Boxing is a hugely popular sport around the world, attracting fans who sit ringside waiting for that big knockout punch. However, seeing a fighter hit the mat is even better if it gives you a knockout win.

If you are interested in making money from fight night, then this guide will tell you how to bet on boxing along with all the different bet types, terms, strategies and tips to get you started.

How to Bet on Boxing in 2022

How to Bet on Boxing in 2022

The sport of boxing isn’t complicated. It is simply a case of two men entering the squared circle and trying to knock each other out. However, there are so many different facets to what happens during the match that betting opportunities are endless. You could bet on the winner of the next WBO heavyweight title, or you could simply bet on how many rounds it will take for Tyson Fury to knock out his next WBA title contender.

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Boxing Betting Explained: Boxing Betting Lines

The most obvious bet we think of when staking our money on a fight is who will win. However, that’s not always the best value bet – some others give punters more chances to show off their knowledge and win even more money. Here are some of the others you will see:

  • The Outright Winner
  • Go the Distance
  • Method of Victory
  • Round Betting
  • Grouped Round Betting
  • Over/Under Rounds

Go the Distance

Go the distance is much like what it sounds like. If the fight goes the distance, the judges will decide the outcome. This is a particularly important betting market if you feel the fight is evenly matched and neither fighter has the potential to finish the other via TKO or KO.

The Outright Winner

A clear line, which would be labeled the moneyline in other major sports betting lines, offers bettors the opportunity to wager on the winner of a fight. The favorite will be highlighted using a minus symbol (-), and the underdog will be highlighted by a plus symbol (+), both of which will be followed by a number, which dictates the value of the bet.

Outright Winner: Bout Betting

This is the most basic of all the bets, you simply choose the fighter you think will win the fight. This is similar to the Moneyline bet on NFL or NBA. You can choose to bet on the underdog for a bigger return or the favorite for a smaller win.

Go the Distance: Decided on Points

This bet is pretty obvious and a yes or no bet. You are simply betting on whether the fight will last right until the final bell. This can be a pretty difficult outcome to predict unless you have researched the fighters and know a lot about the form and technique of both fighters. You need to know the defences and the strength of their knockout punch.

The Method of Victory: KO, TKO, Points or Disqualification?

This bet doesn’t require you to predict who will win – just how they will win. Will the fight be won by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or will it go down to a points decision? This can be a good bet if you are confident in your boxing knowledge.

Round Betting: How Far Will It Go?

This is a bet to consider if you are confident in how you think the fight will go. It may be that the odds for the winner are a bit short, so you decide to predict in which round you think the bout will end. If you can accurately predict this, then you should get very good odds

Grouped Round Betting: Hedge Your Bets

This is similar to the above bet type, but you give yourself a better chance of winning (obviously with lower odds). Instead of predicting that the fight will end in round 7, you could place a bet that the fight will end in rounds 7 to 9. This gives you a bit of leeway. It is usually split into 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9 or 10 to 12.

Over/Under Rounds: A Fifty-Fifty Chance

This is a way of betting on rounds and giving yourself a 50% chance of winning. The bookmaker will set a line for the number of rounds it will last (normally about 7.5). You simply predict whether the fight will last fewer rounds or last for longer.

Boxing Betting Glossary

These are the main betting terms you may come across when betting on boxing:

Boxing Betting Terms Definition
Beat the Count When a boxer has been knocked down but gets up before the count of ten
Brawler An aggressive boxer with an offensive style and a lack of style.
Close Range Fighting Boxers remain within close range of each other, landing quick jabs.
Decision A fight goes the distance and is decided on points awarded by the judges.
Majority Decision If two judges award the win to a fighter and the other judge scores it as a draw.
Split Decision Two judges score one fighter as the winner with the third judge awarding the win to the opponent
Unanimous Verdict All judges give the points victory to the same fighter
Knockout (KO) When the fighter knocks the opponent down and doesn’t get up in the count of ten.
Technical Knockout (TKO) Is where the fight is stopped by the referee who decides that it is unsafe for the fighter to continue
Mandatory 8 Count The referee needs to count to 8 even if the fighter gets up before.

Best Boxing Betting Tips: Boxing Betting Strategy

After deciding your preferred boxing site and bet type, you need to work out a good boxing betting strategy. Here are some top boxing betting tips to help you win.

Research a Fighter Before Betting on Them

The only way to prepare for any bet is by researching your bet first. You need to find out about the boxer you are betting on. Look at the fighter’s record, see who they have already fought and how those fights ended. Doing some basic research will increase your chances of a win.

Bet with Your Head Not Your Heart

Sometimes you simply root for a fighter to win because you like him. It may be that you are supporting the boxer from your country or your location, or you might just like what they stand for. However, never make a bet according to your personal preference or bias.

Make bets based on facts and analysis, not with your heart.

Best Boxing Betting Tips: Boxing Betting Strategy

Take into Consideration Stylistic Matchups

This is also about research – which is key. As well as looking at their record, you should also consider looking into the clash of styles of any fight you want to place a wager on. After all, the style makes the fight.

Some boxers do well against a more aggressive fighter but struggle with long-reach fighters. Each boxer will have their strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Up to Date on Training News

A boxer will spend months preparing for a big fight – and this much training can take a toll on the fighter. Read up on the fighter’s preparation and look out for any news on possible injuries. Keep an ear out for rumors as sometimes these can help you get an edge over the betting operator.

Manage Your Bankroll

This can never be overstated. Being successful at boxing betting is all about managing your bankroll efficiently. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it. Only place value bets and never chase losses. Read more about effective bankroll management here.

How to Bet on Boxing and Win

So, let’s look at how to start your boxing betting journey:

  1. Look at our different boxing betting site reviews, compare the casino bonuses and choose your preferred sportsbook.
  2. Register a new betting account.
  3. Open the cashier section, click on deposit and choose your preferred banking option
  4. Claim your boxing welcome bonus.
  5. Select the fight you want to bet on, click on the bet you want to make, enter your stake and confirm.