UFC 143 Pick: Nick Diaz vs Caros Condit

This weekend’s UFC 143 main event features Carlos Condit (+155) taking on Nick Diaz (-175) in what is a tricky fight
to pick a winner.

UFC 143 Pick: Nick Diaz vs Caros ConditDiaz is tremendous at boxing and precision hitting; in fact, I would say there are not many
fighters out there better than him in a β€œboxing position”. He knows how to use his length,
mixes up combinations well, and doesn’t waste energy trying to knock the guy out in one

On the other hand, Condit brings a whole set of weapons to the table; his best asset is a free-
flowing Muay, with the mix of knees and kicks. You never know what’s coming to your way.

Standing up, Diaz has a slight advantage, but the fight won’t all come down to this.

When grappling comes, Diaz has the big advantage. He is the decorated grappler, and has
much more technical arguments in the cage than Condit. Carlos is better than people give him
credit for, but it won’t be enough to take on Diaz on the floor.

If the fight goes to the distance, I’m not sure who has the real advantage; neither fighter
had been tested for their gas tanks on a regular basis.

This is a hard fight to pick because Condit is one of those guys who just has the ability to
find a way to win. He’s a naturally aggressive fighter that should press a little early in the
fight. The problem is Diaz is always the better prepared competitor.

My Pick: Nick Diaz.

Geoff Johnson

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