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Examine the online sports betting market, and you’ll be shocked by the amount of jargon used.

It’s not a problem if you are an experienced bettor with a finger on the pulse of gaming. But how do you get that experience, and how do you gain a strong understanding of what’s going on? What everyone’s talking about today?

The juice at online betting sites is a prime example of this. What is juice in gambling? Is it sweet, and can you squeeze it like orange juice? Funnily enough, you can, and it’s easy to do.

We cover that in more detail in this article. By the end of the page, you will know what the juice is in betting and how to squeeze it, so much so that your cup will overflow.

Reduce the bookies’ profits

When referring to juice in a sportsbook, we aren’t discussing cranberry juice mixed with your vodka. Rather, the juice is all about how much the sportsbook charges a bettor to make a bet. As a bettor, you want to minimize your losses, and one way to accomplish that is by reducing the juice.

The juice in betting is the bookies‘ profit margin. Keep the house’s share as small as possible and your glass as full as you can get away with each day.

This same term is also known as reduced “vig” or vigorish. You may have an understanding of vigorish, but the term reducing the juice can still be confusing. Let’s get an understanding, break it down, discuss the pros and cons, and help choose which sportsbook to use.

Picking a Sportsbook with Reduced Juice

Like any tradesperson, you are only as good as the tools at your disposal. Online sports bettors are no different. As a gambler, the better the bookie you are betting with, the more chance you’ll have of ending the season with a positive balance. You must gamble with the best bookie.

Not the best out there, but the best bookie for you as an individual. Sportsbook gamblers aren’t created in a factory and don’t come from a mold. We are all different shapes and sizes. So our bookies must be fluid.

Choosing between multiple online sportsbooks can be done on the surface, but it also requires research. First, ask yourself, is there a welcome bonus free bet? Then ask yourself, is it an excellent bonus-free bet? The same goes for daily or weekly promotions, like boosts on your payouts.

Picking a Sportsbook with Reduced Juice

Money in your pocket

Research is pivotal in finding reduced juice. Each day there are hundreds of sports with thousands of games being played. Every sportsbook wants to set its lines first to attract bettors. It’s a race between traders working at the betting apps, but the absolute winner is always the bettor.

Given the number of games you can find with different lines between the sportsbooks, reduced juice and line shopping go together. Remember, even if it’s just $5, that is hugely pricy. Keep the money in your pocket. Targeting juice sports to secure the betting juice could help you achieve that.

The margins between the odds offered by sports betting apps may seem small, and many gamblers think it’s not worth the effort of concentrating on the juice or line shopping, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

All those small margins soon add up and could prove the difference between making a profit from gambling this year and suffering a loss—the painful defeats that plague bettors with little or no understanding of how gambling works.

The Best Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

Sportsbook Reduced Juice Details Start Betting
GTBets GTBets confidence comes from their ability to provide reduced juice betting instead of standard bonus promotions, with a (-105) offering every day.

This will be a huge benefit for those wanting to avail of reduced juice for their high betting limits across all sports.

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GTBets Review

Below, you’ll find a table showing the best-reduced juice sportsbooks and welcome bonuses. Choose the one that catches your eye, such as the GTBets sports sign-up bonus.

Creating an account, grabbing a new customer <promo and Moneyline betting on the top sports like NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA take just a few minutes to complete. That’s also true of sports parlays.

GTBets confidence comes from their ability to provide reduced juice betting instead of standard bonus promotions, with a (-105) daily offering. A huge benefit for those who want reduced juice for their high betting limits across all sports.

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The best system would be to have accounts across several sportsbooks. You can now take advantage of attractive special bonuses and reduced juice odds.

Sports betting is no different than other industries in that scenarios, strategies, and circumstances change, so allowing yourself to be flexible can aid in your survival. The more betting accounts you have and the more you spread the love, the easier it’ll be to get the best odds and the kind of free bets most gamblers can only dream of most days.

What Is Reduced Juice?

OK, so let’s clear this up once and for all. The juice is a term that describes the commission charged by the sportsbook on a bet. So naturally, we would want to drive that commission cost down, hence reduced juice.

A bettor wants to profit a minimum of $100 for every $100 bed. A goal of the sportsbook is to have the bettor risk more than $100 to win $100. It may cost you $103 to win $100 at one bookie, while a friend may spend $110 to win $100 with a different sportsbook.

Bookmakers want to set the odds as high as possible while still enticing the bettor to place action. You have reduced the juice anytime you place a bet as close to +100.

How to Identify Reduced Juice

sportsbook a normal odds table

Using a typical NFL Sunday point spread, let’s look at how you find reduced juice.

In this illustration, placing a bet on the Bills for a $100 profit will cost you $110 at Sportsbook A. The same profit comes at a $105 risk to you at Sportsbook Bu. By placing your bet on the second bookie with the more attractive juice, you have just saved yourself $5! As easy as that.

Congratulations, now you’re betting like a seasoned pro. You have reduced the juice by placing the bet at the -105 odds since the bookmaker charges you $5 less. The same logic applies if you were to bet on the Patriots in the example above.

The Pros of Reduced Juice

There are a few reasons why reducing the juice is a required tactic if you want to be a successful long-term bettor. In an industry where events are essentially a coin flip due to the bookie‘s astute point spreads and odds, you need to give yourself any advantages possible.

Here’s how reducing the juice can help you manage your bankroll;

Minimize your losses. ALL bettors lose, so if you can save yourself $5 or $10 on each bet, this will help your bankroll out tremendously over the long haul. Sportsbooks will allow bigger bet sizes. Everyone has those moments when they are confident in a bet and want to put a little extra behind it.

Easier to profit. Since your losses are less, betting with reduced juice means you don’t have to be as successful to turn a profit. You can win less often and still be just as successful, if not more, than someone not betting with reduced juice.

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Quality beats quantity

It’s crucial to remember that a great bettor does not hit continuous winning teasers, at the best sportsbook. Anyone can achieve this with an account that gambles on the short odds. And it’s not enough to break even.

Today’s gamblers aim much higher than the previous generation. They know the FAQs and understand the value can sometimes be found in NCAA over NFL. In-play bets are made while following the action on a live streaming service using your smartphone. It’s different times, and there are endless possibilities for those enjoying online gambling.

Profit beats precision

No, a betting master makes a profit from gambling sites, regardless of their strike rate. One bettor could hit 10 out of 10 and make a $100 profit. You could hit 6 out of 10 and make a $1000 profit. That comes from making the right bet and doing so at the right betting odds.

Now is a good time for me to remind you that at -110 odds, you would need to win 52.3% of your bets to become profitable. Anytime you can get under -110 will go a long way in lowering this percentage.

The Cons of Reduced Juice

Everything in life has a downside, and reduced juice lines are no different. Here are a couple of unpleasant experiences when betting with reduced juice:

Free bets and bonuses

Sportsbooks offer fewer free offers & betting bonuses. Take, for example, a 50% deposit bonus up to $250. That means if you deposit $250, the sportsbook matches that by 50%, meaning you would have a starting bankroll of $375. Enticing, but if you’re betting at -115 per see, the extra cost of the bet consumes this “free” money pretty fast.

Sharper betting lines

The sportsbook offering -105 may have the point spread at +2.5 rather than +3, and they cover the difference. True of both pre-match and live betting lines.

Poor customer service

Because the juice betting sites and sportsbooks are making less of a profit, often, they cut costs in other areas of their business. If the sportsbook is well managed, you rarely need to interact with customer service, so this isn’t a big concern.

Contact the customer support team to discuss anything from prop bets, Bitcoin availability, and bonus offers to withdrawals. But be aware of things like slow response time, dealing with a bot rather than a real person, and the working hours.

If a bookie accepts bets from you 24/7, they should offer their customer services team around the clock. The top sports betting sites always do.

What are Reduced Juice Limits?

The sportsbooks offering reduced juice on horse racing and esports will increase the maximum wager amount. Since they are charging you less, they attempt to reclaim some winnings by allowing you to bet more.

Hoping you place a large bet on a 50/50 event is an optimistic scenario for the bookie. Please be mindful of this and don’t fall into the traps set by traders. There may be a difference when using a reload bonus, betting on a rollover or even using your credit card to gamble.

Always read the terms and conditions before parting with your hard-earned real money. That is always the best advice we can give you before betting on major sports.

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Difference Between Reduced Juice and Bonuses

Think of the difference between reduced juice and bonuses regarding how you want to acquire and spend your bankroll.

A bettor using a sportsbook with a bonus system will initially have a larger bankroll. While having such a big bankroll can increase your confidence. Watching the amount go down faster and faster with each bet will do nothing to encourage future gambles.

Remembering that the point spread essentially makes the event 50/50 will remind you that there are no guarantees in sports betting. It’s more advisable to have a smaller starting bankroll and act smarter, saving money on each bet. You’ll find the bonuses are a gimmick and keep you coming back.

Remember Less Juice, the Better!

The next time you hear about reducing the juice, you won’t be questioning the strength of your cocktail.

Choosing which sportsbook to use might require time initially, but in the long run, your bankroll is saved. There is data that shows a successful bettor wins 55% of their bets, so there are a lot of opportunities to limit your losses. Reduced juice is always the smart way to go, regardless of how frequently you bet.

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