Basics of Moneyline, Against the Spread (ATS) & Over Under

The quickest and simplest bets you can make. A good starting point for those just getting their feet wet with sports betting.

Betting Odds Explained – How do betting odds work?

What's the next step after creating your account? How do you read odds and place wagers? We cover the essentials you should know to become familiar enough to place wagers.

How does moneyline work? Compare moneyline odds at sportsbooks

What does Moneyline betting mean for bettors? It is one of the most common bets, and it is time you mastered it! This betting guide will teach you the ins and outs of making money with moneyline bets.

Other Bets Guide: Futures, Props & Live Betting, and More

These are bets that reward forward thinkers and those with knowledge of individual stats.

Parlay betting, Teasers, Round Robin and more – Multiple Bets

We'll walk you through the basics of making bets on multiple games or events. These are attractive bets to make due to their potential to win big from smaller stakes.

Sports betting terms – Glossary for new bettors

The ultimate sports betting glossary and sports betting terms is available here.

What does EV mean in Betting? Expected Value in Sports Betting

In this article, we will discuss what EV betting is and how it impacts your expected winnings.

What is “Action” and “No Action” in Sports Betting?

In this article at MyTopSportsbooks, we will unravel the definition of ‘action’ and ‘no action’ betting to provide a clear and concise understanding of action betting and how they will affect your bets. 

What is a Prop Bet? – The Ultimate Guide to Proposition bets

A complete guide to prop betting, detailing the various proposition bets available at the major sportsbooks providers. We'll investigate the best betting strategies available to bettors looking to start playing on prop betting markets.

What is a Push in Betting?

We are going to educate you on a push for sports betting. We will look at what a push is and how it affects your points spread bets, your total bets, your Moneyline bets and your prop bets.

What is a Rollover in Betting? Sportsbook Rollover Strategy

This article explains what is rollover betting and how to take advantage of it to make the best bets today!

What is a Round Robin Bet? Round Robin Explained

Welcome back to class, betting enthusiasts; today’s lesson for your betting guide is round-robin betting explained.

What is a Teaser in Sports Betting? Teaser Bets Explained

In this guide, we will define what a teaser is in betting, what a teaser is in sports betting, sports betting teaser odds, the difference between a parlay and a teaser, and teaser payouts.

What is a Vig in Sports Betting?

In this guide, we will define ‘what does vig mean,’ how to calculate vig, we will touch on no vig betting, and how the vig affects the bets you are making.

What is Point Spread Betting? Spread Betting Explained

In this guide, we will go into detail about covering the spread and what does cover the spread mean.

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