Georges St-Pierre Successfully Defends his Title at UFC 158

Georges St-Pierre defended the UFC welterweight title for an eighth consecutive time this Saturday, and showed there is a lot left in his tank after beating Nick Diaz by decision, in the UFC 158 hosted at Bell Centre, in Canada.

Georges St-Pierre Successfully Defends his Title at UFC 158With the victory 50-45, St-Pierre is now ranks second all-time in UFC title defenses,  just behind Anderson Silva.

“He did a great job promoting the fight. Nick Diaz is a good guy,” St-Pierre said. “I didn’t want to fight at a boxing range because he’s the best boxer in mixed martial arts. His jiu-jitsu is amazing.”

“[The strategy] was to stay in a kickboxing range,” St-Pierre said. “Stay out of a boxing range and use my karate to get in and out. Also, [apply] my wrestling.”

For Diaz,  a year in the sidelines could be what affected his performance the most.

“I don’t want to make excuses, but I think I might have been flat from a year off,” Diaz said. “I want to thank Georges St-Pierre for giving me the credit I feel I deserve. I think I’m done. I’m tired of getting banged up.”

“I think I’m done with this mixed martial arts,” he said.

St. Pierre was a sizable favorite at odds of -465 as he looked to defend his UFC welterweight title against Nick Diaz, who was listed at +365 in Montreal Saturday night. “I never took it personally,” GSP said after the fight.

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