Best XBet Bonuses For June 2022

June is one of the best months around for betting on sports. You have two championship series in the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals. You have daily MLB games. UFC 275 takes place this month too. And then there are special events like the NBA Draft and Belmont Stakes, which are only once a year. If you want to bet on ALL of this (or at least, a large portion of it), you’ll likely need to have a hefty bankroll. But what if we told you, you can earn free play right now and expand this bankroll without having to pull too much from your own personal funds?

That’s completely doable, especially at a top-used online sportsbook such as XBet. This month, the site has numerous deals on the table for those that need a quick injection of free play — and given the current economic situation, that’s probably a lot of us. To make it easy on you, we’re listing the three-best bonuses below. Pick and choose which deals are best for your situation, but give these a close look:

$500 Free Play Available To ANY New Players

Without a doubt, the most straightforward bonus available — not just at XBet, but across the entire online gambling industry — is the new-player sign-up bonus. New sign-ups are the lifeblood of any sportsbook worth its salt, therefore, they’re coveted by platforms, which creates this promotion. At XBet, any new player could qualify for $500 in free play right off the bat. This money is yours no matter if you win or lose your ensuing bets.

There are two different sign-up deals at XBet. The main difference between the two is the gambling platform — one is for the sportsbook, the other in the casino. Though, if you look “under the hood”, you’ll see the way of getting that $500 in free play is quite different with each deal.

In the sportsbook, Xbet is offering a 50-percent match up to $500. Therefore, if a player is to max that out, they would need to initially deposit $1000 of their own money, which for many, might be a lot to ask for. The casino welcome deal is a much easier ask. That’s because this deal instead has a 200-percent match. To maximize that bonus, a new player would only have to deposit $250 into the casino.

No promo code is needed to redeem either bonus, or both together — yes, you can “double dip.” This deal is automatically applied to first-time deposits of new players.

It Pays To Play Horse Races

XBet has a full-on racebook for horse betting. Beyond offering tons of races to gamble on, the platform has a special service — a rebate program. This program refunds horse racing losses up to 7 percent. Though, the amount paid varies depending on the bet and track. For instance, players who only place straight bets on Tracks A-B-C are entitled to receive 3 percent, whereas exotic bets are much higher than that. Either way, if you lose whilst betting on horses as Xbet, you’ll get some of it back via the rebate.

Now, this deal isn’t a June-only promotion by any means. No, it’s the typical offering at XBet and stays up 365 days a year (366 if it’s a leap year). However, we wanted to call it due to the Belmont Stakes — the third and final leg of the horse racing Triple Crown — happening on June 11. This is a major race, which draws extra betting attention country-wide. If you’re wagering on Belmont, welp, it would pay to place these bets at Xbet’s racebook.

Casino Re-Ups During The Weekend Pay The Big Bucks

Casino players, listen up because this deal could pay you double. Alright, so at XBet, they offer a $500 reload bonus to casino players — this is, more or less, standard fare across the industry. Xbet matches casino reloads by players up to 50%, which again, is somewhat normal. However, XBet offers a special weekend-only reload bonus and this is really where bettors can get “bang for their buck.”

Bettors re-upping their casino accounts on Saturday or Sunday are eligible to receive up to $1000 in free play — double what you’d get from depositing money on Monday through Friday. Better yet, the match percentage shoots up to 100% so you’re getting a dollar-for-dollar match rather than the 50% offered normally. You get all this added benefit if you just deposit money on the weekend, rather than the weekday!

But wait, that’s not all. This bonus can be claimed not only once per weekend, but twice — so long as you do so on separate days (once on Saturday and once again on Sunday). So in theory, repeat bettors can make $2000 in free play at the Xbet casino over the weekend. We don’t know about y’all, that’s not a small chump of change to us!

To get a full list of Xbet promotional offers, head to its site. They have a promotions page which lists every single deal available. While we think the three mentioned above are most worth your time and money, there might be another that suits your betting needs. And if you need more information about using the site itself, read our unbiased Xbet review for a complete breakdown.


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