Delaware Remains Hopeful Online Sports Betting Will Arrive This Year

As great as things have been for sports betting in Delaware this year, there’s no question that things could be improved in the near future. One of the biggest things preventing Delaware from consistently recording strong revenue numbers each month is the fact that there aren’t a ton of options for people to make their wagers. However, the hope here is that things will change soon, as Delaware remains hopeful online sports betting will arrive this year.

According to a report, lawmakers and officials in Delaware indeed are feeling optimistic that this switch can happen, as everyone learned about the new lottery contract that was agreed to in the state. With this, there’s been talks about expanding betting as a whole, which could in turn help out the online sports betting efforts. If this does help send things over the top, it would truly be a big win for everyone involved.

As things stand, people in Delaware are only allowed to make legal sports wagers at three racetracks in the entire state: that’s it, there’s only three options for people. Because of this, it really doesn’t give people a lot of freedom or flexibility when it comes to checking out the different sports odds and then putting their money down. Say for example people checked out the NFL betting odds this past season and wanted to bet, they’d have to pick one of the authorized racetracks.

That’s why the need for online betting is so huge – it would open up so many more doors for fans out there. The hope is that more in-person options will be made available soon as well, but there’s no doubt that online options need to arrive as soon as possible. With people having the ease and convenience of placing their bets from anywhere, it would most certainly be a game-changer for Delaware once things get passed.

Online betting continues to be massive across the USA

It goes without saying, but online betting continues to be massive across the USA, which is only making it more of a priority for Delaware to get the ball rolling down the line. Not too long ago, Maryland made legal online betting an option for its citizens and we have seen some truly epic numbers being recorded. While some states still don’t feature online betting, we have certainly seen a lot of growth here.

When it came to Super Bowl betting, a lot of people were able to make their way to in-person sportsbooks, but we also saw countless folks place their wagers through a mobile outlet. Had then been a possibility for people in Delaware, then we surely would have seen even more people put down their money on the unforgettable matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s not just the Super Bowl, though. Later this year, loads of fans in Delaware are going to keep a close eye on the NBA postseason, with a lot of people checking the NBA betting odds for when the Finals rolls around. There are several teams in the hunt to try and win it all this year, and a lot of bets are going to be flying in. It remains to be seen if online options will be on the table by June.

It could end up taking a little bit more time, as there’s a lot of different things in motion right now. From our chair, though, it is imperative for Delaware to get things squared away by the end of the summer at the latest. It would be rough news if there’s no online betting by the time the 2023 NFL season arrives. There’s massive revenue opportunities for Delaware during the football season. They’ve simply got to figure things out.

MLB betting will once again be big for Delaware

With spring training already here, everyone is excited in assuming that MLB betting will once again be big for Delaware. Each season, people from Delaware follow the Philadelphia Phillies quite closely, as there are a lot of the club’s supporters in the state. While Delaware doesn’t have a pro MLB team, that doesn’t mean people aren’t ready to show the Phillies some love at the drop of a hat.

There’s some big expectations for the Phillies this year, and people are also taking notice of the NL MVP betting odds. Despite Juan Soto and Mookie Betts being the favorites, you can never forget about slugger Bryce Harper. He took home NL MVP honors in 2021 and plenty of Philadelphia supporters think he can bring home the award once again.

People in Delaware will surely be betting on Harper to win the NL MVP, and they’re also going to be consistently betting on the club to win. For now, people can only bet on the Phillies, and the rest of the MLB for that matter, at three locations. However, should online options come midway through the season, then it would be a complete and total game-changer for the state.

Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.