Boxing is a hugely popular sport around the world, attracting fans who sit ringside waiting for that big knockout punch. However, seeing a fighter hit the mat is even better if it gives you a knockout win.

If you are interested in making money from fight night, then this guide will tell you how to bet on boxing along with all the different bet types, terms, strategies, and tips to get you started.

How to Bet on Boxing in 2022

How to Bet on Boxing

The sport of boxing isn’t complicated. It is simply a case of two men entering the squared circle and trying to knock each other out. However, there are so many different facets to what happens during the match that betting opportunities are endless. You could bet on the winner of the next WBO heavyweight title, or you could simply bet on how many rounds it will take for Tyson Fury to knock out his next WBA title contender.

Our top boxing betting sites will give you a variety of bet types on fights all over the world.

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Boxing Betting Explained: Boxing Betting Lines

The most obvious bet we think of when staking our money on a fight is who will win. However, that’s not always the best value bet – some others give punters more chances to show off their knowledge and win even more money. Here are some of the others you will see:

  • The Outright Winner
  • Go the Distance
  • Method of Victory
  • Round Betting
  • Grouped Round Betting
  • Over/Under Rounds

The Outright Winner

Before betting on boxing, it’s important to understand the two types of moneylines. The most common type is a 2-way moneyline where you bet on either fighter to win. If the fight ends in a draw, the bet is canceled, and the wager is returned. Here’s an example of a 2-way moneyline:

  • Floyd Mayweather -400
  • Manny Pacquiao +300

Mayweather is favored in the betting, meaning a $400 wager on him will yield only $100 if he wins. On the other hand, Pacquiao is considered the underdog, so a $100 bet on him would pay out $300 if he emerges victorious. If the two fighters draw, it’s called a push, and any bets placed on either fighter will be returned. However, some betting lines include odds on the draw as a possible outcome. This is known as a 3-way moneyline.

  • Mayweather -400
  • Pacquiao +300
  • Draw +1200

Betting on a 3-way moneyline pays out the same for both fighters if you win. However, if the fight ends in a draw, only wagers placed on the draw will return winnings. If Mayweather and Pacquiao fight to a draw, bets placed on either fighter to win will be lost. Betting $100 on a draw will yield $1200 in winnings.

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Outright Winner: Bout Betting

The straightforward bet in boxing is placing a wager on the bout market, also called the outright win market. A bet is placed on determining which fighter will win the fight, regardless of the victory method. The payout of a winning wager is based on the bookmaker’s moneyline at the time of the bet. Boxing has proposition-based wagers, usually about rounds, methods of victory, and whether the fight goes the distance.

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Go the Distance: Decided on Points

Going the distance means the fight lasts for the full allotted number of rounds in boxing. When this happens, the judges will determine the winner. This is an important market for betting if you believe that both fighters are evenly matched, and none have the potential to end the fight through a knockout or technical knockout.

When betting on boxing matches, one popular market is whether the fight will last the full number of scheduled rounds. An example is the Mayweather-McGregor fight, which was scheduled for 12 rounds. If the fight ended before the conclusion of the twelfth round for any reason, it would not be considered as having gone the distance.

Point Spreads: Bet on the Winning Margin

The Method of Victory: KO, TKO, Points or Disqualification?

Boxing matches have multiple potential endings. These may include knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), a unanimous decision, a split decision, a draw, or a fighter retiring from the match.

Boxing matches can have different outcomes. These can be knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), unanimous decision, split decision, draw, or a fighter retiring. Boxing fights rarely end in a draw, and the odds for that outcome are usually long. Betting on a KO/TKO or decision is more realistic and offers better odds.

To enhance your boxing betting strategies for MOV wagers, analyzing each fighter’s recent knockouts and decisions is effective. A comprehensive study of their last 5-7 matches can provide insights for a more-informed wager. For instance, Floyd Mayweather went the distance for many fights in his career, deciding to win a promising bet.

Round Betting: How Far Will It Go?

Round betting and round totals are similar, but round betting focuses on predicting the exact round a fight will end. Boxing betting sites offer various ways to present these wagers. The easiest method is selecting the fighter who will win in a particular round.

To use a more complicated method, pick a fighter and MOV in a specific round. For example, you might have to predict if the fighter will win by KO or the opponent will be disqualified.

Consider round wagers to get more strategic with your boxing bets. These bets require research into the rounds where fighters typically win. Gathering this information can take some time, but it can ultimately pay off.

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Grouped Round Betting: Hedge Your Bets

If you want a better chance of winning, try a different type of bet. Instead of only predicting that the fight will end in round 7, you could place a bet on the fight ending in rounds 7 to 9. This gives you a bit of flexibility. This type of bet usually involves four options: 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9, or 10 to 12 rounds.

Over/Under Rounds: A Fifty-Fifty Chance

Typically, total betting pertains to the total score of two teams. For instance, a basketball game might have a total score of 201.5. You can bet on whether the total score will be over or under this line. On the other hand, in boxing, total betting functions differently. It gives an over/under on the number of rounds a fight will go on.

To bet on a boxing match, you can choose the over or under for the number of rounds. Over means ten or more rounds, while under is nine or fewer rounds. Researching the fighters’ history is important for crafting a betting strategy. Focus on the average distance of their recent matches to gain insight.

Boxing Betting Glossary

These are the main betting terms you may come across when betting on boxing:

Boxing Betting Terms Definition
Beat the Count When a boxer has been knocked down but gets up before the count of ten
Brawler An aggressive boxer with an offensive style and a lack of style.
Close Range Fighting Boxers remain within close range of each other, landing quick jabs.
Decision A fight goes the distance and is decided on points awarded by the judges.
Majority Decision If two judges award the win to a fighter and the other judge scores it as a draw.
Split Decision Two judges score one fighter as the winner with the third judge awarding the win to the opponent
Unanimous Verdict All judges give the points victory to the same fighter
Knockout (KO) When the fighter knocks the opponent down and doesn’t get up in the count of ten.
Technical Knockout (TKO) Is where the fight is stopped by the referee who decides that it is unsafe for the fighter to continue
Mandatory 8 Count The referee needs to count to 8 even if the fighter gets up before.

Best Boxing Betting Tips: Boxing Betting Strategy

After deciding your preferred boxing site and bet type, you need to work out a good boxing betting strategy. Here are some top boxing betting tips to help you win.

Research a Fighter Before Betting on Them

The only way to prepare for any bet is by researching your bet first. You need to find out about the boxer you are betting on. Look at the fighter’s record, see who they have already fought and how those fights ended. Doing some basic research will increase your chances of a win.

Bet with Your Head Not Your Heart

Sometimes you simply root for a fighter to win because you like him. It may be that you are supporting the boxer from your country or your location, or you might just like what they stand for. However, never make a bet according to your personal preference or bias.

Make bets based on facts and analysis, not with your heart.

Best Boxing Betting Tips: Boxing Betting Strategy

Take into Consideration Stylistic Matchups

This is also about research – which is key. As well as looking at their record, you should also consider looking into the clash of styles of any fight you want to place a wager on. After all, the style makes the fight.

Some boxers do well against a more aggressive fighter but struggle with long-reach fighters. Each boxer will have their strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Up to Date on Training News

A boxer will spend months preparing for a big fight – and this much training can take a toll on the fighter. Read up on the fighter’s preparation and look out for any news on possible injuries. Keep an ear out for rumors as sometimes these can help you get an edge over the betting operator.

Manage Your Bankroll

This can never be overstated. Being successful at boxing betting is all about managing your bankroll efficiently. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it. Only place value bets and never chase losses. Read more about effective bankroll management here.

How to Bet on Boxing and Win

So, let’s look at how to start your boxing betting journey:

  1. Look at our different boxing betting sites and boxing apps reviews, compare the casino bonuses and choose your preferred sportsbook.
  2. Register a new betting account.
  3. Open the cashier section, click on deposit and choose your preferred banking option
  4. Claim your boxing welcome bonus.
  5. Select the fight you want to bet on, click on the bet you want to make, enter your stake and confirm.

If you’re new to betting, here’s how to sign up and start. However, some things separate the average bettor from experts. One is avoiding media noise, which can be hard for sports fans interested in boxing.

Media outlets can generate hype for boxing fights to increase ratings. To win bets, bettors should separate the media noise from relevant data. Utilizing available data can lead to successful boxing betting.

When wagering on boxing matches, doing research is crucial. Numerous websites offer useful information about fighter matchups. Boxers tend to be reliable; statistically successful fighters are often most likely to win championships.

When the public heavily bets on one fighter, it may become profitable to bet against them. This strategy is known as ‘fading.’ By placing money on the less popular fighter, bettors can take advantage of changes in the odds made by the oddsmakers to balance out the betting action.

Lowering the value of the popular choice makes it less attractive to bet on the team winning. This benefits bettors who spot these changes in the lines and bet when the maximum value is available. Following basic guidelines and thinking for yourself puts you in the best position to succeed when betting on boxing markets.

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