Best BetOnline Bonuses For June 2022

If you’ve read our latest BetOnline review, you know we’re big supporters of this online betting site. Part of our enthusiasm stems from its promotions and contests — which are among the best across the whole industry. The site doesn’t shortchange players with its offers, however, for some, it may be information overload because there are so many available all at once. Fear not, we’re here to give you the best bonuses for June 2022 that you should be aware of. Let’s count ’em down:

Easiest Contest In History?

We’ve been involved with the offshore betting industry for a long, long time. At this point, there are very few things that we haven’t already seen. That’s why we were taken back with BetOnline’s contest running this month. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and in BetOnline’s own words, “the easiest contest in history.”

Here’s how BetOnline’s unique contest works: go into your email contacts — it doesn’t matter what provider you use (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, or even Yahoo if you’re still behind the times) — and add Next, enter the email associated with this account on the contest page at BetOnline. On this same page, there’s a red-colored “Enter Now” button. Hit that, and voila, you’ve just entered a draw worth $10,000 in prize money. Ten grand just for an email trick that takes 15 seconds to complete.

The prize money will be split 40 ways. Each of these forthy players will receive $250 back. The draw is completely random and winners will be announced on June 14 — which means you need to get on this right away before it’s too late!

Contests worth $10,000 seem to be a common occurrence at BetOnline. Additionally, there were also pick ’em contests for that same amount around the UFC 275 card and the Belmont Stakes horse race. However, both events have now passed so this “ship has sailed.” Still, when big sports events like that are on the horizon, you can almost guarantee BetOnline will have a contest of some sort around it.

One last comment about the aforementioned contests: they are mostly free to enter. If not free, then entries are allowed with a bet that’s at least $25 on the sporting event (for the pick ’em contests). That’s a relatively low barrier to entry for most bettors so don’t think these contests price players out due to their large prize pools.

Special NBA Playoffs Refer-A-Friend Promotion

Every major online sportsbook offers some kind of referral deal. At BetOnline, their refer-a-friend deal — which stays up year-round — is a 200% match up to $200. So if you refer a friend to the platform and they deposit at least $100, you get $200 free of cost. That offer is fine and dandy, however, BetOnline has upped it right now because the NBA playoffs are going on.

New referrals generated by you can not only earn you up to $200 in free play but these three goodies as well:

  • An extra $50 free play in the sportsbook
  • $44 in free play for poker tournaments
  • 50 free spins in the casino’s most popular slot game

In total, this deal is now worth well over $300. But want to know the best part? There’s absolutely no cap to the number of times it can redeemed. So as long as you stay referring players to BetOnline, you’ll keep racking up the aforementioned rewards.

To cash in on this deal while it lasts (probably no longer than June), get a unique referral link. You can find these when logged into BetOnline and in your account settings. You’ll send this link to a would-be bettor via email or text. Once they receive it, they can join BetOnline from the link. And upon making their first deposit into the platform, these rewards are officially yours!

Free-Play Bonuses Last In The Sportsbook

While the previous two promotions are June-specific deals, these next ones are not. However, we can’t NOT mention them since, without question, these bonuses are the most popular to use on BetOnline — and potentially most lucrative on a guaranteed basis.

First, we’re talking about the classic sportsbook sign-up bonus. Look, every betting site has one of these, but BetOnline’s is among the most valuable industry-wide. Any new sign-ups on the platform can receive as much as $1000 in free play from their initial deposit, which is matched at 50 percent. The promo code to claim this bonus is BOL1000, which can be used in the cashier when making the deposit.

However, it needs to be said: the bonuses don’t stop upon account creation. Nope, BetOnline also offers a reload bonus for repeat players. If you bet long enough, this deal actually has more value over the long term. With the promo code of LIFEBONUS, players receive a 25-percent match up to $250 on every re-up. Believe us, that reload bonus really adds up over a long enough time horizon.

Alright, that does it for us. We believe the promotions mentioned above have the most mass appeal to everyday bettors, but it’s certainly not the only deals on BetOnline right now. To see everything on the table, head to its site and go on its promotions page. Here, you’ll find a list with every single bonus on the platform, which is A LOT.




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