Best XBet Bonuses For May 2022

If you’re anything like us, your betting bankroll is being stretched at capacity right now. That’s because the top sports leagues — NBA, NHL, and ones in overseas soccer — are marching to their end, which means high-stakes games are being played on a regular basis. But you don’t have to pick and choose the games you bet on anymore. Welp, not if you take advantage of the killer bonuses available at XBet this entire month of May.

In this article, we’ve gathered the best XBet bonuses you need to know about to get you through the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, AND Champions League finale. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s just get into it:

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$500 Hand Outs For Newbies All-Around

If you’ve never bet at Xbet before, then you’re entitled to not one but two free-play payouts of $500 — one for the sportsbook, the other for the casino. However, the two deals are not created completely equal beyond the free-play amount.

The first difference is with the match percentage. The sportsbook deal has a 50-percent match, while the casino one is 4X of that at 200 percent. This is not a small difference by any figure of the imagination. It essentially means to earn the max bonus of $500, you must deposit $1000 into the sportsbook as compared to $250 in the casino — that’s a staggering difference of $750!

Just as staggering is the contrast between both deals’ rollover requirement, or in simpler terms, the minimum amount you need to wager before you can withdraw any money from your account. Inside the sportsbooks, the rollover rate is a very modest 7X, but that number balloons to 40X at the casino.

We’ve played at the best online sportsbooks in the whole industry and it’s not uncommon for most to differ its sportsbook and casino bonuses akin to Xbet. However, it is rare to see the free plays of each deal to be equal as it is at Xbet. Most of the time, it pays significantly more to be a casino player. Alas, that’s not the case here, which might not matter unless you have a knack for slots and table games.

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The Buck Doesn’t Stop With New Players

Let’s face it, sign-up bonuses don’t last — nor are they meant to. Most of these deals, including the ones offered at Xbet, expire within 30 days. What happens after that? Well, at Xbet at least, the free play continues so long as you keep depositing money into your playing account.

That’s possible thanks to reload bonuses. They work in the same exact manner as a sign-up bonus — deposit money into your account and earn a percentage of that back in free play. But unlike sign-up deals, reload ones aren’t one-time deals. As a matter of fact, you can keep reusing them time and time again.

Xbet has a $250 reload bonus on sports and $500 inside the casino. Here again, differences exist between both when it comes to the match percentage and rollover requirement. Let’s begin with the former. The sportsbook reload bonus at Xbet has a 25-percent match, but in the casino, it jumps up to 50 percent. Not surprisingly, the casino rollover rate is 50X (10X higher than the sign-up bonus counterpart), whereas the sports deal is a more reasonable 5X.

So as you can see, it pays to keep playing at Xbet — not just reaping the sign-up offer and leaving the platform. Therefore, bettors looking for long-term value will find it at Xbet due to its reload bonuses.

How To Claim XBet Bonus Money

We’re already on record in our 2022 Xbet review, this sportsbook has it all — sports, slots, table games, and yes, bonuses worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play! You can take our word for it (we’re experts, after all) or you can see for yourself. If you visit Xbet and claim bonus money, then theoretically your “test running” the site on their dime.

To redeem these bonuses, you’ll need to input Xbet promo codes. These codes can be found on the site by going over to the promotions page where you’ll see a list of deals available right now (which includes everything we covered above). In the terms and conditions attached to every deal, you’ll find the promo code listed right there. Copy and paste this into the cashier and boom, the free play is all yours!

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