UFC Betting – Benson Henderson vs. Nate DΓ­az Preview

Saturday December 8 is the day Nate Diaz will finally get his shot at the UFC lightweight championship, in the main event at Fox 5, when facing Benson Henderson.

UFC Betting – Benson Henderson vs. Nate DΓ­az PreviewDiaz was the winner of the 5th season of The Ultimate Fighter, but there isn’t a biggest challenge for his career that the main event this December.

β€œI don’t think I’ve got a chance of winning any type of decision, so I gotta go out there and do what I can do try and finish my opponent,” Diaz said. β€œ(I have to) try to be the better fighter and try to win the fight.”

β€œBut either way, if it goes to a decision, I’m gonna be the one out-scoring, out-pointing. I’m gonna do what I can,” he added.

Benson Henderson is not getting much respect from the critics, but he doesn’t care.Β  He willing to take the win by knockout or decision; it seems like it doesn’t matter the way the result gets there.

I’m just trying to get the ‘W,'” Henderson said. “However I can get it; if he slips on a banana peel, I’ll take it. Close decision, I’ll take that, too. Getting a ‘W’ in the UFC is not easy.”

“You always fight to end fights, to be as decisive as possible,” Henderson said. “Sometimes when fighting the best fighters on the planet, you can’t finish (the fight).”

According to the UFC odds Nate Diaz is listed +130, and Henderson is the favorite -160 for the UFC lightweight championship

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