Best GTBets Bonuses For May 2022

GTBets’ motto is “It’s Game Time” but in reality, it should be “It’s Bonus Time.” That’s because there’s no shortage of promotional deals available at the top-used online sportsbook. Given how many sporting events are happening in the next few weeks — F1 Monaco Grand Prix, NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, UCL finale — it would behoove you to cash in off these bonuses, then use the free play on your sports wagers.  We’ve compiled the very best GTBets bonuses for May underneath. Any one of these deals could score you huge sums of cash in a hurry so pay close attention.

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Back-To-Back Sign-Up Bonuses

It’s a double-whammy bonus for first-time bettors at GTBets. Whereas most bookies offer a one-time deal for new signees, GTBets offers two. Here’s how it works: first deposits from new players are matched at 100 percent up to $500 in cash. The same player’s second deposit, though, is worth another 50-percent match at $250.

GTBets advertises this as a 150-percent bonus. On the surface that makes sense if you add 100 and 50 percent. However, upon closer inspection, it’s more like a 75-percent match — half of what’s advertised. That’s because to earn the max $750 in free play, one would have to deposit $1000 total ($500 on each of the two transactions). So while the promotional messaging might be exaggerated, it’s still quite a good deal.

And it’s not just a good deal because of the $750 sum. No, we say it’s one of the better sign-up bonuses in the industry because there’s a very little amount of restriction on how the cash is used. Competing sites typically disbar certain bet types when using free play, but no such rules exist at GTBets. More or less, money earned is for bettors to use as freely as they wish.

No promo codes are required to redeem any of the two bonuses. They’ll automatically be applied to first and second deposits from newbie players. The keyword in the last sentence is newbie since players with existing accounts are not eligible for this deal. However, we do have something else for bettors that fall into that existing category, which we’ll cover next.

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Shave Points Off Your Favorite Team

Alright, this next promo is on the unique side. While every bookmaker has a sign-up bonus, very few sites have deals that allow you to shave half a point of your favorite team’s betting line. GTBets is one of those few sites.

The best part? This deal can be applied to several different sports and leagues. How it works is a GTBets user will be able to choose one “favorite” team from each of the following — college basketball, college football, NFL, and NBA. The team you chose doesn’t really have to be your rooting favorite, it can be anyone. Say you have specific knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys, we’ll you can choose them as your NFL favorite despite you, perhaps, cheering for the Houston Texas in real life instead.

100% up to $500
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You might be saying to yourself, “I’ll just choose the Boston Celtics and trim their betting spreads down a half-point now that they’re in the Eastern Conference Finals.” Welp, not quite. This promotion applies only to the regular season — not the postseason. Furthermore, once you’ve selected one favorite team, you’re locked into it for the whole season. No changes are allowed until the year after.

Another important caveat: this deal can be used on straight wagers only. Wagers such as parlays or teasers are off-limits.

Nonetheless, this is still a killer deal. If you’ve bet on sports long enough, you understand how make-or-break a half-point is on spreads and over/unders. This promo will save you not only money, but also late-game heartbreak.

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Casino Games Of The Month

As pointed out in our bias-free GTBets review, the site has a fully-dedicated casino section to go along with sports. And in this casino, there are several bonuses you can take advantage of right now.

One of those deals is the game of the month. Every month, GTBets doles out double the reward points on a few select casino games. For the month of May, the two bonus recipients are Battle of Rome and True Heroes! These will be changed as soon as June starts so hurry up if those games pique your interest.

While we’re on the topic of casino deals, you should also know GTBets has a 10-percent rebate on casino losses. This promo is automatically applied on Tuesday afternoons and accounts for bonus play the week before. The rebate applies to accounts that are net-negative, not profitable ones.

It would be smart of bettors to pile into the casino games of the month. Not only can you potentially win big in rewards, but you also have a “safety net” in case you go on a cold streak — which is inevitable in gambling, no matter who you are and what you’re playing.

100% up to $500
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