April Is A Big Month At Bovada For Bonuses To Redeem

April is upon us and we’re officially in baseball season — this means daily betting opportunities. And if baseball isn’t your cup of tea, then the playoffs are about to begin in the NBA. Question is, do you have the funds to chase the betting opportunities available across the board? If you don’t, then you might want to keep reading. That’s because we’re about to lay out the best Bovada deals available in April — deals that can give you free money to spend on sports or casino betting.

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Pump Your Sports Account In Seconds

Let’s be honest, we ALL could use some free money. Better yet, we could use free money that doesn’t require a ton of commitment on our end. If you fall into the line of thinking, bookmakers have created something just for you — the trusty sign-up bonuses. Every site has one of these in some shape or form, but Bovada’s version of it is as straightforward as it comes.

After you create an account on Bovada, just deposit your own money into it. Whatever you first insert will be matched back in free play by Bovada at a 50-percent clip. There is a cap on the reward, however, which is $250. Still, that’s up to $250 that you can score with a few clicks and within minutes. How nice is that?

If you’re looking for a bigger payout than $250, Bovada has something else. It’s also a sign-up bonus but works exclusively with cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). With this crypto-only offer, you’re getting a 75-percent match for a max award of $750 — that’s 3X higher than the non-crypto welcome bonus!

Using either bonus is the quickest way to get extra money into your sports betting account. We won’t say this is a risk-free deal because you are depositing your own money to begin with, but regardless, the risk is very, very low on this one. You won’t need a promo code for the “regular” deal, but you will for the crypto bonus, and that one is BTCSWB750.

50% up to $1,000
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Hunt Down Deals At Bovada’s Casino

Early April means Easter is on the horizon. Just as kids go Easter egg hunting for candy and money — so can adult bettors. Only the goodies don’t come in the form of plastic eggs, nor are the actual goods themselves sweets. But there is money involved!

Bovada is running a special April Easter fest right now. Every week in April, they’re giving away big-money goodies. We wish we knew what the goodies were, but Bovada has kept that secret from everyone.

Here’s what we do know: once a week, Bovada’s casino pages on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) will drop an Easter giveaway post. The post will have specific instructions to follow for bettors. Do so, and you’re entered into a raffle for the goodies. Simple enough, right?

There will be four of these drops during April so buckle up. We honestly wish we knew more, but Bovada is being purposely secretive about it. However, our hunch is the goodies revolve around the site’s casino since the social posts will be on the casino page — not the sportsbook one. If we were you, we’d give those pages a follow right now so you can stay on top of this. Most users are lazy or forgetful so if you just stay ahead of the game, your chances of winning jump easily.

50% up to $1,000
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Mine Crypto And Win At Bovada Casino

Here’s a brand-new deal exclusive for casino players. Bovada has a game called crypto miner. This is inspired by real-life crypto mining, which runs the Bitcoin network, for example. Just like miners got rich off the explosion of Bitcoin, this too can pay players back sums of money.

You see, the point of the crypto miner casino game is you get 60 seconds to collect as many coins as you can. You collect virtual coins while also trying to dodge obstacles (a bear and ransomware for example). But here’s where the deal comes into play: you can submit your highest score to Bovada. If you finish in the top-50 during the month, Bovada will give you free crypto in real life.

The number-one point-getter earns a $1000 worth of crypto. Second place gets $500, third through fifth wins $250, and so forth down to 50th place. All in all, Bovada has $5,000 in prizes to give out — and this is a monthly occurrence for the rest of 2023. So if we were you, we’d start playing crypto miner and sharpening those skills. If you get good enough, you could make a killing off this deal for the rest of the year.

Bovada is one of the leaders of the online sportsbook marketplace for a reason — players love it, and not just because of killer promos. The site has plenty of other features, which you could read about in our newest Bovada review.

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