MyTopSportsbooks Matched Betting Guide

While matched betting isn’t technically gambling, it’s a prevalent betting type and attracts bettors from across the globe to try and earn some free cash! Why don’t you try your hand at matched betting after reading through our extensive guide?

Matched betting is not gambling. This is important to the state before we delve deeper into the subject. It is a betting system used by successful gamblers worldwide to profit from promotional free bets offered by bookmakers. Remember to use your free bet conversion calculator to help you get the best deal.

These promotions and incentives for new customers are commonplace on gambling websites, so it’s easy to use this as a source of income. You’ll often see them as a welcome bonus or sign-up bonus. Don’t see it as free money. It must be done correctly. Our risk-free bet strategy aims to help with that.

You’ll also find handy matched betting reviews to keep you one step ahead of the traders working at your chosen bookie. Our FAQ section provides a quick and handy step-by-step guide to getting the best from your online gambling.

Are you ready to learn how to find the best types of risk-free bets and discover the best betting sites with no-risk bets or promotions? Let’s go.

You can’t lose

The MyTopSportsbooks Matched Betting guide will take bettors through the different aspects of no-risk matched betting when playing for real money online. Like what is matched betting, and what’s the best way to use your matched betting money? In its simplest form, it’s the method of turning free bets into actual money. Bettors must cover a particular wager’s potential outcomes by placing various bets.

By gambling this way, the bet is “risk-free” or, in other words, can’t lose. That’s why they are very appealing to millions of bettors. Although this guide will lay out the foundations of matched betting, it’s always worth adopting good practices and methods of matched betting. We have you covered at every angle.

MyTopSportsbooks Matched Betting Guide

Getting to Grips with What Is Matched Betting

What is match betting? We take a closer look below. If you don’t have much experience with this gambling style, what you find below will help bring you up to speed. If you already know the ins and outs of matched betting, this will work as a handy recap and refresher course.

There will be no line shopping on no risk matched betting sites. It’s a different animal altogether from standard betting practices. This phrase has the term betting in it, which implies risk. However, it’s no risk matched betting for a good reason. You can think of it as a win-win situation.

Yes, we know online betting scammers have ruined this term over the years. Sign-up for guaranteed wins and no-lose bets. But that isn’t what we’re driving at here. This is much better and much more reliable.

Ensure a profit

Matched betting is a system in which bettors follow strict procedures to ensure they see a profit. Bettors will place more than one bet at a time, minimizing the risk and ensuring that unit losses are covered.

This type of betting ignores the result of a sporting event and focuses on the profit earned from bonuses. This may seem unclear initially, but it’s simply a case of covering yourself so you don’t lose.

Matched betting also does not require the participant to be interested in gambling or sports. Just the desire to make money. As the community of matched bettors grows, getting tips and insider tricks is easier.

Discipline is key

This leads to the common misconception that matched betting is extremely difficult to grasp, which isn’t true at all. It’s quite simple. It’s about being disciplined, following the structure, and ensuring a consistent process. If you can keep your gambling discipline, match betting will do the rest.

There is no beginner’s guide to matched betting. There are rules of the process which must be followed. While slight adjustments can be made to the methodology, the process is the same for newcomers and veterans. That’s why it’s important to adopt good habits right from the off. Don’t stray from the plan and remove your emotions or loyalties to a team or athlete from the occasion. Just now, you only need loyalty to make cash and lots of it.

Hundreds of no-risk matched betting USA sites are available to bettors. So it’s not hard to get by the tools you need to get going. There are so many US-based sportsbooks, so the promotional offerings are endless! You won’t have to look far to find the likes of risk free betting, a free bet conversion and other promos.


A basic example of how a no risk match betting strategy would work can be taken from the English Premier League. A UK soccer match involving Manchester United and Manchester City works perfectly in this instance.

You would receive a free bet which you can use to gamble on the home win. You will then cover the draw and away win to the right stakes to ensure that you come out of the game with more cash than you entered it. The result isn’t important, nor are the scorers, injuries, and minutes played. All you are waiting for is the final whistle, and you can check if you’ve made a little profit or a lot.

In many cases, the result won’t affect your back bet as you have guaranteed a profit regardless of the outcome. But it often will have a say on how big your profit is. For example, if Man Utd were to win, you’d back a $200 profit, a draw would give you $250 and a Man City victory $150. That’s how this type of betting works.

The Best No Risk Matched Betting Sites


The Best No Risk Matched Betting Sites

There are many to choose from at the top gambling sites, and it isn’t always easy to find the best one with the right payout. Each sportsbook offers different bonuses, so it’s worth seeing which ones are workable by the rules of matched betting. They may look similar to the untrained eye or even to experienced gamblers looking simply at the headline offer.

But more work is needed to get the best deal. Please read the bonus offers terms and conditions (t&cs) attached to a promotion. Ensure it’s secure, protects your privacy, is legal and works for your betting style. Things to look out for include the value of the qualifying bet needed to release the free bet offer.

The incentives offered by bookmakers are normally temporary so that a new one will be available within a short period. This means matched bettors need to keep track of offerings. Occasionally, this can be viewed as a full-time task, especially when the sports schedule, such as the NFL, is frantic. But the rewards far outweigh the efforts made by you. Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of online sports betting promotions, free bets and special offers.

Take the weight off

It’s worth shopping around the various sportsbooks and seeing which deals are available. Set a reminder to do this daily, weekly or monthly. We would advise as often as possible, especially around the big events, like FA Cup final or the Kentucky Derby. Alternatively, many dedicated matched betting sites offer a collective of data taken from all the sportsbooks to make this process even easier. These apps do the hard work for you.

At this point, we should probably let you know that bookmakers don’t like matched betting. They’re a for-profit business, and if bettors are finding ways to game the system, that is always bad for them. How long would the gambling industry last if every bet made was a winning one? A day? Two days? Maybe even a week. What came after would be the destruction.

As such, oddsmakers reserve the right to ban accounts or restrict playing time on accounts. From what we hear from the community, while this is true they can ban accounts, it’s fairly uncommon for matched bettors to receive bans. You’ll probably see this referred to as arbitrage betting or arbing, which is frowned upon by most bookies. They’ll know you’re trying to cover all possible outcomes.

We wouldn’t worry too much about that, to be honest, but it is worth keeping in mind, especially with moneyline bets. If you are consistently using the bookiespromos to empty their tills with a guaranteed profit using this betting technique, we can’t be surprised if they act to try and stop this.

How to Make Money from Matched Betting Sites

The question we’re always getting from our readers is, ‘how much can be made matched betting?” Ultimately, the answer varies from person to person. It’s down to how much work you’re willing to put in and the time you have to dedicate to the process. Of course, if you use a programme that gathers all the information, this speeds things up.

Before getting into that, it’s worth ensuring you understand how do sportsbooks make money. You’ll find a dedicated section to that elsewhere on our site. Knowing the methods and tricks the traders use to stay in profit helps you learn how to use their weapons against them.

In most cases, matched bettors use the system to supplement their main income. But this is not always the case. Many are raking in up to $3,000 per month. Matched betting – when done correctly – can provide a steady income.

Set aside your budget

You will require a betting budget or bankroll before placing your first bet, but this is needed to get the ball rolling. You won’t lose any amount of money, including your initial stakes. You will make a profit from it if you follow our advice. The more you are willing to spend following this guaranteed, no-lose system, the more cash you will make. It’s not always as simple as that, or we’d all be rich already.

Draftkings, Caesars, Fanduel, BetMGM, or Betfair – from Las Vegas to New Jersey – have a strict hold on how much you can bet. Also, the amount they can afford to lose. You may encounter a situation where you are trying to get a chunk of money on a bet, such as $10,000. The bookie will only allow you a maximum stake of $1000. Always check the maximum you can bet on a selection before confirming your budget for that gamble.

Getting value betting from your online sportsbook isn’t always easy. It takes a dedicated, consistent and smart sports bettor to make it work. Although a matched betting calculator often helps get the best of your betting service.

Time is money

Many stay-at-home parents and people with a lot of free time, like young adults and students, find the system very useful. While it won’t make these people millionaires, it certainly helps to bring money each year. When time equates to money, it’s really down to the person doing it and how much they want to make.

The whole system fundamentally works on offered promotions, which begs the question ‘what happens when the promotions run out?” Well, the promotions never run out. So many sportsbooks, incentives, reloads, and bonuses are coming out daily. Bettors are spoilt for choice! Don’t forget about the betting exchange option, either. Usually best if you want to make a lay bet, but it’s another added bonus, and you’ll find more than the odd bet offer there too.

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