NFL Football Betting Sites 2024/25

NFL Football is easily America's favorite sport to bet on. Teams only play once per week during the regular season, giving bettors plenty of time to put their sports betting strategy together for the weekend.

MLB Betting Sites 2024

Baseball is America's pastime, making it one of the biggest sports to bet on. Deepen your connection to this tradition with wagering! Don't take a blind swing. Instead check out our MLB betting tips on these pages.

NCAA Football Betting Sites 2024/25

College football has several Bowl games that attract some of the smartest sports bettors around! These cluster around December and January, but the action never stops for sports bettors.

NBA Betting Sites 2023/24

This fast-paced sport lends itself very well to sports betting. Basketball fans especially enjoy live betting. These betting strategies will help you score a slam dunk, three-pointers, and free throws!

NHL Betting Sites 2023/24

You do not have to wait until the Stanley Cup futures to bet on this ice sport! These players gear up and step onto the rink for several months of regular season play. We cover the best NHL bets year round.

College Baseball Betting Sites 2024

The NCAA College Baseball league may not have the following that the NCAAB and NCAAF have, but it's still a prominent market among bettors and baseball fans in the US. Learn about the sport and how to wager on it here!

NCAA Betting Sites 2023/24

March Madness is one of the biggest sports betting events in the entire country. You can bet on this sport during the regular season as well! College sports are especially fruitful as these are the professional stars of tomorrow!

Badminton Betting Sites 2024

Major badminton tournaments like the All England see tons of wagering action! You can bet on who'll win the men's and women's singles titles or who'll reach the podium in doubles. Don't miss out on the betting mania surrounding this racket sport.

Boxing Betting Sites 2024

Boxing has some of the biggest celebrities in sports betting. Wirth the big bouts of the more routine ones, either way, we have tips for you!

Cricket Betting Sites 2024

Cricket is a very popular sports worldwide. We cover these days-long games here with top sports betting tips!

Cycling Betting Sites 2024

Cycling is an inclusive sport with fans and riders from all over the world. This is something bookmakers recognize and offer a range of excellent odds and markets!

Entertainment Betting Sites 2024

Entertainment betting includes everything from the big awards shows to predictions for the hottest TV shows and more!

Esports Betting Sites 2024

Esports are some of the latest sports bets to hit the mainstream. Discover everything you need to know about esports betting here.

Formula 1 Betting Sites 2024

The Formula 1 dynasties are sports betting legends! Figure out if they're the best be this week here.

Golf Betting Sites 2024

Golf tournaments are some of the biggest sporting events every year. While not everyone grabs the headlines like Tiger, this sports is full of exciting talents.

Greyhound Betting Sites 2024

Greyhound Racing is a classic racing sport and one that has gained global attention, especially in the US with iconic racetracks like the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City.

Horse Racing Betting Sites 2024

Perhaps the quintessential sports bettting experience, hose racing has some classic races that go back more than a century.

MotoGP Betting Sites 2024

Start your engines! MotoGP betting is an up and coming sport to bet on.

NASCAR Betting Sites 2024

NASCAR has some true die-hard fans who make this sports one of a kind. Get insights into the upcoming races here!

Olympics Betting Sites 2024

While these events only come around every two years, it is a huge sports betting event. You can bet on countries or specific athletes. Which country will earn the most gold medals? Will the sprinters break a world record? Put your money on it here!

Politics Betting Sites 2024

Politics betting pulls on elections from all over the world. In case you did not have enough riding on the upcoming election, why not put some money on it? These pages will show you how to do so in the smartest way possible.

Rugby Betting Sites 2024

Rugby is one tough sport! Beef it up even more with some great wagering strategy. Even if you do not know a lot about the sport, you can still make some smart wagers.

Soccer World Cup Betting Sites 2026

Who will win the gold medals in the first ever winter World Cup? Find the best pre-match odds and player specials here!

Soccer Betting Sites 2023/24

Soccer is perhaps the most popular sports across the world and is a growing sport across the US. Deepen your knowledge with these betting tips. Whether it is the World Cup or the national Major League Soccer, we break down the best bets here.

Tennis Betting Sites 2024

Tennis betting is a huge event! With thw big Grand Slam tournaments snatching the headlines, you may be surprised by all the over/unders you can place year round. If you love this sport, you will love it more when you start wagering.

Volleyball Betting Sites 2024

Volleyball betting is taking off. Bump, set, and spike it with these great volleyball betting sites and tips.

UFC Betting Sites 2024

Step into the octagon with these strong competitors! Place round bets, moneylines, method of victory bets and more!

WNBA Betting Sites 2024

The WNBA is known for its killer slam dunks! Wager on these women superstars today!

WWE Betting Sites 2024

The World Wrestling Federation or WWE is entertainment at its best! And you can bet on it!