Bovada Offers Big World Cup Betting Offers In November

Ready to make money off the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Remember, it’s happening in November this rare time. We’d argue the best place to bet on the World Cup will be Bovada. For sure, it’s likely the most lucrative place to wager at as well get into in this article. We’ll be offering you the most can’t-miss-deals available at Bovada in November — deals that can score you hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play!

50% up to $1,000
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Pick World Cup Games & Win Big At Bovada

Bovada’s World Cup predictor contest is going to be tough to rival at competing major online sportsbooks. Why? Because we doubt many bookmakers will offer as much as $50,000 in prize money, which is EXACTLY what Bovada has up for grabs.

Here’s how the contest works: participants will have to predict every single World Cup match — from the group stage to the final. It works like a March Madness pick ‘em contest if you’re familiar with those in March. Bovada is allowing one entry per player and is accepting entries until November 18. Perfect pickers will get the $50,000 grand prize.

We know what you’re thinking, picking a perfect World Cup bracket is nearly impossible. We don’t dispute that, but there are consolation prizes and they’re almost as lucrative as the 50k one. Whoever correctly picks the most amount of games by the end of the tourney will net $25,000. Second place will get $15,000 and third gets $10,000. If there are ties for first, second, or third, then the prize money will be split between those participants.

If we’re being honest, those consolation prizes are the ones to shoot for. International soccer isn’t exactly predictable, which makes the chances of going perfect almost zero. But as you saw, you don’t have to be perfect to cash out big time — especially when entries are free so long as you have a valid Bovada account and email (that match).

Even better, Bovada will have a running leaderboard so you can track which participants are leading the way. The leaderboard is updated in real time so you always know where you stand. One thing worth noting though: keep your entry names (which are displayed on the leaderboard) clean. Bovada has already said display names deemed inappropriate or offensive will be disqualified and removed from the contest.

50% up to $1,000
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Upfront Free Play To Wager As You Wish

The pick ‘em contest is fun, but surely, there are some of you that just want to bet on the World Cup traditionally — you know, the over/under on goals, props, 3-way moneylines, etc. If that’s more up your alley, then Bovada is giving out free play to spend as you wish on those traditional types of bets. It comes in one of two forms: a sign-up bonus or a very similar bonus with a twist.

Let’s begin with the “regular” free-play sign-up bonus. Bovada is offering up to $250 in free money to brand-new players via this promotion. Just deposit money after creating a new account and Bovada will match that deposit by 50 percent up to that $250 figure. After that, you can bet on World Cup for free — or any other sport for that matter.

Alright, let’s talk about the “twist” now. This deal works in the same fashion, only with three times the value. If you use Bitcoin to make that deposit — not traditional dollars — then Bovada will bump the bonus to a 75-percent match up to $750 in free play. Using Bitcoin to play at Bovada literally pays more because this special offer is way more “bang for your buck” than the standard deal.

It’s on you to choose which deal is better to leverage but just know, you’ll need a promo code to unlock the Bitcoin one. That code is BTCSWB750 whereas the $250 offer is automatically applied no matter what. But we’d hate for you to miss out on the $750 reward for glossing over this simple detail about the promo code so heads up!

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

Dollar-For-Dollar Deals Outside Sports Too

If for some reason, the World Cup isn’t your thing or you’re just tired of football betting (it’s hard, we know), then there are promotions outside the realm of the sportsbook at Bovada too. We wanted to call one out in particular because it’s quite the bargain. The site is offering a 100-percent match of up to $500 to new players of its poker platform.

To play poker on Bovada, you’ll need to download a separate software application. Once on your computer, you’ll be competing with poker players worldwide — some elite, some ok, and some downright terrible. Nonetheless, the thrill of live games is tough to match with any other form of betting.

That’s all we have when it comes to Bovada bonuses. However, if you want more info on the betting site beyond its bonuses, then you need to read up on our latest Bovada review. We’ve packed it with all the must-know information about the popular bookmaker!

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