Getting Started

How to Choose the Best Online Sportsbook

No two sportsbooks are the same. Find out about their differences and how this might influence the sportsbook you pick.

Signing-Up For An Online Sportsbook

Get the low-down on what you'll need when creating your account. There are some important details you need to be aware of before creating your account.

Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonuses and Promotions

Sportsbooks offer players incentive bonuses when opening new accounts. Learn how to get the biggest and best one when joining a sportsbook.

Best Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonuses

A round up of the best overall bonuses, best maximum bonuses, best Bitcoin bonuses. Take your pick!

Withdrawing From Your Betting Account

Learn the ins-n-outs of this most important step. Avoid common pitfalls to ensure your payout is as smooth and quick as possible.

Using Bitcoin At An Online Sportsbook

Learn the ins-n-outs of all things Bitcoin sports betting. Familiarize yourself with the advantages of BTC as well as how to withdraw and deposit.

The Safest Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Bitcoin is a relatively new phenomenon, especially for sportsbooks. Make sure you're placing a Bitcoin bet at a safe, secure sportsbook.

Understanding & Making Bets

Betting Site Basics, Reading Odds & Making Bets

What's the next step after creating your account? How do you read odds and place wagers? We cover the essentials you should know to become familiar enough to place wagers.

Basic Bet Types Explained: Moneyline, ATS & Totals

The quickest and simplest bets you can make. A good starting point for those just getting their feet wet with sports betting.

Multiple Bets: Parlays, Teasers & More

We'll walk you through the basics of making bets on multiple games or events. These are attractive bets to make due to their potential to win big from smaller stakes.

Other Bets: Futures, Props & Live Betting

These are bets that reward forward thinkers and those with knowledge of individual stats.

Frequently Asked Betting Questions

A round up of questions that come up often enough we thought they should be included in our FAQ's

Line Shopping Like a "Sharp" Sports Bettor

A detailed yet simple guide to getting maximum value from line shopping across sportsbooks.

Betting by Sport

Betting on NFL Football Games

Football is the king of all sports when it comes to sports betting. Learn everything you need to know to make bets on football games in this quick start guide to NFL betting.

Betting on NBA Basketball Games

Learn the ins and outs of how betting on basketball games works in this primer on NBA betting. Bet types, odds and other details you need to know before placing a bet on NBA games.

Betting on MLB Baseball Games

With 2,430 games in the regular season plus the post season, there are a ton of betting opportunities in baseball. Even if you are familiar with betting on other sports, read this article for a quick run down on the differences, like runline betting.

Betting on MMA and Boxing Matches

Betting on fights is a different experience compared to major league team sports. Learn the nuances of betting on the two biggest combat sports: boxing and mixed martial arts.

Betting on NHL Hockey Games

Betting on the NHL is similar to baseball with games that are usually close and low-scoring in nature. Get up to speed quickly with this hockey betting primer.

Betting on NCAA Basketball Games

We don't repeat the same details here already covered in our NBA guide. Learn about betting on college basketball games and in particular March Madness.

Betting on NCAA Football Games

Football reigns supreme in the world of sports betting, and wagering on NCAA Football is a different experience compared to betting on the NFL. Learn the ins & outs of how to bet on college football.