Best MyBookie Bonuses For May 2022

If you’re a sports bettor inside the United States, two things are likely occurring for you right now. One, there are too many sports betting opportunities for you to handle. Championships are being decided in the NBA, NHL, and soccer leagues across the globe, and games to bet on are piling up. But the second thing, with the cost of seemingly everything going up due to inflation, managing your betting bankroll is as tough as ever.

But there’s a solution to both problems — MyBookie free-play deals. There are several bonuses available at the trusted bookie, but the ones we’ve covered below are the “cream of the crop.” Read on if you want free money to wager with this month!

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The Quickest Way To $100 In Free Play

The bad news: MyBookie doesn’t have any new bonuses currently up.

The good news: MyBookie’s typical deals (that stay up year-round) are more than enough.

While many competing bookmakers roll out special NBA or NHL playoff bonus offers, MyBookie is sticking to its usual deal — $1000 in free for first-time bettors of the site. The best part? Earning that sum is a quick process so you can have this cash sitting in your playing account before tonight’s next slate of games begin.

If you’ve been around the online sports betting landscape before, then you likely know the ins and outs of a sign-up bonus. Create an account, then fund said account with money, and the bookie matches that deposit with free play. At MyBookie, a 50-percent match has been normalized. Therefore, if you want to earn that max $1000 bonus, then you need to deposit $2000 into your account for starters.

Taking advantage of MyBookie’s sign-up bonus is, without question, the quickest AND easiest way to expand your betting bankroll. And with so many league titles currently hanging in the balance, times’ a wastin’ anyway!

Bonuses Aren’t Just For First-Timers

We need to clear up one giant misconception inside the online betting industry: free play isn’t just for new players. It may seem that way since sign-up bonuses usually have the highest dollar amounts attached to them, and they’ve been shoved down players’ throats with endless marketing. However, repeat players can also cash in free play — especially at a tried-and-true bookmaker like MyBookie.

Returning players of MyBookie can reap a $500 free-play bonus on every “re-up” (e.g. new deposit into the account). This deal has a 25% match, meaning its full award would only be unlocked with a deposit of $2000.

The best part of this deal isn’t just the free money. No, it’s that the bonus is unlimited. Seriously, every time you add money into your MyBookie account, you’ll earn back free play from ’em.

The reality is that while the sign-up bonus has the most upfront money, the reload bonus has more long-term value if you plan on sticking around. And if you’ve read our unbiased MyBookie review, you know we’d recommend staying on this platform because it’s one of the industry’s best bookies around.

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Daily Casino Specials Are Routine At MyBookie

The deals don’t stop at the sportsbook. In fact, bonuses are more frequent in MyBookie’s casino. There’s a special deal running almost daily at the casino. Here’s what you can expect and on which day:

  • Rebate Monday: to start off the week, MyBookie will offer a 10% rebate to ALL players on any losses accrued in the casino the entire week before. How ‘bout that, eh? There’s a $100 cap on free play earned, but it’s still a nice way to kickstart the week of gambling ahead.
  • Free Spin Wednesday: this one’s self-explanatory. Every Wednesday, bettors that have deposited at least $50 can earn 50 free casino spins. Unfortunately, any money earned from spins will be capped at $300.
  • Casino Bonus Weekends: this deal is the “granddaddy of ‘em all.” Casino players can receive a bonus of up $2000 on weekend deposits. This offer comes with a 200% match, which means the max amount is yours with a $1000 deposit.

How To Redeem MyBookie Bonuses

While MyBookie is liberal with its free play given on bonuses, the deals aren’t automatically credited to players’ accounts. Across the board, you’ll need to use a promo code to redeem MyBookie bonuses. Sure, it’s a minor annoyance, but it’s not like MyBookie is hiding these codes from its user base.

To find up-to-date promo codes, you’ll have to visit MyBookie’s bonus offer page. Here, you’ll find a running list of deals. Click one to see its terms and conditions. It’s in there where you’ll see the promo code listed. Just paste that code into the cashier section, and voila, the free play is all yours!

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