Introduction to Prop Betting

Proposition bets, more commonly known as prop bets, are simply types of bets that are secondary to the final outcome of a game or event. Prop bets can include player performances, team play, or anything else under the sun, including the length of the national anthem or which halftime performer will appear first.

Despite being seen as novelty items in most sportsbooks, betting odds will still be provided by nearly all of the bookmakers. Prop bets have an enormous audience, both experienced and inexperienced, and are regarded as a consensus favorite by sports bettors.

From the NBA Finals to the Super Bowl, prop bets are available nearly everywhere—that’s why MyTopSportsbooks is here to help teach you everything that there is to know about prop betting.

Introduction to Prop Betting

How Do I Find the Best Prop Bets?

For starters, you will find prop bets in their own tabs on sportsbooks. Some sports betting sites may list them under player or team performances, while others could simply denote them as “prop bets.”

Sportsbooks like Bovada specialize in this unique style of wagers, while others like betonline, mybookie and GTBets will offer them in conjunction with more traditional betting lines.

As you keep reading, you will discover the differences between player prop bets and team prop bets, and how you can identify the best prop bets.

While this guide is focused on prop betting, we do have many other guides including;

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What Is a Prop Bet?

What are prop bets? How do prop bets work? The answers might be simpler than you think.

Prop bets are often promoted by bookies and have dedicated sections for each sport, or as an independent page on-site. It’s likely, even as a newcomer to betting, you’ve placed a prop bet before without realizing it.

We’re going to give you prop bet examples to make it easier on you. In our first example, we will look at hypothetical NFL prop bets:

  • Heads (-110) or Tails (-110)?
  • Tom Brady over 249.5 passing yards

Here we have two different styles of prop bets, one unrelated to the events in-play, and the other focused on a player’s performance.

Even though traditional gamblers would call the coin toss result one of many crazy prop bets, both bets would qualify as “legitimate,” so long as the oddsmakers assign lines to them. In addition, both could be placed as standalone bets or included in a parlay (depending on which of the many gambling sites you are using).

Another example could be in UFC betting, where prop bets are a popular market among bettors. Dana White has a plethora of exciting fighters, who always put on a show. An example of a prop bet you might see would be:

  • Kamaru Usman to win via submission (+220)

In this example, players simply not only need to decide whether or not Usman will win, but how he will do so. If they are correct, they will receive a hefty payout and boost their bankroll.

The best sportsbooks typically offer sign-up bonuses related to prop betting. A great example of this comes from NBA prop bets, where promos will say “if one team makes a three, you win a prize!” This is not only a great way to drive engagement and excitement, but also an easy way for new players to receive opportunities to win free bets, boosted odds or another prize.


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Types of Prop Bets and Where to Make Prop Bets

Prop bets come in all shapes and sizes. There are no “best prop bets” per se, it just depends on the market you enjoy playing. Since we have already harkened on the NBA, NFL, and UFC, let’s look at MLB player props.

Now, even diehard MLB fans won’t know what inning a certain player is going to hit a home run in—however, they will be aware of which players are hitting the ball well and whether or not the opposing pitcher is any good, so they could place a bet on a player hitting a home run at any time. Even though the best odds, concerning the potential payout, would be picking the exact inning, it is far less likely to hit.

Prop bets are pre-made, so bettors don’t need to think or apply any of their live betting strategies other than deciding on the unit being placed. Prop betting adds to the viewing experience of a major sports event, as bettors can create entertainment out of even the most mundane aspects of events.

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Bettors can also find props readily available as the start time of events approaches. So, if you are looking for prop bets for tonight, and the game starts at 8:00 p.m., you will most likely find them. However, events that are far away usually don’t post these lines for a while,

Prop bets are also free play in the sense that they don’t always require huge amounts of research. As we mentioned earlier, you could bet your month’s salary on the coin toss without bothering to keep up with the actual in-game events. While this may not be the most fiscally responsible approach long-term, it would bring overwhelming excitement to those looking for it.

It is important to remember that prop bets come in all shapes and sizes. Online sportsbooks also tend to put their twist on props, whether that be with their odds, offerings, or, for fans of mobile betting, opportunities on select apps.

“Skilled” Prop Betting

While many players specialize in moneylines or multiple bet options, props come with huge betting opportunities.

For example, if one player has been on fire throughout the NFL playoffs, then it is safe to say that betting his over would be one of the best NFL player props for the upcoming weekend. However, it is important to remember that sportsbooks will adjust the lines accordingly, and you may need to reconsider your bet.

In order to more accurately predict player props, spend time researching their averages, recent trends, matchup history, injuries, external factors, weather, and anything that could have an impact on the line. Also, go line shopping to find out which online betting site is offering the best gig.

As is the case with any online sports betting, research is key. Once you have spent enough time analyzing a particular line, you could have the chance to win bigger than you would on standard lines, such as the moneyline or game total.

One of the most common sports prop bets in the world of soccer is which player is going to score a goal. However, because the field of options is so large, players can regularly find positive odds, usually given to underdogs, attributed to their favorite player.

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The Best Parts of Prop Betting

There are always many sports betting tips and predictions available to bettors. However, these types of websites are built around wins and losses and offer little to prop bet enthusiasts. As a result, prop betting sites have formed their own niche in the market.

Prop bets allow players to see value in aspects of sports games and events that would normally go unseen, especially in traditional betting guides. They create the opportunity to focus on exterior elements of games, breaking down the barriers of standard betting.

Betting can run dry after a while. With prop betting, the mundane can suddenly become more exciting for everyone involved. The best part of making small-stake prop bets is that even with a minuscule bet, bettors can add a new layer of excitement to their viewership, regardless of the payout!

Finally, bettors that are looking to venture into a new sports betting market can do so by joining the prop betting revolution. So, what are you waiting for?

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