Best MyBookie Bonuses For June 2022

In the crowded market of online sportsbooks, MyBookie is one of the outliers in more than one thing — including bonuses and promotional offers. Simply said, there’s a lot of free money to be made from using MyBookie and in this article, we’re going to be telling you three of our favorite, most lucrative ways of going about that. Don’t miss out one of these top-rated sportsbook bonuses during June:

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Pick Between Two Sign-Up Bonuses

Remember how we said MyBookie is an outlier? Well, that becomes apparent when looking through its sign-up bonuses. Notice the plural on bonus in the last sentence? Yes, there are multiple sign-up offers at MyBookie, which bucks the norm of a bookmaker having a one-size-fits-all approach to its welcome promo.

The sign-up bonus that attracts the most eyeballs is the $1000 free-play deal. We mean, how could it not? To most bettors, a cool grand “on the house” is quite the bargain. This bonus is calculated based on a new player’s first deposit into the sportsbook. Whatever that number is, MyBookie will match it in free play at 50 percent. Therefore, to max out the $1000 bonus, a bettor would first have to deposit $2000 of their own money. Think of this as a “buy one, get one half off” deal.

The one downside of this $1000 bonus is the rollover requirement, which is a somewhat steep 10X. That means whatever you deposit, plus whatever you are rewarded in free play, that combined amount will need to be bet 10 times over before any money can be withdrawn from your account. No a small chump of change, especially if you’re maximizing the deal.

But here’s where MyBookie differentiates itself: its second sign-up bonus is geared toward those that can’t stomach the 10X rollover of the aforementioned welcome bonus. With this alternate deal, MyBookie is matching initial deposits by 10 percent up to $200 in cash — with zero rollover requirement needed. This bonus is perfect for bettors that don’t want a large commitment to the site (that’s what a 10X rollover effectively does) and would rather “trial” it.

We’re not going to tell you which of the two MyBookie sign-up bonuses is better because that’s 100-percent subjective. Every bettor has to make this decision based on their own values and needs. But if you value A LOT of free play upfront, then by all means the $1000 offer is right up your alley. For bettors that just want to experiment with MyBookie, then the $200 cash deal is more suited.

100% up to $1,000
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Reload Bonuses Pay More Over Long Haul

Most bonus fuss goes to sign-up bonuses — whether on articles like this one or the actual betting sites themselves that promote it above everything else. However, that doesn’t mean these promos have the most long-term value. The keyword in the last sentence being long-term. No, for true value over the long haul, reload bonuses are much better deals, especially one like what’s offered at MyBookie.

Any MyBookie account re-ups are matched in free play at 25 percent, up to $500. Therefore, with three re-ups, it’s possible to top the aforementioned $1000 sign-up bonus in free-play value. For hardcore bettors that stick with it, three new deposits into their accounts are pretty attainable and rather quickly too.

We need to talk about rollover requirements once again. For the reload bonus, it’s 5X — so half of the regular welcome bonus. Admittedly, 5X is still high, but it’s also within industry standards too. MyBookie isn’t on the high or low side, it’s practically at the average.

Lastly, this reload bonus can be used over and over again. There’s no cap beside the previously-mentioned $500 redemption value. Over a long enough time horizon, the value of this reload deal can’t possibly be topped by any other MyBookie promotional offer.

100% up to $1,000
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Refer Friends To Win Big At MyBookie

Want another MyBookie deal that has zero cap on how many times it can be redeemed? Welp, meet its refer-a-friend bonus. MyBookie will give you a 200-percent match up to $200 in free play off any friends or family members you refer to the site. Every single time!

The bonus is calculated based on the first deposit made by that referral. So to get the max $200 bonus, they would need to fund their account off the bat with at least $100 — a super modest amount. Still, it makes the most sense to refer friends that are NOT penny pinchers if you want to cash in free play.

Here again though, the deal’s value is masked by a big issue “under the hood” — and it’s once more a high playthrough requirement. This is actually the worst offender of all, being the rollover rate is 20X on sports and 40X in the casino. Yikes indeed.

Of course, no online sportsbook is perfect. MyBookie’s big negative are these high rollover rates, but we do believe the pros of the betting site outweigh the cons, as outlined in our unbiased MyBookie review.

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