Will Federer’s 2017 Schedule Produce Results? ATP Odds

Roger Federer recently posted a message on his website entitled “Roger to skip Roland Garros”.

The former number one has decided to take on a reduced workload this season in order to prolong his career. He’ll focus his attention on just a few events instead of casting a wide net. It’s a strategy that’s worked out for him so far. This season, he’s entered far fewer events than his competitors, yet he’s still second in the ATP points race.

Let’s take a moment to preview the season ahead for the Swiss Maestro. Will he win another Grand Slam? And will he finish the year on top?

Let’s take a look at the odds for all that and more.

Roger Federer Odds

O/U on ATP tours Federer enters in 2017: 14

So far, Federer has competed in just four ATP events and intends to compete in three more before August (Stuttgart Open, Halle Open, and Wimbledon). He’s currently second in the ATP points race despite having played far fewer events than the other singles race contenders — Nadal (8 tours), Dominic Thiem (12), David Goffin (10).

As the season progresses, he may choose to compete even less in order to avoid injury.

Odds Federer competes in at least one clay court event: 7/1

If Federer is going to cut down on match-time this season, then it makes sense for him to cut out clay events. He tends to shine on hard court and grass, and considering the form Nadal is in at the moment, it’ll be tough for him to compete on clay.

Still, he could give it a shot if he’s feeling up to it.

Odds Federer finishes the year as no. 1 ranked player: 13/8

It looks like Nadal and Federer are leaving the rest for dead. Nadal has entered twice as many events as Federer, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. A win at the French Open would extend Nadal’s lead and we can probably expect him to pick up a heap of points at the upcoming clay court events.

If anyone is going to catch Nadal, it’ll be Federer. But it won’t be easy.

Odds Federer wins another Grand Slam in 2017: 3/1

Federer is skipping the French Open in order to focus on Wimbledon. And after that there’s the US Open. Federer will definitely be one of the favorites — if not the outright favorite — leading into the Grand Slams, so there’s a pretty good chance he’ll pick up another win.

We’ll have to see how he holds up, though. The 35-year-old hasn’t won multiple Grand Slams in a single season since the 2000’s.

Odds Federer wins another match against Nadal in 2017: 2/1

Rafael Nadal may be the points leader this season, but he’s currently 0 for 3 against Federer. The old rivals met in the finals of the Australian Open and Miami Open, and also in the fourth round of the Indian Wells Masters.

If they face again, Federer will most likely be the favorite. But with almost half the season already over, the former number ones may not even meet again this year.

Odds Federer announces his retirement before year-end 2018: 8/1

The whole point of reducing his schedule is to prolong his career. But injuries are stubborn creatures, and after almost two decades as a professional, it’s only a matter of time before his body gives out.

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