The NCAAF odds are some of the most exciting within college sports. So much so, that the volume of bets top bookmakers receives during the season is comparable to that the NFL receives. The College Football betting lines are available throughout the year and draw in the attention of a worldwide audience. We’ll explore the various NCAAF betting lines and how to make the most of the odds you’re interested in.

The 2024/25 season is upon us, with sportsbooks NCAAF betting lines really heating up. The Georgia Bulldogs are the team to beat, having won the title last year. Having said that, the college football betting lines are extremely popular, notably the futures markets.

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NCAAF Betting Markets

The college football betting lines are some of the most entertaining, as there is a broad range of markets available. We always look at Vegas odds for college football as that’s where the buck stops when it comes to betting on sports. We’d advise any bettors to shop around and find the best NCAA betting line for football to suit your betting desires, don’t just stick with the same sportsbook you always have because you like it. Find the best odds. The NCAAF odds were last updated on June 10, 2024:


NCAAF National Championship Odds:

2024/2025 NCAAF Winners OddsBetOnline ReviewBovadaMyBookie Review
Ohio State+480+480+500
Ole Miss+1500+1500+1500
Florida State+2000+2000+2000
Penn State+2600+2600+2600
Notre Dame+2800+2800+2800


Heisman Trophy Odds:

Carson Beck+800
Quinn Ewers+800
Dillon Gabriel+1000
Jalen Milroe+1400
Will Howard+1400
Jackson Arnold+2000
Jaxson Dart+2000
Garrett Nussmeier+2200
Cam Ward+2200
Noah Fifita+2500
Riley Leonard+2500
Will Rogers+3000
Cam Rising+3500


NCAAF Bowls Betting Odds:

Rose Bowl OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Michigan Wolverines-115-120-120
Alabama Crimson Tide+106+106+100
Sugar Bowl OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Michigan Wolverines-115-120-120
Alabama Crimson Tide+100+100+105
Peach Bowl OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Penn State Nittany Lions-180-170-170
Ole Miss Rebels+140+145+140
Orange Bowl OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Florida State Seminoles+450+470+455
Georgia Bulldogs-605-600-610
Cotton Bowl Clasic OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Ohio State Buckeyes+120+120+110
Missouri Tigers-140-145-150
Fiesta Bowl OddsBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetNow Review
Liberty Flames+560+580+575
Oregon Ducks-920-900-900

How to Read NCAAF Odds

We’re going to explore the various markets and leave you with all the NCAAF betting lines explained, so you can begin your betting journey with all the tools you need. Betting lines for college football are much the same as what you’ll see in the NFL Playoffs, with the NCAA football finals betting lines mimicking those of the Super Bowl. Now that you have seen the latest NCAAF Vegas odds, you can check out the different bet types.

NCAAF Moneyline

The moneyline is one of the most common NCAA betting lines in football betting, as moneylines dominated the most basic form of betting the win/loss. In recent years, we’ve seen handicappers and picks sites gain a better understanding of the field of teams and are able to pick upsets against the bookmakers’ odds. For those that don’t know how to read the moneyline, we’ll break it down briefly. Take for example, Alabama to play Ohio State. Alabama at favorites of -190 and Ohio the dogs at +225. With the moneyline it’s easy to tell which team is the favorite (+) and underdog (-) by the symbols that proceed the number.

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NCAAF Point Spread

The NCAAF point spread is a favorite among serious bettors. If a football fan believes Clemson is two touchdowns better than Ohio State, they may bet on the Tigers as 14-point favorites. For the point spread, the negative value (-14) highlights the favorite and the positive value (+14) indicates the underdog. In this scenario, the favorite will need to win by 15 points or more to cover the spread, while the underdog team can lose by up to 13 points and cover the spread. All point spreads are given a moneyline value, which looks like the moneyline (-130,+140, etc..) to indicate the money you can win.



How to Bet on College Football Bowls

NCAAF Futures

These kinds of betting markets are really interesting and centre around the outright winners of the season, for the most part. However, three are always many other interesting betting lines. The NCAA betting lines for football are excellent and include the same kinds of things we see in the NFL, like the Rookie of the Year and MVP. The most interesting thing about the NCAAF futures is the fact that you can wager on your favorite team, which, unlike other major leagues, always has a chance of winning.

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NCAAF Over/under

The NCAAF over/under is excellent and quite similar to the over/under in any other market. Bettors will wager on the total points scored by both teams combined, or on an individual team. Take for example, if the total is 60.5, then you’ll need 60 points or less if you wager on the under. On the other hand, if you wager the over, you will need the total to be 61 points or more. Depending on the sportsbook you’re wagering with, the NCAAF doesn’t always have the over/under for every game. Keep an eye out for various sportsbooks to ensure you keep up to speed with top-tier bookmakers offering the odds.

Line Shopping

One thing we always say to bettors is to ensure they’re not getting tied down with one sportsbook. NCAAF Vegas bettting odds means going line shopping and therefore taking a look around more than one top sportsbook provider and finding the optimal college football betting odds available. Rather than sticking with one sportsbook and just accepting the odds on the market, you’re interested in regardless. This is integral to find value in the market.

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