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December 12, 2013
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Last Updated: Jul 2016

Our Rating: "A" (94%)

  • Easy, juicy bonus for smaller players
  • Fast deposits and payouts
  • Caters to NFL football fans

A feisty rookie with unique promotions.

GTBets (or Gametime Bets) is no longer an unproven rookie. With a competent and experienced management team inherited from the old book VIP Sports, they have proven after only a couple of seasons that they are a reliable book with a fresh twist.

Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

Rather than putting a lot of pressure on players to deposit a grand right off the bat, GTBets has an initial bonus structure that gives a 100% cash bonus up to the first $250, and then another 50% up to $500.  (A cash bonus, as opposed to a freeplay, means that you get to keep the amount risked as well as what you win off of it) They also offer a generous  reload bonus which can be anywhere from 5% to 50% depending on the deposit. To keep you happy they rebate you for 10% of your casino losses  and 15% on horse race losses. In addition to all this, GTBets has a really unique way to reward NFL and college football fans, which we’ll get into later.

Initial Deposit: 100% up to $250, plus 50% up to $500
Reload: 5-50%
Gambler’s Insurance: none
Refer-a-Friend: 20%, up to $200
Casino: 10% rebate

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Customer Service

GTBets’ management team knows what it takes to make a book run smoothly, and having well-trained customer service representatives available when needed is a large part of that. I had a few questions about mobile betting during a busy NCAA Saturday and I was helped right away. Other than the phone service, they have real people available by live chat within seconds which is very convenient. Unlike some books though, instant customer service is not available 24/7.


A fairly comprehensive loyalty program is available to all members, allowing them to choose from a selection of goodies after a certain amount of betting.

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Sportsbook Features

Lines are offered for just about every sport, though GTBets is aimed at the North American market. They dish out a pretty good variety of international soccer games, however where Gametime really shines is their pigskin Football offerings. First of all they have their “half-juice game of the week” which is just how it sounds. In addition, they have a very unique betting feature where you choose your favorite NFL team and every time you bet on them you get a free half-point added to or taken away from the spread. In some cases this can mean the difference between winning and losing/ tying a bet, which is a great incentive to play at GT. The same promotion is available to NCAA football fans, as well as both NBA and college hoops.

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Additional Features

As a fairly new book, GTBets doesn’t offer a poker room yet. However, they are way ahead of the curve when it comes to their mobile website. Being able to play real blackjack on your Android phone on the bus – or slots on your iPad while you’re in the bathroom – are both very satisfying. The racebook also has everything you’d want, including that 15% rebate which is unheard of for horse racing.

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Mobile Betting

Betting with GTBets on your mobile device might actually be a better experience than online. Their recently updated mobile site is fast, easy to navigate, and clean. If you like GTBets online, you will love them on your phone or tablet. That said, one of the best reasons to be betting on your mobile device is live wagering, and they continue to take more juice on those bets than most sites. However, with all of their top notch promotions, if you are satisfied with their offerings normally, you’ll love their mobile betting. The casino play is excellent on phones and tablets with little if any drop off from online.

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Currently, Gametime Bets is among the leaders of the pack when it comes to American credit card deposit processing. All 3 major credit cards are accepted for free, with a very low minimum deposit of $35. Direct cash and Quick Cash are also available if you prefer as are Skrill, Netteller and Bitcoin.

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GT offers direct bank-wire transfers for payouts between $300 and $5000. Once you request a cashout, it can take a few days to process but we’ve had no problems with this method. The only drawback however is that they charge $60 flat fee on bank wire deposits. They also offer couriered checks for a small fee, Bitcoin (which they offer for FREE), or third party transfer through either Quick Cash or Direct Cash.

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I like it when a new sportsbook comes onto the scene and is a legitimate player right away. Newer books have more motivation to build their customer base, and, more importantly, keep them happy. GTBets fits this bill and then some, with an all-around solid offering complemented by the kind of extra effort and unique thinking only seen by newer books. Gametime has arrived.

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