Bovada’s December Deals Are Gifts That Keep Giving

The online sportsbook marketplace has long been dominated by Bovada. For about 10 years running now, the betting site has been a leader in the United States. If you haven’t joined the site already, then we’re about to give you three lucrative reasons you should. Each of these reasons revolves around promotional deals Bovada is running until the end of 2022 — deals doling out hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. Keep reading to see what we’re talking about!

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Crypto Pays The Biggest Bucks At Bovada

You might be on the fence about cryptocurrencies. Maybe you’ve heard it’s a scam. Or worse, maybe you have been scammed (cough cough FTX meltdown). Sure, crypto has some bad apples, but it offers plenty of good too — fast and transparent transactions namely but also loads of free play at Bovada. Yes, the site offers special promotions to bettors that use cryptocurrencies to fund their playing accounts.

Bovada has separate crypto deals based on the platform. We’ll start with the sportsbook. Here, new players are eligible to earn $750 in free play so long as their initial deposit is made via a digital currency. This deal is unlocked with the promo code BTCSWB750.

Close to a grand is cool and all, but admittedly, that’s baby money compared to Bovada’s crypto casino bonus. Get this, Bovada will hand out free play on first-time players’ initial three deposits into the casino. If maxed out, the bonuses can reach as much as $3,750 in free play — and no, that’s no typo. The promo codes to use here are BTCCWB1250 (first deposit)
and BTC2NDCWB (second and third deposit).

You may be wondering what cryptocurrencies Bovada even supports. Welp, Bitcoin and Ethereum are definitely in there. Those two alone will cover 95 percent of bettors since those coins are the most used. However, smaller coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Tether are also supported on-site.

50% up to $1,000
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Earn $250 With Little Strings Attached

If you’re still not convinced about crypto (and the free-play riches that come with it), Bovada has something else for you. It’s another classic sign-up bonus, albeit a lot less lucrative one. For first deposits made using “regular” money (not crypto), Bovada will match 50 percent of it back in free play up to $250. This is for the sportsbook only, not the casino.

That $250 is yours to use how you like in the sportsbook. December is a stacked month in sports with the NFL, college football, and the FIFA World Cup hitting crunch time. Having an extra $250 to your name gives you more chances to cash in on the betting opportunities.

Though, there is some fine print worth mentioning. There’s a 5X rollover on the deal. That means you must bet five times your playing account before any money is withdrawable. So say your account is sitting at $300 ($200 deposit, plus $100 free-play reward). Until you stake $1500 worth of sports bets, all that money must stay in Bovada. Unfortunately, that’s one tradeoff to an otherwise great deal.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

Long-Term Value Is In Bovada Rewards Program

Read this ONLY if you’re serious about betting over the long term. By long-term, we mean years down the line — not a few weeks or months until the NFL season ends. That’s because Bovada has its own rewards program and its true value is only unlocked if you bet consistently.

This program works like how you’d expect: bet on Bovada and you earn points. Points allotted hinge on two variables — how much you risk dollar-wise and in what bet (e.g. parlays reward more points than straight sports bets). Points can be racked up whether you’re gambling on sports, in the casino, or in the poker room.

There are six different program tiers — starter, rookie, pro, all star, legend, and hall of fame. Each tier is level-set at a certain amount of reward points. For example, it takes just 2,500 points to enter the second-lowest rank but a whole 1,000,000 to level up to the second-to-highest rank. Unlike other rewards programs, inactivity doesn’t mean you lose your status. Once you reach a certain level, you’re guaranteed to never lose that status. Ever!

Last but certainly not least, reward points can be traded in for cold hard cash. This is where the real value is because, in theory, the cash potential never ends. The bonuses we covered earlier in this article are lucrative but are only one-time things. Not the reward program, which is why we said it has the most long-term value for long-term players of the site.

Interested in learning more about Bovada? We encourage you to read our brand-new Bovada review, which details the site from top to bottom — far beyond just its promotions.

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