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MytopSportsbooks Promo Codes Guide

The online gaming industry has become so fiercely competitive over the last few years that we’ve seen several online gaming apps fold. There is just too much competition as the leading names from the era of high-street sports betting compete with the best of the new and online-only bookies.

It’s a challenging time to be a bookie but a great time to be a bettor with so much choice. As is the case in any industry, more choice means better value for the customer. So make sure you take advantage of the sports betting gems we share on this page.

The focus of this article is sportsbook promo codes. What is the best promo code site, and how do you secure the best new user sportsbook promos? These offers can be beneficial only to those who use them correctly.

We’re here to ensure you do just that. By the end of this page, you’ll know how to get the latest football betting promo codes and special offers on legal sports.

Good business sense

Like any good business, the top sports betting sites, such as BetMGM, recognize that competition exists. That’s why it is vital to have the latest offers, perks, and betting promo codes to attract new bettors. The Caesars sportsbook promo code for new players is a great example.

Understanding the ins and outs of online sportsbook promo code and bonus offers is important to select the best bonus provider for you. This is the MyTopSportsbooks Promo Codes Guide, and it will leave you with the sportsbook promo codes you need to beat the bookies on anything from Parlays to Moneyline.

You’ll even find a handy site cred FAQs section for this review. We worked hard to ensure no stone was left unturned in our quest to bring you the best risk-free bets and markets.

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Using Sportsbook Promo Codes Is Easy

Like a timeout in a sporting event, sportsbook promo codes like free bet credit from BetRivers and other sportsbook promo codes are only valuable if you use them strategically. That said, they are easy to take advantage of. Follow our lead, and you’ll encounter no problems with your no-deposit bonus and free bet bonus.

Most bonuses will involve signing up, making a bet, or both. The sportsbook is going to give you a code to enter during the process, and upon doing so, the bonus will be applied.

An example of a promo code offered by a bookie to either new or existing members may look like this WINTER2023 or FREEBET. You must input the bonus code into the relevant field before placing your bet, and the betting promotions due will be added to your account balance.

Know the score

Generally, it is as simple as being clear upon sign-up what bonus code you are utilizing. But the occasional sportsbook might require an additional step. Even if it takes one more step, like an email, you won’t need much effort to meet the terms. Follow our guide, and you’ll be betting in no time.

Read T&Cs for the latest information on placing your first wager using the promo code offer. Like the one you’ll find at the FanDuel sportsbook. It would help if you got sorted in time for the next NFL season, understanding cash out, match bonusminimum deposit, and prop bets. Everything that could affect your sports betting bonus. 

Example #1

When you register as a new customer, you will be given a promo code. In most cases, the welcome bonus will be a deposit match-free bet that is equal to or greater than your last deposit and wager. If you sign-up and bet $100, you will get a $100 free bet.

When making your first deposit, you will be asked to enter the sports betting promo codes if you have them. The best sportsbook will provide this, and it’s then a simple case of adding the code to the field and releasing your welcome offer.

Sports bettors love how simple it is, and in places like Indiana, Colorado, and Arizona they often refer to it as the no sweat first bet. Everything is easy to understand and simple, from the manageable wagering requirements to using the sportsbook promo code on your smartphone.

The gambling industry is constantly changing, and we must stay up to speed with what’s happening.

Example #2

The best promo codes and bonus funds offered by bookies on the likes of the NFL, NBA League Pass, MLB, college football playoffs, and NHL aren’t only for new customers. Many recurring deals for existing members drive repeat business to the site. The BetMGM bonus code is one to look out for. The BetMGM Sportsbook is a good example, providing great sports betting offers.

With these bonus code deals, you won’t require a promo code, as you are already a member. But some offers still need you to fill in the code. Luckily, this takes seconds to complete on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Using Sportsbook Promo Codes Is Easy

Enjoy Your Initial Bonus, but Don’t Settle

Sportsbooks seek new clientele regularly, but they also spend energy keeping their customers engaged and happy. Obtaining a bonus or promotion via a sportsbook promo code is a way to show that appreciation.

While sign-up bonuses are the most prominent, consider all the ways a sportsbook can show you love before choosing a promotion. Many bet promo codes are available across the top-tier providers, so shop around and find the one that’s for you.

You can seek the betting promo code and a welcome bonus that attracts your eye and register a sportsbook account with that bookie. But it makes sense to create a betting account with multiple bookies and collect the welcome bonus. Remember, there’s nothing that ties you to the one bookie.

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Sign-Up Bonuses

It is very likely that the best deal you’ll get is the initial sign-up bonus. Call this an acquisition cost for the company if you want. Once you are in the system, it is easier to keep you around. Companies figure that if you have a quality experience, you won’t look elsewhere for betting alternatives.

While often standard sign-up bonuses covered here result in significant cash, some sportsbooks will give better parameters around your bonus, like a higher percentage or larger amount if you deposit using their preferred method. If you are comfortable with whatever bonus a sportsbook is offering, great. If not, they usually have an option that works for most prospective account holders.

While sign-up bonuses get most of the headlines and are usually the most lucrative, many sportsbooks offer other worthwhile enticements.


It is very common for books to offer re-load bonuses. This is a sign-up bonus for people who are already customers. If you are low or out of funds, they will encourage you to invest more cash and continue wagering with them.


Refer-a-friend offerings are common promo codes and work out well for both sides. You and your friend, who signs up because of you, get a bonus for bringing the site more business.

Everyone wins if you have a good experience and tell a friend about it. It is a nice extra reward from the sportsbook that you did the work in helping to get them a new customer. You’ll be rewarded with sports betting promotions and offers.

Product Promotions

Often sportsbooks will pass along a bonus or promo for trying a new product out. Whether it be their app or giving a look at their live betting section, they want you to explore. If you try out the racebook or online casino, there may be a perk. Sportsbooks are interested in having you utilize everything going on at the site and sometimes will make it worth your while.

Regardless of the site’s state, their bonuses and tier credits are your best advocates. If you are looking for something specific and within reason, ask. Promos are meant to attract business, and sportsbooks will often listen to reasonable requests. Particularly if you are a volume player, it is in their best interest to have you bet at their site, not one of their competitors. That’s why you’ll get the best bet offer.

There are no restrictions on this, with the joys open to bettors, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey and Michigan. Check the rules relating to online gamling in your state before wagering. You’ll also find these sportsbook offers on the apps that matter most, such as Pointsbet and the Draftkings sportsbook, which has a low playthrough requirement.

Most Common Type of Sportsbook Promotions

While almost every sportsbook uses the term bonus, the way players are rewarded at each sports betting site. The two most common bonuses are cash bonuses and free plays. These can sound similar, but be clear on understanding the differences before accepting one another. Other types you may find include free bets, risk-free bets, enhanced odds, cashback and Super Bowl odds boosts.

A cash bonus means they are adding money to your deposit. If you get a 50% cash bonus on a $200 deposit, your total balance will be $300 ($200 deposit + $100 bonus). Gamble as you wish, and you have $300 to play with.

One of the most common bonuses is a 100% sign-up bonus, as covered here, that matches the amount you’ve deposited for double the wagering money. In the next section, we will touch on restrictions on when you can get a bet credit payout. Also, please check for limits on minimum odds or types of bets when sports betting.

Free play

Reward credits like free play mean that instead of adding the $100 to your account, it comes in the form of a bet. Rather than being able to divide and use that $100 in a variety of wagers, you can use it once on the best sports.

If you win, now you have it in your account. So a 50% free play means you deposit $200 and have $200 in your account plus a voucher for one free $100 wager. If that wager wins and the odds are +100, you have $300 total.

The cash deposit bonus is cleaner, easier, and more helpful. However, sportsbooks know that free play bonuses often come with fewer or less stringent restrictions, including the match up you can bet on.

Sportsbook Bonus Restrictions

Sportsbook Bonus Restrictions

You will find a variety of nuances when it comes to cashing in sportsbook bonuses, but mostly they are a procedural part of the promo code. You often need to have an account active for a certain time. Sometimes you need to provide some identification or proof of address. However, by and large, they are minor paperwork or communication points.

50% up to $1,000
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Rollover Requirements

On the other hand, when you are granted a bonus, it is important to know what the rollover is and exactly what that means. The idea behind rollover is that sportsbooks offer a bonus so that they know you will wager using their site. They are trying to avoid someone depositing cash, taking advantage of a big bonus, and then quickly asking for a payout.

Here’s how rollovers work. Each bonus is assigned a multiple; the better the bonus, the larger the rollover. If you deposit $200 and get a 50% bonus ($100), it may come with a 10x rollover. You can not withdraw money until you bet ten times the initial deposit plus the bonus. In this instance, the $200 deposit + $100 bonus = $300 to bet with, which means the x10 rollover = $3,000 must be bet before you can ask for a payout.

Aim for 50%

That high rollover sounds imposing, but remember, many bettors will hit around 50%. If you win $50 and then lose $50, and win $25 and then lose $100, and win $50 and then win $25, your account balance is at zero, but you have bet $300. That is ten per cent of the rollover. It doesn’t take that long to get to the full rollover amount.

Also, if the rollover is a concern of yours, usually smaller bonuses are available with lower rollover, and you can decline bonuses and not deal with rollover at all. The risk-free bet up is a great example of this. Many of the top sports betting apps offer this.

Find the Bonus Fit for You

The point of a promo code is to tempt customers to try out online sports betting apps or features within them. Is this your first bet? They’ve got you covered. Most sportsbooks have competitive offerings, so long as you understand the details and your sports betting options, they should be a nice incentive.

That’s the point of this series of articles about the ins and outs of sportsbooks. A handy guide should help you to enjoy and maximize your experience.

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