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WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

Eric Uribe Eric Uribe | February 28, 2023

available in the

United States

Payout Speed
Payout Speed

WagerWeb Pros & Cons

  • Strong Track Record
  • Reliable and Safe Betting
  • Crypto Payment Options
  • Limited Sports Markets
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WagerWeb Review Notes

Despite being one of the top veteran bookmakers in the United States, WagerWeb has still managed to adapt to the ever-changing betting landscape by adjusting to modern requirements and betting products. We'll go into detail in this review, but here are some highlights.

  • Long history dating back to 1994.
  • Entire gamut of betting from sportsbook to racebook to casino.
  • Multiple bonuses choices for players.
  • Huge prop betting marketplace.

WagerWeb Bonuses


It feels right to begin our WagerWeb review here. That’s because what immediately stands out about WagerWeb’s bonuses is they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach — unlike many other competitors in the online space. The site offers a wide array of bonuses that rewards free play, cashback, reduced juice, or a mixture of them. No one benefits from this versatile offering more than the players themselves, who can choose the bonus that meets their needs and time horizon most. Let’s dive into the options currently available:

Sign-Up Bonuses

Typically speaking, betting sites offer their “best stuff” on sign-up bonuses geared for new players. However, we wouldn’t say that about WagerWeb, but that’s not necessarily a slight to them (more on this shortly).

WagerWeb offers two separate sign-up bonuses. The one that attracts the most attention is the 100% free play bonus. There’s just something about a dollar-for-dollar match that excites most bettors. However, the one offered by WagerWeb is capped at only $250. Worse, this deal also comes with a steep 18X rollover. Compared to competitors, WagerWeb’s max bonus is on the smaller side, while its rollover is on the higher end — not a good one-two combo.

Its other welcome bonus is more lucrative, but not at a 100% match. This second bonus is a 50% match with a max bonus of $500. Moreover, the rollover goes down a hair to 15X as well. This offering is more likely to attract the bettor trying to earn as much free money as possible.


Remember earlier when we said WagerWeb’s “best stuff” wasn’t sign-up bonuses? We said that because it’s actually cashback that is king at WagerWeb. Here again, there are different deals involving cashback that bettors can pick from.

If you’re a sports bettor, you’ll want to opt for that one. This promo doles out a weekly 1% cashback on all sports bets made — based on total volume, so wins and losses be damned. If you’re going to use this promotion, you can’t qualify for the aforementioned 100% and 50% sign-up bonuses. However, since it’s a weekly bonus, it could potentially have more long-term value than a one-time sign-up bonus.

Two more cashback programs exist at WagerWeb and these are for the casino and racebook, respectively. The casino cashback is for 5%, but it’s on losses only — not volume like the sportsbook. The racebook is also a 5% program, but this one applies again to total betting volume.

Reduced Juice

Ah, yes, the mythical “reduced juice” lines are indeed available at WagerWeb. To earn this promotion, a bettor will have to eschew the traditional sign-up bonus or cashback programs in favor of it.

Under this promotion, betting lines drop from -110 to -108 — which may not seem like much, but can add up in the long run. Not only that, but there is a small 10% bonus offering that comes with it too. Unfortunately, there’s no way to earn cashback under this offer.

So if you’re a bettor interested in using WagerWeb, you’ll have to decide what makes the most sense for you — an up-front sign-up bonus, weekly cashback on certain bets (sports, casino, horse), or reduced juice. Factor in how long you plan to gamble at the site because that’ll matter for the latter two options.

Other Bonuses

WagerWeb’s promo offering isn’t limited only to newcomers. There are also goodies for loyal bettors of the site. Here’s a few worth noting:

  • Reload bonus: 30% bonus on any re-ups, capped at a max bonus of $500. The rollover requirement here is 12X.
  • Refer-a-friend bonus: This deal varies based on how many different friends you refer to WagerWeb. Refer one and you’ll get a 20% bonus on whatever that friend’s first deposit is. Two friends and this bonus goes up to 25%, while three is 30%. Once you refer four or more friends, the bonus becomes tied to that group’s total losses, specifically 20% or 25% (this is only for 10 or more friends).
  • 10th Time’s A Charm: Here’s a fun bonus. Say you deposit nine straight times during a 90-day period without claiming a payout. In this scenario, your next deposit (so the 10th in a row) is “on the house.” Seriously, it’ll be an average of the previous nine deposits with a cap of $750.



WagerWeb Last Updates & News

  • With a near-endless list of betting opportunities for soccer, WagerWeb is the bookmaker for the English Premier League. Look at the complete list of NBA markets as the season continues and some great UFC markets for big events like 285.
  • The WagerWeb sportsbook has been an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. Players that use crypto to deposit money earn a special bonus that pays better than the traditional bonuses we covered earlier.

Banking at WagerWeb

  • Minimum deposit: $17
  • Banking methods: VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Person-to-Person Transfer, Check, Bank Wire
  • Supported currencies: USD, BTC


WagerWeb supports two deposit methods — Bitcoin and credit card. Both clear relatively fast, though credit card is the faster of the two. Cards are instant while Bitcoin can take up to an hour depending on how fast its blockchain can record the transaction.

Both are free, but you might incur a foreign transaction fee when using credit cards. This really depends on which card provider you have. Currently, only VISA and Mastercard are available to use at WagerWeb.


Unsurprisingly, how fast you earn a payout depends largely on what method you choose. At WagerWeb, players can cash out through Bitcoin, bank wire, a check, or person-to-person.

For instantaneous payouts, you’ll want to go down the Bitcoin route. The other three will take much longer than that. Bank wires range from three to seven business days, while a check could be as many as 15 days. Where you bank and where you live will have a large effect on the latter two payout methods.

Bettors can earn one free cash out a month per method. So in theory, you could get one Bitcoin payment, one check, and one bank wire within the same calendar month and not pay a dime. Check payments are capped at $3000 per transaction, while bank wires are $10,000.

Sportsbook Features

  • Live betting: Yes
  • Buy/Sell points: Yes, up to 5 points
  • Bet Types: Huge Teaser bet selection, & paying true parlay odds

Practically every sport imaginable is available at the WagerWeb sportsbook. Whether American or international, they’ve got you covered with a variety of bet types, including straight bets, parlays, teasers, if bets, reverses, round robins, and props.

In addition to sports, WagerWeb also offers entertainment and other prop bets. The odds and lines they offer to their players tend to be on par with what you will find in a Las Vegas sportsbook.

Additional features

WagerWeb’s casino has over 100 different casino games to choose from on three different software platforms. There is no poker room though, which for some is a deal-breaker.

WagerWeb Site Experience

  • Ease of use for betting: Clean & uncluttered UI, simple to get a hang of.
  • Mobile betting: Optimized site is just like the desktop version. No iOS/Android app available.

WagerWeb offers a fairly intuitive user experience that makes it one of the better sites for beginner bettors. Their site design and functionality are a bit dated, but it works as intended and it works well. One downside is that it’s not possible to view odds and betting lines without logging in. If you’re a casual bettor and want to check a line, you’ll need to go through the process of signing in every time.

Customer Service

  • Service hours: 10 am EST until half time of the day’s last game
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Languages: English, Spanish

24/7 and 365 days out of the year WagerWeb offers their players one of English and Spanish speaking customer service departments. Placing wagers or making deposits is as easy as picking up the phone.

License Jurisdiction

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Established year: 1994

Is WagerWeb a legit betting site?

Yes, your money is in safe hands at WagerWeb. If it weren’t, then the site wouldn’t exist all these years later — they first began operations in 1994, for reference. It’s incredibly rare for scams to persist in the Internet age, little less for four different decades now.

But being in service close to 30 years isn’t merely about the trust factor. It’s also about competence. WagerWeb has somehow survived this long in a crowded marketplace because they offer a quality service above everything else. If they didn’t, they’d be dead and gone like so many other bookmakers that’ve existed.

*All bonus offers have different Terms & Conditions.
Visit the operator’s web site for full details.

Eric Uribe

Eric has lived and breathed sports since the age of 10. This enthusiasm led him down the path of sports journalism, where he covered sports — from the high school game to the pros — for several years. Now, Eric channels his sports interest into betting. When Eric isn't dishing out expert betting advice on this site, he's at the sportsbook watching the big game with a Red Bull vodka in hand.

WagerWeb FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about the online sportsbook WagerWeb