XBet Review

Updated June 26, 2018
Payout Speed

Notes from the Editor

Self identity is a good thing. A basketball player who is big, strong, blocks shots and rebounds is usually best when he doesn’t go shooting for a lot of three pointers. Coaches prefer him in the pivot. Xbet.ag knows who they want to be, and identifying your niche and audience is vital to running a successful business. Xbet believes that reliability, reputation, and real fast payouts will lead them to success. They are right, but the site is pretty new, and there are wrinkles to iron out. Their enticing promotions and solid service are a good start to growing clientele quickly.

XBet bonuses

  • Signup bonus: 100% up to $300.
  • Exclusive XBet Promo Code: MTSX
  • Reload bonus: Reimbursed fees on reload deposits of $300+.
  • Refer-a-friend: None.
  • Casino: 100% up to $500.

While the newness of an expansion franchise will fill up seats for a year or two, at some point the team needs to win, or make the experience really great. A bobblehead doll here or free t-shirt there will put a team in good graces with their fans while they make fixes on minor issues. For a young sportsbook looking for lots of new signups, a big incentive off the bat will help to create buzz. Xbet has two excellent bonus options. The $1,000 welcome bonus kicks in for those who bet a grand during the first month that they have an account. You can get it with 10x rollover, though their online rules indicate both a 15x and 10x restriction, so make sure you check with their support staff so that you know the fine print and get the best deal.  If you prefer less red tape, they have a 100% up to $300 bonus available where you can access your free cash the day after you deposit. You can also get an extra $25 if you use direct deposit.


  • Minimum deposit: $45
  • Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Check, Person-to-Person Transfer & Bitcoin
  • Supported currencies: USD, BTC


The money aspect of Xbet, though often something fans think little about (put in your cash, hopefully, request a big check down the line) is one place that the site is far ahead of their rivals. The clarity and ease of depositing are excellent. Whether you want to use a credit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, person-to-person, or a phone transfer, the website makes it clear the minimum deposit, usually $45, the maximum, most frequently $1000, and any additional requirements of each method, for credit cards there is a form that needs to be filled out with a day or two of the initial signup. Their site is safe, easy to use, and quick.


In theory, we love Xbet’s payout policy, in practice, it is a mixed bag. They make very clear that fast payouts are an important piece of their business plan, and that is great. Our experience is that indeed they live up to this. However, there is no available chart online, or clear way to know what methods have caveats like longer waits for payment, minimum or maximum withdrawals, or fees to get your cash. Indeed, they seem to process payments five days a week, and there are methods to get your cash quickly, but it requires a phone call or toying around with the various preferences to make sure you find something that works in your individual case. This is one of those things that eventually Xbet will bet among the best in the industry at, but they are still looking for the confidence to throw their third pitch for a strike. The theory is great, they just need a chart that spells things out in a straightforward manner.

Customer service

  • Service hours: 24/7
  • Contact number: 844-377-9238
  • Live chat: No
  • Languages: English & Spanish

In a traditional sense, if you call Xbet they will answer your questions quickly and efficiently. However, for a new site looking to recruit young savvy customers, their social media accounts are updated infrequently, and while they make mention of chat support on their website, there is no easy way to access it right now. Again, the point of customer service is to assist customers, and if you reach out via phone or email the service is excellent. However, this is 2018, and if you are running an online business, a better web presence probably should be expected.

Sportsbook features

  • Live betting: Yes
  • Additional features: This is an area that Xbet does well in. The casino does not feature live dealer play, but it is vast, fair, and will do the trick for the vast majority of sportsbook fans who occasionally want to try their luck on video poker or slots. The racebook offers a lot of tracks, though the maximum bets at some of them are extremely low. The extras at Xbet should satisfy most customers.

Like so many new businesses, there are significant hits and misses at Xbet. Like the rookie that still needs to develop a part of his game, there is great potential, they do some things much better than their older rivals, but there also are holes in the operation. Let’s start with the positive; their odds are competitive and reasonable. I particularly appreciate that their live betting platform does not charge a huge penalty with extraordinary juice for the right to bet in-play. They offer the full array of types of bets and have lots of different sports available including esports. On the flip side, the site has far too many dead links. Some nights clicking to look at NBA lines yields a page not found result. Obviously, it is unacceptable for you to go to your sportsbook and are not be able to get action on whatever event you are looking for assuming it is not incredibly obscure. Xbet should try to get lines up quicker too; there is no significant reason that early in a week the NFL lines for Thursday and Sunday aren’t up yet. Finally, some sort of schedule or rhyme or reason on what events are available for live play would be nice. It seems kind of random trying to find out what games you will be able to bet in-play.

Website UI and UX

  • Ease of use for betting: Very nice UI, simple and easy to use.
  • Mobile betting: Site works very well on all devices. No dedicated iOS/Android app.

XBet runs a very nice UI that’s simple and easy to use. Despite not having a dedicated mobile app on iOS or Android, their mobile optimized website works an absolute treat on all devices.

License jurisdiction

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Established year: 2013

*All bonus offers have different Terms & Conditions. Visit the operator’s web site for full details.