Legal Sports Betting in Texas

Are you looking for sportsbooks like BetMGM, FanDuel or DraftKings? Or maybe you are looking for Caesars Sportsbook, PointsBet or Fox Bet? That would be totally understandable given the sheer volume of advertising on TV. But, and yes, there is a but: those brands are not available in the biggest US states like Texas, California and Florida. What to do? Don’t panic. The list of brands above includes brands that are available in all big US states. We have tested them all and have accounts with them. Read reviews and find your new favorite sportsbook today!

Gambling in Texas is prohibited, meaning it is illegal for bettors to partake in online gambling in the state of Texas. While this is the case for Texas gambling laws, those that reside in the state can wager on sports betting via offshore sportsbook providers. There are many in the state that are pushing for the legalization of sports wagering in Texas casinos, but recent events have proven it’s unlikely to progress in the near future.

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As it stands, there is no sign of the law changing regarding Texas sports betting. However, there are changes taking place across the USA and with top NBA and NFL teams residing in the state of Texas, the public is increasingly demanding access to sports betting markets via mobile betting apps in Texas.

State Texas
Sports Betting Law Passed No ❌
Launch date N/A
Minimum Gambling Age 18
Online Sports Betting Yes ✔️
Retail Sports Betting No ❌
Retail Casinos No ❌

There are an array of great offshore sportsbook providers available to Texans, but the state misses out on a lot of money every year by allowing millions of dollars to go to offshore bookmakers. This is partly why we are seeing many states across the country pushing to change their respective gambling laws.


Top 5 Texas Online Sportsbooks

When coming up with this list of the top 5 sportsbooks in Texas, we look at many different features. The starting point is that it is legally available to bet on in Texas and is a secure site with a trusted reputation.

From there, we also ensure they have competitive Texas sports odds and great welcome bonuses. Plus, what’s a Texas sportsbook without markets for our favorite teams? The Houston Astros (MLB) and the Dallas Cowboys (NFL0 will have their rightful spot here with these sportsbooks.

Every Texas sports bettor needs a great place to place their wagers. Success becomes very difficult without a high-quality sportsbook also legally available in Texas.

That is why signing up at the right one is a key part of any winning strategy. However, each offers something different. So check out the list below and decide which will one will be best for you!


Bovada Sportsbetting

If you know anything about sports betting, you have probably at least heard of the name Bovada. It has the highest brand recognition in the Texas sports betting scene. No one doubts its position as a renowned sportsbook.

They have 30,000 daily sports betting markets, many of which are for Texan teams. But of course, Texan bettors are not only interested in betting on Texan teams. Bovada will have odds from around the world to satisfy all types of bettors.

Bovada offers the broadest range of betting markets in Texas

For those living in Texas who enjoy sports betting, Bovada may be the perfect platform for you. This online sportsbook boasts an extensive list of betting markets, giving users ample options to wager on their favorite sports and leagues. Whether your passion is football, basketball, baseball, or something else entirely, Bovada has you covered. With the ability to bet on everything from individual games to entire seasons, Bovada is a great option for Texans looking to dip their toe into the world of online sports betting.

Bovada is one of the most reliable bookmakers in Texas

Bovada is a well-known and reputable bookmaker in Texas, providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for sports betting enthusiasts. Its unparalleled customer service and vast range of betting options have contributed to its popularity amongst Texans. The bookmaker ensures that its customers have access to top-notch security measures and maintains a fair and transparent betting platform. By offering convenient payment methods and attractive bonuses, Bovada has established itself as a top choice for sports betting aficionados in Texas.

Take a look at our Bovada review to learn more.
Why MyTopSportsbooks Loves Bovada:

  • Full-service one-wallet wagering
  • First-rate customer service team
  • Excellent first-deposit bonus
50% up to $250
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BetOnline Sportsbetting

BetOnline is a well-rounded sportsbook that is easily available throughout the state of Texas. While they are great across the board, they stand out for the high quality of their bonuses and promotions.

Their welcome bonus will give you a 50% match on your initial deposit. That means for every dollar you make in a qualifying deposit, they will give you 50 cents, too. This bonus is worth up to a grand. That is a great way to get started.

BetOnline is crypto-focused for players in Texas

BetOnline is now catering specifically to players in Texas who prefer to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The platform provides a range of options, such as poker, sports betting, and casino games, that can be accessed using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. BetOnline’s focus on crypto payments is expected to provide users with quicker transactions, better security, and anonymity. Additionally, the platform’s crypto-focused approach aims to attract users looking for a more secure and private online gambling experience. Overall, BetOnline’s shift towards crypto payments is a response to growing consumer demand for blockchain-based payment options.

BetOnline has invested a lot in its mobile betting site for players in Texas

BetOnline has recognized the importance of mobile technology in the world of sports betting. As such, they have invested a significant amount of time and resources into developing a mobile betting site tailored specifically to Texas players. This mobile-optimized site allows users to place bets from anywhere, anytime, making it easier to stay up-to-date with live odds and scores. The site is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience for users, making it an excellent tool for those looking to get the most out of their betting experience. With such a strong commitment to mobile technology, BetOnline is well-positioned to be the go-to destination for Texans looking for a top-notch sports betting experience.

Get the full story with our BetOnline review.

Why MyTopSportsbooks Loves BetOnline:

  • Highly reputable North American sportsbook
  • First industry morning lines
  • Broad range of crypto deposit methods
50% up to $1,000
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BetUS Sportsbetting

BetUS has served the Texas sports betting market for over twenty years. Seeing how they have grown while maintaining the same freshness they have always had is incredible. Their welcome bonus is worth 125% and up to $3,125. Though, it should be noted, this bonus is split between the sportsbook (with a 10x rollover at 100% of your deposit) and their casino (25% of your initial deposit with a 30x rollover).

That is truly gigantic! And they do not stop there! Their reload bonuses are also quite hefty and will keep you betting and having fun for a long time. Texas gambling markets are particularly exciting, in part due to the success of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros in recent years.

BetUS provides a great variety of payment methods in Texas

BetUS offers a wide range of payment options for customers in Texas. Gone are the days when players had to worry about the inconvenience of depositing and withdrawing their money. BetUS offers several payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, wire transfer, and more. With the options available, customers can choose which one is suitable for their preferences and needs. Plus, BetUS ensures that all transactions are secure and protected, making it a trusted and reliable platform for online betting and gaming.

BetUS offers one of the very best mobile betting options in Texas

BetUS has become one of the most popular and reliable online sports betting providers in Texas. With its mobile betting options, it is now easier than ever to place your bets on your favorite sports and teams. The mobile site is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a lot of features such as live betting, in-play betting, and more. With BetUS, you can place your bets on the go from anywhere in Texas and enjoy a seamless online sports betting experience. Whether you are into football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, BetUS has got you covered with its top-notch mobile betting options.

Learn more with our comprehensive BetUS review.

Why MyTopSportsbooks Loves BetUS:

  • Competitive sports betting lines
  • Top-tier mobile betting site
  • Range of bonuses and promotions
125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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Bet Now Sportsbetting


BetNow is another great Texas sportsbook. We know Texans are some of the most die-hard sports fans out there, and this is one of the reasons BetNow is such a good choice. Their Reduced Juice program allows hardcore sports fans to register their favorite football and basketball teams with the sports betting account.

Texas sports betting markets are broad-reaching, given that the state boasts major sports teams in all the top US sports leagues. BetNow will give you improved odds on those games whenever you bet on your favorite team. So, if you love the Longhorns, you are in luck here!

BetNow offers some excellent betting promotions in Texas

BetNow is a popular online betting platform that offers an extensive range of betting opportunities, including sports betting and casino games. If you’re located in Texas and looking for some exciting betting promotions, BetNow might be the perfect platform for you. With various bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and referral bonuses, BetNow provides plenty of incentives to enhance your betting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, BetNow offers a user-friendly interface and reliable customer support, ensuring that you can enjoy your betting experience with confidence. So, if you’re looking for some excellent betting promotions in Texas, BetNow might be just what you need.

BetNow offers dedicated horse racing book in Texas

BetNow has recently launched a dedicated horse racing book in Texas. This move has been made in response to the growing popularity of horse racing betting across the state. With the newly launched book, horse racing enthusiasts in Texas can now place bets on a variety of racing events and betting options, including win, place, show, and exotic bets. BetNow offers a user-friendly platform with competitive odds and a wide range of horse racing events from all around the world. The dedicated horse racing book not only offers an exciting betting experience but also allows users to access important information and statistics about the horses and jockeys to make informed betting decisions.

Get the full story on our BetNow review page.

Why MyTopSportsbooks Loves BetNow:

  • Industry-leading welcome bonus
  • Straightforward sign-up process
  • Excellent weekly horse-racing rebate
100% up to $1,000 in free bets
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Sports Betting in Texas

Rounding out our list of the top 5 sportsbooks available in Texas is XBet. This sportsbook stands out for its wide range of payment options and unique betting markets. XBet is a great place to make deposits with Bitcoin.

They accept deposits and payouts with cryptocurrency, which tend to be processed at lightning speed. The minimum Bitcoin deposit here is $25. But online gambling in Texas is about much more than digital currency. With an array of successful sports teams in the state, check out the full range of sports betting lines available in Texas today!

XBet is famed for it’s bonuses in Texas

XBet is a renowned betting platform that offers countless opportunities to its users to win big. It has become particularly famous in the state of Texas because of the attractive bonuses it provides to its clients. The platform offers some of the most lucrative bonuses in the industry, which entices users to keep coming back for more. The easy-to-navigate website, combined with the simple registration process, has made it a go-to option for sports betting enthusiasts in Texas. If you are looking for a reliable betting platform that offers exciting bonuses, XBet is definitely worth considering.

XBet ensures its site is up to date for players in Texas

XBet recognizes the importance of ensuring that its site is always up to date for players in Texas. With constantly evolving laws and regulations in the state, it is vital to stay ahead of the game and make any necessary changes or adjustments. By doing so, players in Texas can have a seamless and enjoyable betting experience without any unexpected surprises or issues. XBet’s commitment to keeping its site up to date shows its dedication to providing the best possible service to its users.

Read our XBet review to learn more about this unique provider.

Why MyTopSportsbooks Loves XBet:

  • Most sports betting lines in the US
  • Live casino wagering
  • Excellent rewards program
50% up to $500
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*Wait, the list doesn’t include DraftKings, FanDuel or BetMGM? Or BetRivers, PointsBet or Fox Bet? What’s up? It’s simple: Those sportsbooks are not yet available in all 50 states. Our top five Sportsbooks are available in more states, and because they don’t spend money on lobbying or TV commercials, they can offer higher odds and better bonuses. If the situation changes and those sports betting sites become available in Texas, we will review them ASAP.

Texas Sports Betting – Recent Updates

  • June 5, 2024 – Bettors are heavily favoring the Dallas Mavericks over the favored Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, with 81% of bets placed on the Mavericks to win game one.
  • April 30, 2024 – PlayTexas reports that the Texas Sands PAC, spearheaded by Miriam Adelson, part owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has contributed $1.9 million to Texas House candidates. This initiative aims to advocate for the legalization of casinos within the state.
  • April 3, 2024 – The Las Vegas Sands corporation, which recently purchased a controlling stake in the Dallas Mavericks, has started a petition in an attempt to legalize casinos in Texas. If successful, many believe this would be a natural first step toward the legalization of Texas sports betting, as well.
  • March 6, 2024 – Tillman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets, expressed his desire to introduce expansive destination casinos and potentially bring an NHL team to Houston.
  • January 19, 2024 – Hard Rock announced intentions to construct a casino near the Oklahoma-Texas border, with the projected opening scheduled for mid-2026.


Is Sports Betting Legal in Texas?

Sports betting is not legal in Texas, though there have been big pushes from lobbyists and domestic betting associations to amend the law in recent years. We may see changes next year, but bettors must turn to offshore bookmakers to place sports wagers online.

Latest Poll Shows More Support for Texas Sports Betting

A recent poll conducted by the University of Houston found that a majority of Texans support some form of legalized gambling expansion—sports betting included.

Of particular note: Most of the Born-Again Christians surveyed were okay with the legalization of casinos and sports betting. This is a big deal. Born-Again Christians are among the most conservative religious denominations in the world. For so long, it was assumed they would oppose Texas sports betting outright because they considered it morally ambiguous, if not repugnant.

As it turns out, though, this may not be the case. The bigger (biggest?) roadblock to legal Texas sports betting instead seems to be Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who continues to prevent the issue from being heard on the Senate floor—despite overwhelming support from members in the House of Representatives.

Whether any of this changes will be a matter of course. Because the Texas legislature only meets once every two years, we have until 2025 for a final public opinion to be reached. In the meantime, Texas continues to lose millions in potential sports betting tax revenue.


Texas Man Bets $5 Million on Super Bowl

While there are still no official sportsbooks licensed in Texas, one Texas businessman bet $5 million on the 2022 Super Bowl. This businessman, Mattress Mack, is the owner of Galaxy Furniture.

Mack also revealed that much of this money went towards the underdogs, as he is betted on the Cincinnati Bengals to come out on top. In order to make this bet, he traveled across state lines in order to use a state-based sportsbook elsewhere.

Of course, people in Texas can access offshore sportsbooks without a problem.


Louisiana Attracts Texas Bettors

In February of 2022, this neighbor of Texas opened up sports betting to its residents. Many bettors in Texas are looking to cross state lines to take advantage of this change in the law. The state could see unknown amounts of money leaving Texas’ state coffers and going directly into those of Louisiana.

This will naturally expose many Texans to sportsbooks that are based in the US. While people in these states can already access offshore sportsbooks, this could be a game-changer for the legalization of sports betting in Texas.

The Texas legislature will likely be watching how much money comes into neighbor’s taxes.


Marc Cuban Joins in Supporting Texas Sport Betting Legalization

In October 2021, Marc Cuban expressed his support for the legalization of sports betting. This owner of the Mavericks means business as he throws his weight behind legalization. His support has persisted in the years since—including in 2024.

The Texas legislature only meets once every two years, so we will have to wait to see if this big voice will have an effect on public opinion and ultimately on state lawmakers.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Available in Texas?

Yes, DFS betting is available in the Lone Star State. This comes after years of campaigning on its benefits. This mainly revolved around the debate of whether daily fantasy sports betting would be considered a game of chance or a game of skill.  Games of skill are more easily legalized in the state, making this a question of utmost concern. At the end of the day, they found that it was a game of skill, so Texans can now enjoy DFS betting.

However, states across the USA have recently started cracking down on DFS sites. Lawmakers have come to believe the Pick ‘Em competitions offered too closely mirror actual sports betting. Given Texas’ historically rigid view on sports gambling, there’s a chance DFS sites come under scrutiny once the state legislature reconvenes in 2025.


Five Things to Look for at Sportsbooks When Gambling in Texas

Casinos in Texas don’t allow sports betting. (Also: Casinos in Texas aren’t really casinos. They’re more like bingo halls or electronic gaming rooms.) But with Texas gambling law potentially changing in the future, it’s worth checking back with this page for the latest news. With teams like the Houston Texans and the Dallas Mavericks showing their worth in their respective leagues, there has never been a better time to get involved in Texas sports gambling.

For those bettors looking to partake in online sports betting through top-tier betting sites, they can do this by browsing through the various offshore bookmakers available in the US. But what aspects of sportsbooks should bettors be looking out for?

Our sports betting experts came together to make a list of the top five most important qualities to look for in trustworthy online sports betting sites.

BetNow is a great example of a sportsbook full of bonuses. Their welcome bonus is 100%.

Availability in Texas

This may seem obvious as a prerequisite for any bettor in the state. However, it is often overlooked and is something that we must highlight for new players. Texas has strict sports betting regulations, and they may have systems in place to block any access to offshore bookmakers. Make sure of this before deciding which sportsbooks to work with.

Competitive Odds

While almost all sportsbooks offer betting odds on major markets, the question should be whether the oddsmakers are providing customers with the best odds around. Many bookmakers are able to cover the bases when it comes to betting options, but it would be frustrating to wager on a particular event only to find you could have gotten better odds elsewhere. Stick with the major players and get the best odds for your favorite markets.

As an example, Bovada has been around for a long time and is a well-known and beloved sportsbook. So, they should rank among your best potential options.

Promotions and Bonuses

Anyone who is new to the sports betting scene may be unaware that online bookmakers are constantly in competition to try and draw in the most amount of bettors possible. In equal measures, it’s about retaining customers as well as attracting new ones. As such, sportsbooks provide regular bonuses and promotions for markets, as well as offering a huge initial incentive, or “Welcome Bonus”, which sets new players up with additional funds.

texas cowboys sports stadium

Quality Customer Support

Nearly all of the points we make in this post are related to the quality of the sportsbooks and odds themselves, as opposed to the service alongside them. We must emphasize the importance of quality customer service. When your money is at stake, it’s important that you have a trustworthy and reliable oddsmaker to help you if anything were to go wrong. Look out for various customer service options such as email/phone contact, live chat, community forums, and FAQs.

WagerWeb is a great example of this. They are always among the first to update their odds and really set the industry’s tone.

Unmatched Reputation

This is another non-sportsbook-related quality. Think about the bigger picture. Not only do you want quality service in the classic sense, but you want to ensure that there have been no issues with this company. And if there have been, you want to know that they’ve been rectified. Check around online, do your research, and find out what kind of reputation the sportsbook in question has. This will help you to make a fair assessment of the quality of the service and overall betting experience.  

Intertops, as an example, has great customer service—especially their live chat, which is available 24/7.

Potential Legal Sports Betting Sites in Texas

Since Texas gambling laws don’t allow for legal online sports wagering, offshore bookies reign supreme in the state. However, with sweeping changes across the country, Texas sports gambling may become legal in the not-so-distant future, giving way to a range of legal sportsbooks registered in the United States offering their services inside the Lone Star State.

It’s difficult to accurately say how many betting licenses will be offered. But with a whole host of bookmakers hoping to win a license, we will see Texas sports gambling flourish if and when the law is amended.

Tribal Casinos in Texas

Texas is home to 21 Tribal casinos. There are no online sportsbooks based in Texas, just offshore sportsbooks that residents in Texas can use. One of the best Texas casinos is the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle. It is known as the best poker room in all of Texas and also has a great hotel, so you can spend a few days enjoying the resort. This southern Texas resort has a nightclub, slots, and big celebrations during important holidays.

  • Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino
  • Naskila Entertainment
  • Carnival Breeze Casino
  • Carnival Valor Casino
  • Carnival Freedom Casino
  • Jacks or Better Casino
  • Lone Star Park
  • Valley Race Park
  • Sam Houston Race Park
  • Retama Park
  • Gulf Coast Race Track Bet by the Bay
  • Gillespie County Fairgrounds
  • The Race Barn
  • Crowley Road Bingo Plex
  • Triple Crown Bingo
  • Ingram Park Bingo
  • Royal Caribbean International-Liberty of the Seas
  • River City Card Room
  • Freerolls Poker Club
  • Post Oak Poker Club
  • Kojack’s Poker Club

Texas Sports Betting Timeline

Here is a history of betting news out of Texas. The state moves slowly in its effort to legalize sports betting, partially because the legislature only meets every other year.


Dallas Mavericks Majority Owner Pushes for Legalization of Texas Casinos—and Maybe Sports Betting, Too

The Las Vegas Sands corporation, which recently purchased a controlling stake in the Dallas Mavericks, has started a petition in an attempt to legalize casinos in Texas. If successful, many believe this would be a natural first step toward the legalization of Texas sports betting, as well.


Police raids on suspected gambling sites

Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Clifton police conduct raids on suspected illegal gambling sites.

Las Vegas sands’ land acquisition near Dallas

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation, now a majority stakeholder in the Dallas Mavericks, acquires land near downtown Dallas, sparking speculation about a potential future casino location.

Oklahoma legislator advocates for sports betting

An Oklahoma legislator advocates for legal sports betting in the state, citing the opportunity to attract funds from Texans.


State Senator pushes for legal sports betting in the state

State senator pre-files Texas sports betting bill to legalize gaming in the state, giving hope to bettors and lobbyists.

Sports teams collective push for legalization

Sports teams’ representatives group together in the hope of persuading state governors to change sports betting laws.

Franchise and domestic lobbyists push for change

Texas lobbyists and sports enthusiasts hope to push an amendment to the bill forward later in the year.

texas sports betting tips and odds


Texas to host National Council of Legislators

The city of Austin is set to become the host city for the National Council of Legislators from the Gaming States for this year’s winter meeting.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. hired a team of lobbyists

According to a report from The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. hired a team of lobbyists to explain the advantages of sports betting in the state.

Franchise lobbyists pushing for sports betting in 2021

Lt. Dan Patrick aims to kill all efforts to push forward a sports betting bill in 2021, with lawmakers stating that they won’t reconvene until 2023.


Recent Texas Betting Tips, April 2024

Sports Betting in Texas


Texas boasts a variety of great professional sports teams, which includes teams in nearly all the top US sports leagues; the likes of the NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB. The full list of sports teams is as follows:

  • FC Dallas
  • Texas Rangers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Dallas Stars
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Dallas Wings
  • Austin FC
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Houston Rockets
  • Houston Astros
  • Houston Texans
  • Houston Dash
  • Houston Dynamo FC

Texas and Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) is a draw in the state until a law regarding gambling in Texas is passed. Given the many sports teams in the state, we aren’t surprised to see sports enthusiasts looking to fantasy sports for their fix. The top DFS sites are great options for Texans, with the main market leaders being DraftKings and FanDuel, which both operate in the state.

There are also several other options for DFS providers, which often invite avid Texan players to participate in contests. So, if you’re looking to check out the best betting sites in Texas for fantasy sports, check out the names we mentioned above.

Is Horse Racing Legal in Texas?

Texas gambling law allows for horse and dog racing, though there is a catch that the purveyor must obtain a Texas racing license from the state before holding any kind of race. There are several horse and dog racing tracks in the Lone Star State, including:

  • Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque
  • Gulf Coast Racing in Corpus Christi
  • Valley Race Park in Harlingen.
  • Sam Houston Race Park

Horse racing wagering is only legal if you’re physically at the track. However, if you’re working with one of the offshore providers, many of which we’ve recommended on this page, you can legally bet from anywhere. Take a look at the top racing betting providers our team of experts has put together for you.

Nearest States With Legal Betting

For Texas bettors keen to wager online with bookmakers that aren’t registered offline, there are four neighboring states, of which three offer legal sports betting. The following three states are viable options for sports betting enthusiasts in Texas:

  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • New Mexico.

It’s about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Austin, Texas to the nearest bordering state. A lot of the effort is just to be able to place a sports bet online. As such, we strongly recommend looking at the offline bookmakers available to Texans, as they will provide a much easier way to access sports odds from the comfort of your own home.

Betting on NFL in Texas – June 2024

  • The 49ers boast +500 odds to secure the 2025 Super Bowl victory at BetUS.
  • The Chiefs maintain +650 Championship odds according to Bovada.
  • After an epic effort for Baltimore this year, Lamar Jackson carries +1000 MVP odds in 2025.
  • The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott hold +1450 Super Bowl odds at MyBookie following a world-class performance last season.
  • At BetOnline, Brock Purdy’s odds to win the 2025 Super Bowl MVP stand at +5750.

Betting on MLB in Texas – June 2024

  • The Houston Astros are +2000 favorites at BetNow to win the World Series.
  • The Texas Rangers have +1400 odds as potential AL sleepers.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays have AL winners odds of +3500 odds at BetOnline.
  • In the NL, the Los Angeles Dodgers have +125 odds at Bovada.
  • The Atlanta Braves are +450 contenders to win the NL.
  • The Cincinnati Reds are +12000 longshots for the title.

Betting on NBA in Texas – June 2024

  • The Mavericks have +650 championship odds at BetOnline with Luka.
  • The Rockets hold +1500 Western Conference odds for the 2024/25 season at Bovada.
  • Luka Doncic to score 30+ in every game of the Finals +160 odds at XBet.
  • The Celtics have -950 championship odds at BetUS as favorites.
  • The 76ers have +2200 odds at BetOnline to clinch the 2025 championship.


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