its money in the form of lucrative sportsbook bonuses. There are thousands of dollars at stake here — all of which can fund your sports wagers this month. Keep reading for a complete lowdown of BetOnline’s April offers:

100% up to $1,000
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$1,000 In Free Play Within Minutes For New Players

The only thing better than making free money is doing so fast. And what would you know, the big-money sign-up bonus is created with BOTH in mind. When you register at BetOnline for a new account, you’ll receive a nice sum of money back from the site as soon you deposit money into the new account. Considering that process takes just a few minutes and clicks, it’s without a doubt the quickest way to stack up money!

Here are the full details: new sign-ups will get a 50-percent match on their first deposit at BetOnline. This match can go as far as $1000 in free play. Depositing $2000 right off the bat would qualify you for the max reward. Not a bad tradeoff huh? Just use promo code BOL100 Al when depositing money into the account to earn this bonus.

We have to repeat this detail though: this offer is strictly for new sign-ups. If you’ve ever bet on BetOnline before, you’re not eligible for this promotion. For repeat players, there’s a separate deal for you: BetOnline’s reload bonus. This bonus applies to re-ups made ANY TIME after the initial deposit. That lifetime value is where this deal shines compared to the one-time sign-up deal.

The reload bonus has a match percentage of 25. Moreover, the free play on a single use is $250. So yes, both those numbers are smaller than the welcome bonus. But when you can use this deal over and over again, the actual free-play rewards will be far more lucrative if you gamble over the long haul. The promo code for this offer is the aptly-named LIFEBONUS because this deal is, in fact, for life!

Both bonuses are surefire ways to build up your betting bankroll in a hurry. BetOnline offers various deposit methods — from card to crypto — so there’s almost no friction to get in on these huge winnings as soon as you’re done reading this article. Speaking of crypto, there are a few exclusive offers on that front which we’ll cover next.

100% up to $1,000
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Using Cryto Boosts Your Bonuses At BetOnline

Using cryptocurrencies to make gambling transactions is beneficial in more ways than one. Not only are inflows and outflows to popular online sportsbooks more lightning-quick with cryptos, but sites like BetOnline offer special promotions when doing so. These promotions, as you’ll find out, are more profitable than “regular” deals.

Consider the first-time crypto bonus. If you use a supported crypto coin — Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example — to find your account, you’ll earn a 100-percent match on that deposit. This match is DOUBLE the regular sign-up bonus we just covered. The max payout is the same, though, also at $1000. Still, you’re getting way more “bang for your buck” cause of the dollar-for-dollar match. And then there’s the crypto-specific reload bonus. This one also one-ups the previous reload bonus with a 30-percent match up to $300.

Both those crypto deals require promo codes. The first-deposit bonus code is CRYPTO100, whereas the reload code is CRYPTO30. Don’t forget this detail because there’s no free play without those codes. Unfortunately, the promos aren’t automatically applied.

100% up to $1,000
Bet now

$10,000 Playoff Brackets Opening Up Soon

As we said earlier, both the NBA and NHL playoffs start in the middle of this month. BetOnline is celebrating the occasion by offering two separate $10,000 contests — one for each sports league.

Honestly, we wish we knew more about the contest, but BetOnline has kept details hush-hush aside from announcing the contest is “coming soon.” The only details we know are it’ll be a bracket prediction-type contest. BetOnline is known for offering these contests on UFC and March Madness, and as you’d expect, the name of the game is to pick as many playoff series as right as possible.

In the past, BetOnline splits up the $10,000 prize — it’s not a winner-take-all system. In fact, prizes can be doled out to the top 500 players of the contest so there are more ways than winning beyond being first overall.

BetOnline has so much to offer beyond just huge free-play deals. If you want to learn more about the site, we encourage you to read our newest Bovada review which covers it ALL at length. That way, you’ll know what else is waiting for you on-site besides thousands of dollars in free play.

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