UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

I don’t think the UFC Light Heavyweight division has ever seen a fighter and a champion like
Jon Jones; he proved this weekend why he is the best as he beat Lyoto Machida by submission
(standing guillotine) at 4:26 of the second round.

Jones’ submission move was outstanding; he opened his opponents with an elbow, and then
got the best from him with the guillotine. He is becoming a better, more patient fighter in
every fight that passes by.

UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida“I think a lot of athletes do have a switch. Me, I’m pretty calm and relaxed as a person, and
I’m also calm and relaxed in the Octagon. I believe that the more relaxed and composed
you stay, the more you’re able to use all your brain cells, and you can actually focus on your
techniques and focus on what you have to do better. Getting amped up and everything, it
actually works against my game”, said Jones.

Jones believes he is getting better in the standing game, trying to combine with his submission
moves. β€œBones” Jones became the first light heavyweight champion to defend the title on
back-to-back occasions since Chuck Liddell did it.

β€œIt is a little bit of a dangerous sport, and obviously it’s [violent]. But I kind of look at
it more like a dance. Fighting in [mixed] martial arts to me is more about achieving self
excellence. Being able to control your body, being able to really achieve the most ultimate
level of fluidity. Our bodies [are] our canvas, and it’s just a beautiful thing for me. So there’s no
switch, it’s more about self excellence and being a warrior”.

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