If you are interested in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and the UFC, then you will already be well aware of how exciting it can get, especially if placing a bet on the outcome. In this guide, we will look at how to bet on MMA, MMA betting tips, the best MMA betting strategy, the variety of bet types and even more so you can put your money down with confidence.

How to bet on MMA in 2022

How to bet on MMA in 2022

Fans of fighting used to look to the boxing ring for some action, but not anymore. Quickly, MMA is taking its place and more people are interested in betting on MMA than ever before. From the biggest UFC fights to smaller Bellator fights, there will be the right bets for you.

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MMA Betting Explained: MMA Betting Lines

Once you have chosen your preferred MMA betting site, then it’s time to decide which bets you want to make. If you’re new, you may want to start with a simple winner bet, but if you’re more experienced you may go for an exotic bet. Here are the main types of MMA bets you might find:

  • Moneyline Bets (Winner)
  • Method of Victory
  • Double Chance Bets
  • Go the Distance
  • Over/Under Bets
  • Fight Awards Bets
  • Props Bets
  • Live Bets

Moneyline Bets: To Win

The most popular of all bets, perfect for new MMA bettors You simply need to bet on which fighter you think will win. For example, if you think Charles Oliveira will win, you do not have to decide either when or how, just bet on him to win!

Method of Victory Bets: How they Win

If you feel more confident, you could try and predict how the fighter will win. You don’t need to guess who will win – just how they will win. Knowing fight styles will help you decide if it will be submission, decision, TKO or Knockout etc. For example, Kumaru Usman rarely wins by submission, so even if you think he will win, you should probably not choose submission for your method of victory wagers in this case.

Double Chance Bets: Two in One

This is simply a mix of the above two wagers. You need to bet on who you think will win and how you think they will win. This is tougher than the first two but has better odds.

Go the Distance: A Points Decision

One of the most popular rounds betting examples is betting on whether you think the fight will go the distance. This is a simple yes or no 50-50 bet. You could also bet on the round (or group of rounds) you think it will end if you are more confident.

Go the Distance: A Points Decision

Over/Under Rounds: How Far Will it Go?

This is a simple over/under bet. For example, the sportsbook will set a number (usually 1.5 in a regular three-round bout or 2.5 in a championship fight). You need to predict whether the fight will be over or under that number of rounds.

Fight Award Bets: Winner, Winner!

Many MMA promotions give out special fight awards such as the fight of the night, the performance of the night, submission of the night or KO of the night. You need to predict who you think will win the awards.

Proposition Bets: Will it Happen?

This is betting on whether you think something will happen in the fight or not. It could be betting on whether a fighter will land a takedown or who might be the first to start bleeding. These are harder to predict but lots of fun.

Live Bets: After the Action Starts

MMA sports betting sites will usually also allow you to bet on a fight after it has started. It could be betting on who lands the next takedown or who will win. Depending on what is happening, you can get excellent value odds if you bet at the right time.

MMA Betting Glossary

If you want to know how to bet on MMA properly these are some of the terms you need to know:

MMA Betting Term Definition
Accumulator (Parlay) A series of bets placed into one big bet (all parts of the bet must win)
Chalk The fighter that is expected to win
Disqualified A player that keeps breaking the rules will be removed from the fight and the other opponent automatically wins
KO Knockout – If a fighter doesn’t get up after a count of 10
Majority Decision If the fighter scores more points on 2 scorecards but draws the third.
Split Decision A fighter scores more points on 2 judge cards but fewer on the 3rd card
TKO Technical Knockout – the referee stops the fight
Unanimous Decision The fighter wins by points on all 3 of the judges’ scorecards
Go the Distance The fight lasts all the way to the end
Even Money When the fighters are given equal odds and equal chances of winning.

Best MMA Betting Tips: MMA Betting Strategy

So, you know what type of bet you’re interested in and you know what MMA sportsbook you like the look of. Let’s take a look at the biggest question of all… how to give yourself the best chance of winning. Here are our top MMA betting tips and MMA betting strategy to consider:

Pay Attention to the Weigh-Ins

Some fighters have to drop a lot of weight before a weigh-in, including undergoing severe dehydration. This is usually visible on their face when they weigh-in. Because the weigh-in is one day before the fight, total rehydration is difficult and this can affect the brain, leaving the fighter more susceptible to Knock Out.

Is it in a Ring or Cage?

Some fights are promoted as being cage fights – and some ring. The type of environment it is being fought in could benefit one of the fighters depending on their style. MMA fights in a ring have four corners and ropes. Cage fights have eight 135-degree corners and metal-chained walls. Cages usually benefit wrestlers and grapplers.

The Size of the Cage

Movement-based fighters are usually at a disadvantage in a smaller cage. Smaller cages mean more exchanges – and a higher chance the fight won’t go the distance.

Avoid Betting on a Heavy Favorite

There is still the chance of an upset and you won’t gain much even if you do win. Research the fighters and scour the different fights to look for the best value bet based on your knowledge of how likely they are. Know fight styles, records, forms and how they perform in different environments.

Research, Research, Research

Know everything you can about your fighters. Look at their age, consider their pace, their reach and their stance. Are they south-paw? Look at which fight style usually comes out victorious, look at previous fights against the opponents with that fighting style and bet based on knowledge rather than personal fights. Some fight styles are usually more effective against other fight styles.

Manage Your Bankroll

This is the same no matter what sports you are looking to bet on. Be picky when choosing your wagers. Choose value bets and don’t try and bet on every fight. Make a budget and stick to it. Never start chasing your losses and learn how to manage your bankroll effectively here.

How to Bet on MMA and Win

Hopefully you have some idea of how it works – now let’s look at exactly how to bet on MMA and win:

  1. Look through our list of MMA betting sites and pick your favorite
  2. Click on register and open a new betting account.
  3. Pick your preferred payment option and make the first deposit into your account
  4. Claim your welcome bonus (check out our best bonuses here)
  5. Look through the MMA fights, choose your bet, click on the odds and enter your stake
  6. Confirm your bet and wait!