Supreme Court Won’t Stop the Florida Sports Betting Relaunch

The worry is over for Florida sports betting proponents who were worried that yet another delay would be on the way for sports betting returning to the state. In case you missed it, the announcement recently rolled in that Florida will be able to provide legal betting options for people in December. There was concern that perhaps more legal hopes would need to be jumped through. However, the update came this weekend that the Supreme Court won’t stop the Florida Sports Betting relaunch.

We don’t have to tell you how amazing that is for sports fans in Florida. The owners of the Magic City Casino have tried to do everything in their power to make sure things aren’t given the green light, but the Supreme Court has decided that The Seminole Tribe and Governor Ron DeSantis have followed all of the rules from their pact and that they’ll be able to provide the service for people to partake in starting in December.

“The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s new initiative will create jobs, increase tourism, and provide billions in added revenue for our state,” DeSantis said in a release last month about the return of sports betting for Florida. “I was proud to work with the Tribe on our historic Gaming Compact and I look forward to its full implementation.”

DeSantis must be over the moon knowing that despite the Magic City Casino owners trying to get things ripped down again, the Florida Supreme Court is allowing him to move forward with his plan. DeSantis knows that this is going to provide a massive economic boost for the state, as plenty of jobs will be created. The revenue potential for Florida is also quite high, no one can argue with that.

Florida sports betting is set to relaunch on Dec. 7

We are only a few weeks away from the wheels getting in motion, as Florida sports betting is set to relaunch on Dec. 7. This is massive for a variety of reasons. No. 1 has to be that legal wagers will now be allowed for the state for the final stretch of the NFL’s regular season. Football is king in Florida this time of year, as people will be waiting to place bets on the Dolphins, Buccaneers and Jaguars.

The Dolphins are coming off a solid win over the Raiders, while the Jaguars had no issues at all topping the Titans. Unfortunately for Tampa Bay, they took on the 49ers, one of the best teams in the league, and they suffered a rough loss. However, once Dec. 7 rolls around, the NFL betting across the state at the local casinos is expected to be sky-high for all three of the teams we just mentioned.

Also, keep in mind that people are going to be checking the NCAAF betting odds for the College Football Playoff and bowl season. While betting won’t get launched for the ACC Championship, which is set to feature Florida State, people are going to be counting down the days for the CFP/National Semifinals to get here. Florida State is still in the hunt to finish in the Top 4, as the expectation is that that No. 4 spot will go to either them or Washington.

If the Seminoles are able to punch their tickets to the CFP, then we don’t have to tell you that plenty of wagers will be placed. It all depends on how FSU closes out the campaign, but they have strong NCAAF betting odds to not only win the ACC, but push for a National Championship too. Unfortunately, however, the season-ending injury to quarterback Jordan Travis could have a massive impact on their ranking moving forward.

Will there be online sports betting in Florida on Dec. 7?

A big question people have on their minds is will there be online sports betting in Florida on Dec. 7? As of this writing, it’s totally up in the air if that will be the case or not, but reports suggest that plenty of things are going on behind the scenes to make that happen. The important thing for Florida is to just get in-person betting going at their casinos first. However, we all know how important mobile options are for people to use.

That’s why The Seminole Tribe is still working to make sure online betting can be an option for folks sooner rather than later. If for some reason online betting isn’t finalized by the in-person launch date, the expectation is that mobile options will follow pretty darn soon.

We’ve seen the difference across the USA between states that have online betting and those that don’t. The total betting handle is much lower in places where people are forced to travel to in-person sportsbooks instead of being able to place bets from their phones or laptops. The convenience of being able to place a bet from anywhere you might be on the go is a major sell for fans. Only time will tell if Florida is able to get things rolling in that department soon. There’s optimism there, though.

Peter Lewis

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