Best Bovada Bonuses For May 2022

Inside the United States, few sportsbooks — legal or offshore — are as popular as Bovada. Over the last decade, the top-used online sportsbook has built its esteemed reputation through a wide array of sports bets and killer promotions. We want to focus on the latter in this article. With the way the economy is trending (with equities crashing and inflation running red hot), we’re positive many of you could use free money to bet on the ongoing NBA and NHL playoffs. That’s why we’ve compiled the very best Bovada bonuses this May 2022 and featured them underneath:

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Bovada’s Sign-Up Bonus Hasn’t Changed

The first thing you see on Bovada’s homepage are bonuses — the first one being an NBA playoff sign-up bonus. The graphic screams at you, “every shot counts.” However, upon further inspection, this deal is no different than Bovada’s usual offering (whether it’s the postseason or not in the NBA), and that’s a $250 bonus with a 50% match.

Honestly, this measly offering is one of the site’s bigger downsides, as mentioned in our unbiased Bovada review. It just pales in comparison to competitors when it comes to the dollar amount on the free play earned. But there are other ways to rack up bigger amounts of money at Bovada, far beyond the typical sign-up fare you’re accustomed to seeing in the industry. We’re covering them next:

It Pays Big To Use Bitcoin At Bovada

If you’ve paid attention to the crypto market as of late, you know it’s currently cratering. Every coin has seen double-digit drawdowns in a matter of days (as of this publishing time). But at least on Bovada, Bitcoin has maintained its value when it comes to the promotion department. If you use the coin to make deposits into your account, you’ll be rewarded riches in free play — which blows out what you’d get from using normal deposit methods (e.g., a debit or credit card).

There are two Bitcoin bonuses as Bovada running right now — one in sports, the other in the casino. Let’s begin with the former. New players can earn a 75% match bonus on Bitcoin, which tops out at $750. As you can see, that’s a $500 mark-up from NOT using Bitcoin to fund your first deposit.

It gets even more lucrative inside the casino. Get this (and this is not a typo); the Bitcoin welcome bonus reaches as high as $3750 inside the casino. That’s an astronomical amount, and here again, it’s a big difference from the non-Bitcoin casino sign-up deal, which goes up to only $3000.

Moral of the story is? Use Bitcoin to bet on Bovada. The return is just so much higher than not doing so. And what else are you going to do with that Bitcoin anyway? Watch it continue to lose value as the bull market runs out of steam? We hope that’s not your plan.

May Million Dollar Weekend Just Closed

Man, if you’re reading this right now, you just missed out on Bovada’s May Million Dollar Weekend promotion. This poker tournament ran from May 3 to May 6 and handed out $3 million in prizes across 25 different events. You’ll be hard-pressed to find online betting sites with tournaments that are heavy in prize money.

Now, we don’t mention this to get you angry about missing out on life-changing amounts of money. No, we say this because Bovada is prone to hosting these one-off events with millions on the line — whether it’s poker or perhaps a March Madness pick ’em pool. You’ll probably get another chance in June and July, but you need to pounce on these quickly. Keep tabs with the Bovada website to see when a new million-dollar event goes live, or check back with us for monthly updates.

How To Redeem Bovada Bonuses

Redeeming Bovada bonuses is about as easy as 1-2-3 — seriously, the redemption process for most offers can be completed with a few clicks and within minutes. Just head to Bovada’s website. The homepage will be dotted with big-money sign-up bonuses (some of which we covered above), but to get the full list of deals that are running, the site will have a special Promotions page which can be accessed from the main menu.

From there, click the offer you want to take advantage of. Just be sure to read that respective deal’s terms and conditions, so you know what you’re getting into — plus what the rollover rate is, when free play expires, and other pertinent details. You’ll be able to start and end the redemption process on this page, and just like that, you have free play in your account! Now, how easy is that?

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