WWE Futures Betting: Who Will Be Universal Champion At End Of 2021?

Yes, WWE betting is a real thing and a profitable one at that if you know what you’re doing. Currently, there’s a futures bet on who will be Universal champion at end of 2021 and it’s a great opportunity.

Online sportsbooks have odds on several different WWE superstars for the very wager. Among the group, these are the betting front-runners right now:

Roman Reigns-250-250
Big E+250+250
John Cena+500+500
Seth Rollings+500+500
Kevin Owens+1400+1400
The Rock+2000+2000

We know what you’re thinking, “but isn’t WWE fake? Can you really bet it?” The answer is no then yes. While we’d stop short of saying WWE is “fake” — try falling off a 10-foot ladder and seeing how that feels — the outcomes are predetermined. At the end of the day, Vince McMahon is picking who wins and loses every single match, especially the title bouts.

But hey, that doesn’t mean WWE isn’t bettable. In fact, since the outcomes are staged, shouldn’t that give you an advantage when betting on it as compared to unpredictable sports? If you know the WWE product (and how McMahon books his champion historically), then yes, that’s a big advantage you should leverage to make money, which is exactly what we’re doing. Here’s how:

WWE Betting Pick — Roman Reigns

“The Tribal Chief”, as Reigns likes to be acknowledged as, is the reigning Universal Champion and is approaching the one-year mark of his title reign (started August 30, 2020). Barring an injury or out-of-ring issue, we’d be shocked if that title reign (pun fully intended) gets interrupted this year. Reigns is the hottest commodity in WWE right now and taking the belt off him in 2021 could potentially ruin that.

For those that don’t know the backstory, WWE has tried over and over again to make Reigns the heir apparent to John Cena in terms of popularity. It’s been a six-year saga and at almost every turn, the WWE fans have rejected Reigns, outright booing him despite playing a face character (“a good guy”) most that stretch. At last, McMahon changed course last year and turned Reigns into a villainous character that resembles a Hollywood movie mafia boss.

The move has worked to perfection. Reigns, with an all-time great talker Paul Heyman by his side, has become a hit attraction. Cause of that, McMahon is seeing dollar signs in Reigns for the foreseeable future. He’s been booked to manhandle every competitor thrown his way — The Fiend, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, and most recently, Edge.

Reign’s dominant run as champion is being engineered by McMahon to set up the biggest wrestling match (in terms of business) WWE can possibly make right now — Reigns vs. The Rock. The next WrestleMania is in Dallas and there’s no doubt a Reigns-Rock main event would smash every business record WWE has in its history books. It is a 100,000-seat capacity at “Jerry World” after all…

For those that don’t know, the Rock and Reigns are cousins and part of an iconic Samoan wrestling family. And given Rock’s larger-than-life star power, he’d only return to WWE for the “right” match. Facing his cousin one-on-one in front of a record-setting crowd? Yeah, that’s the right match and WWE will protect Reigns to preserve this dream match at all costs.

Roman Reignsto be WWE Universal champion at end of 2021
Bet now

Back-Up Betting Pick — Seth Rollins

The only way we see Reigns dropping the title in 2021 is if he’s forced to due to an injury, a health scare, or an arrest. Reigns has a squeaky clean record so the latter seems out of the question. However, Reigns does have a history of leukemia (which he’s beaten twice) and injuries happen in WWE all the time. In those two worst-case scenarios, WWE would need to get the belt on someone else while Reigns recovers.

The perfect backup plan would be Reigns’ former Shield teammate, Seth Rollins. You have to think, the Universal belt is the most prestigious title in the company right now, more so than the WWE championship defended on RAW. The Universal title is defended on Smackdown, the flagship show since it’s on FOX. This isn’t a belt you put on so-so talents like Cesaro or Kevin Owens.

No, no, you put the Universal title on superstars that can carry the entire company. That’s a shortlist that Rollins happens to find himself on. Plus, a Reigns-Rollins match is already being teased anyway. We’d very much expect this to be the direction WWE goes after SummerSlam. It’s another money match, which speaks to Rollins’ own star power. There’s no better insurance policy for WWE and bettors alike than Rollins.

Seth Rollinsto be WWE Universal champion at end of 2021
Bet now

WWE betting odds are usually reserved for pay-per-view events, especially the “Big 4” — Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and WrestleMania. Welp, it just so happens that SummerSlam 2021 is weeks away on August 21. If you want to bet on the match card, which includes the aforementioned Reigns against the returning Cena, then you can do so by visiting one of the bookmakers below.

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