Top Sportsbooks To Bet On MLB

If there’s one sport to master when betting on sports, then MLB should be it. With its 162-game, regular-season schedule, few sports offer the sheer amount of betting opportunities that MLB does. Of course, none of that is worth a salt if you don’t have a reliable sportsbook to handle these bets all season long.


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That’s why we’ve hand-picked the very best sportsbooks for MLB betting and are giving them to you below. Check out our list of the best baseball betting sites:

Best Overall Sportsbook For MLB Betting Is BetOnline

Alright, this decision wasn’t exactly easy, but once we carefully weighed everything, it’s clear that BetOnline is THE all-in betting site tailor-made for MLB betting. It checks every single box one we look for in online betting sites. Huge betting menu? Yep. Bonuses? Of course. Great user experience? Without question.

betonline mlb betting

Let’s begin with the actual bets themselves. BetOnline is a “double whammy” in that it offers a massive betting menu for MLB and it does so at great prices. Any bettor that uses BetOnline during the MLB season will have little reason to bet elsewhere. Sure, you can “shop lines”, but BetOnline will be the standard — if not, darn real close to it. Furthermore, the site offers each MLB bet you can possibly ever need, including spreads, props, specials, futures, etc.

New bettors can get a head start on betting MLB with BetOnline’s welcome bonus. As it stands, new players can earn a dollar-for-dollar match on their first deposit — up to a whopping $1000 in free play. Now imagine, how many different MLB bets could you make with a cool grand? A lot, trust us!

Last but not least, BetOnline is one of the most trustworthy names in the entire online betting industry, and that’s been the case for a multitude of years. If you’re going to be betting on MLB and cashing in and out regularly, then you want to know your money is in safe hands. At BetOnline, that’s certainly the case!

Why MyTopSportsbooks loves BetOnline:

  • Reliable and trustwothy sportsbook
  • Large sign-up bonuses
  • Massive betting menu
50% up to $1,000
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Bovada Is Best Bookie For MLB Betting Lines

Bovada was deadly close to being our best overall bookmaker for MLB. It was edged out because its bonuses aren’t much to write home about (a measly max of $250 for new players). Regardless, of all the sports betting sites, Bovada is still the number-one sportsbook when it comes to getting MLB lines period.

bovada mlb betting

We can’t say enough good things about the betting menu quality at Bovada. That applies to all sports, but especially MLB. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an MLB line that’s NOT available for gambling on Bovada — and that especially goes for live betting. While many sportsbooks are good about presenting a large amount of pregame bets (e.g. spreads, over/unders, props), Bovada also offers just about MLB game for in-play too. So between both options, it’s practically an all you-can-eat buffet at Bovada when it comes to betting on MLB.

Why MyTopSportsbooks loves Bovada:

  • High-quality betting lines and player props
  • A variety of payment methods
  • Easy to use website
50% up to $250
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MLB Bonuses Can’t Be Beat At MyBookie

As we’ve said, MLB bets are plenty and often during the season. For some, that might be an overload for the betting bankroll they manage. If you fall into this group, then there’s a quick solution — cash in a massive bonus for free play. For doing just that, few online sportsbooks outdo MyBookie.

mybookie mlb betting

At the moment, new players at MyBookie can earn as much as $1000 in free play. Initial deposits from first-time players are matched at 100 percent, so you’re not leaving value on the table. Not only is that sum of money great to jumpstart your MLB betting, but it’s also a solid “trial run” for MyBookie itself. You could spend that money while you test out the site and see if it’s for you or not.

Why MyTopSportsbooks loves MyBookie:

  • Big-money bonuses for players of all kinds
  • A betting menu that covers it all
  • Big casino and poker room to complement sportsbooks
50% up to $1,000
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MLB In-Play Is Best Experience At XBet

In-play betting is especially conducive to MLB. That’s because with daily games, sometimes players and/or entire teams can come out “flat.” If you notice this, you can quickly jump into a live bet and capitalize on what you’re seeing. XBet will be the perfect sportsbook to do just that. Why? Because its live betting experience is an industry leader.

xbet mlb betting odds

Lag — even for a few seconds — is enough to derail an in-play betting experience. Baseball might be “slower” than basketball or football, but still, a single pitch can change the entire complexion of a game. Well, at Xbet, you rarely ever have to worry about delays when betting live. That goes for the odds, which change as the game ebbs and flows, and your bets too. So when you click bet, the wager goes through at the suggested line with almost 100-percent accuracy.

Why MyTopSportsbooks loves XBet:

  • Top-notch live betting experience
  • One of the best MLB mobile apps
  • Fast-rising sportsbook gaining popularity online
50% up to $500
Bet now

Are you looking for sportsbooks like BetMGM, FanDuel or DraftKings? Or maybe you are looking for Caesars Sportsbook, PointsBet or Fox Bet? That would be totally understandable given the sheer volume of advertising on TV. But, and yes, there is a but: those brands are not available in the biggest US states like Texas, California and Florida. What to do? Don’t panic. The list of brands above includes brands that are available in all big US states. We have tested them all and have accounts with them. Read reviews and find your new favorite sportsbook today!

How to Bet on MLB Baseball

Learning how to bet on baseball is not as complicated as you might think. This guide will have you prepared and ready to hit the ground running. Once you have baseball odds explained, see the various types of bets, and get started on an overall baseball betting strategy, you are ready to go. Betting on baseball is easy once you have the know-how, so let us guide you to the best bets in baseball today.

Well, that is ideal. You do not need to know all that in order to know how to bet on baseball. You can take a more lighthearted approach as well. Being prepared is always a good idea, but so is relaxing and just diving in, with caution. Either way, we wanted to provide you with all the resources, including baseball betting tips, you need to bet on baseball whenever you feel ready to do so.

Types of Major League Baseball Bets

These are the most common MLB betting types:

The Importance of Pitchers in MLB Baseball Betting

In fact, starting pitching is such a big part of handicapping baseball that sportsbooks offer a betting option called “listed pitcher.” Selecting a listed pitcher bet means that, if one of the projected starters for that day doesn’t throw the first pitch of the ballgame, then the bet is deemed no action and the wager is returned in full. They also have “one pitcher” options, where bettors select just one pitcher that has to start to have action.

It’s a useful protection to have; betting the Dodgers at -220 with Kershaw on the mound is often a sound decision, despite the short odds. Betting the Dodgers at -220 with a reliever making a spot start is tantamount to a charity donation.

In this age of instant information, “listed pitcher” is only protection against sickness or a freak accident in warmups. This is because if there are any injury concerns around a pitcher, you’d hear about it long before. However, if you love the Dodgers to win, and you don’t care if Kershaw is throwing, you can select “action” on a moneyline bet, and no matter who steps to the mound to start the game, your wager will count.


Betting on MLB

MLB  Series Betting

As you likely know, the baseball schedule is broken up into series, which see the same teams play each other for two, three, or four straight days. The vast majority of series are three-game sets, and many sportsbooks will post lines for those series, as a whole, allowing you to wager on which team will win (at least) two of the three games. Think of it as a moneyline bet for a weekend. Just bet on a team, and if they take at least two of three games in a series, you’ll win. However, series bets come with a few stipulations. For example, games can be ruled no action if a game is postponed or suspended. You also can’t bet two-game series.

Baseball Betting Strategies

If you want to be successful in the long-term then you to implement a defined baseball betting strategy and stick with it. It takes discipline to stick with a strategy when you are having a bad run, but just remember there is a reason you developed this strategy in the first place. Long-term success is always the goal with any betting strategy.

Here are three points that you should consider adding as part of your MLB betting strategy.

1. Betting on Underdogs

Betting on underdogs in MLB obviously means a potentially greater payout, but with improved odds comes greater risk of losing each bet. When is a good time to take advantage and why is betting the underdog so appealing?

  1. Why?  You can win less often yet still profit more. If, on average, your underdog line was +130, which isn’t a big underdog, you would have to only win 44% of your bets to be profitable. Betting at standard -110 odds (like most NFL point spreads) requires a 52.5% win rate to stay in the black.
  2. Early-Season Games – At the beginning of each season, a lot of experts will have predictions on how the year will play out and sportsbooks listen to the ones they respect while setting odds. If you can find a couple of supposedly weak teams playing well early on, you can take advantage of them before the markets adjust. Since early lines are based on preseason predictions, those teams will remain underdogs despite playing quality baseball as the public continues to bet the presumed favorites.

2. Betting With or Against The Public

“Betting with the public” means taking the favorite. Whereas going “against the public”, means taking the underdog. Betting with the public will have less of a return on investment so you’ll need to get more of those correct to be successful long-term.

Additionally, depending which side you are betting will determine how soon (or how late) you should place your bet. Remember, public teams (like the Yankees and Dodgers) tend to become bigger favorites and while many small-market teams and/or weak team (we won’t name names) tend to become bigger underdogs. That being the case, betting early when you’re wagering on the favorite and delaying when you’re betting on the underdog is great bankroll management.

Every dollar saved or earned goes a long way towards maintaining your survival.

3. MLB Reverse Line Movement

Have you ever monitored a line and seen a favorite go from -200 to -230 then down to -160? The usual cause for this not uncommon occurrence is that the public backs the favorite early one, but then a “sharp” bettor (one who bets for a living) places a large bet on the underdog. Sportsbooks then respond by making the favorite more appealing to the public to attract bets on that side.

Sportsbooks are hoping this will balance out the money on each side. This should be alarming to you as a bettor and make you question what the “sharps” know. Betting against the sharps in this scenario consistently is not a good strategy. Sharps do this for a living and are successful; going against them a lot could send you out of the game.

4. Influences on MLB Betting

Baseball has a wide range of influences on each and every game. Knowing what they are and how to take advantage of them are key. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors that can be used as part of your betting strategy.

5. Try An MLB Parlay

Sports bettors tend to stick the straight up moneylines. However, online sports betting offers many more opportunities to take the best odds and make them ever better. Online MLB bettors can also make parlay bets. Whether in the playoffs or during the regular season, this is a great way to multiply your risk and reward and start to earn some real money.

MLB Live Betting

MLB live betting is a truly great combination. Baseball is a particularly great sport for live betting due to its pace. You can really see the odds change with every pitch, swing, and run. There are plenty of breaks for the odds to update, where you have some time to consider placing a wager given the new reality.

Betting live is a great way to place bets on MLB tonight. You can sign up right at the moment and get started in some exciting action. In fact, live betting is one of the biggest baseball betting trends.

There are several great in-game baseball wagering options. Each with its own slightly different baseball betting system. Here are the big ones

  • The first team to a certain number of runs
  • The outcome of the next at-bat
  • Strikeouts in next half inning
  • Total hits
  • Moneyline, or the final outcome of the game

Focus on a couple of MLB Bets

Betting live on the MLB is a great way to make some extra bucks and get even more excitement out of your entertainment budget. Because there are so many options, and your time is limited, I would recommend implementing time-saving strategies. This will help you make the best decisions in the heat of the moment.

A big one is to just focus on one or two potential bets. For example, keeping an eye on one team’s bullpen is much more feasible than keeping an eye on both teams’ bullpens, where the runners are, which batters are up, and how the fielders are performing. Always look for value. Find the MLB best bets today to ensure you’re in with a chance of achieving profit in MLB betting.

mlb betting strategy

Best MLB Betting, June 2024

  • Atlanta Braves are favored to win the 2024 World Series at +490 odds at BetOnline.
  • Houston Astros have +1500 odds to win the championship at Bovada.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers are top contenders at +300 odds to clinch the title at XBet.
  • Philadelphia Phillies have +1200 odds to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy at BetUS.
  • Texas Rangers are sleepers with +1500 odds to win it all at BetOnline.
  • Baltimore Orioles have +1100 odds to be crowned champions at Bovada.
  • Tampa Bay Rays are longshots with +4500 odds at XBet.
  • Minnesota Twins have +2000 odds to win the World Series at BetUS.
  • New York Yankees are +6500 to win it all at BetOnline.
  • San Diego Padres have +5500 odds to be champions at Bovada.

Betting on MLB Baseball Games FAQ

Everything you need to know to choose the best MLB betting site and to make good MLB bets

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