It doesn’t take a lot to imagine how huge the betting market in California would be. California is the largest state in terms of population by quite a wide margin. Not only that, but a huge portion of the state’s population are sports-obsessed fans of local teams like the Lakers, Warriors, 49ers, Dodgers, Trojans, and so on.

Yet, California remains one of the few states without legal sports betting. Lawmakers in the Golden State are not budging either because there’s no movement to legalize.

This just means that California bettors have to go offshore to wager on sports online. You may be unfamiliar with offshore sportsbooks, but that’s why we created this entire guide. Not only will we be naming the best online sportsbooks available to California residents, but we’re also sharing tips on the sign-up process. Believe us, it’s easier than you imagine. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it:

Top 10 California Betting Apps

There’s no shortage of California betting apps — not when this market is so huge. However, only a select few are worth your time AND money. The next ten apps we’ve about to call out definitely fit in that category. All ten apps shined during our review process for reasons we’re about to detail:

BetOnline California Betting App

betonline sportsbook 2024

California bettors will really take to BetOnline’s sportsbook. That’s because this app offers one of the deepest sportsbooks of all. BetOnline takes a barbell approach to this. On one end, there’s just a massive amount of sports and leagues to wager on here. Of course, all the major offerings (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) are there for the taking, but also more niche stuff too. Think cricket, politics, rugby, or even WWE here.

On the other end of the barbell are the betting markets for these sports and leagues. Moneyline, props, futures, etc. — it’s all available. In particular, the prop markets is where BetOnline really goes the extra mile. When you factor it all, there are hundreds of sports bets available on the BetOnline app on a daily basis.

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XBet California Betting App

xbet sportsbook app 2024

We’re big fans of the mobile app XBet has built from the ground up. How the app functions outdoes competitors in just about every facet. Most of all, the app is just fast. We were zooming around the app and the pages loaded lightning quick. This is clutch — especially when you need to lock in a bet before the line moves or closes.

Another area where the XBet app shines is the actual look. It looks modern, if not futuristic, with its aesthetic design. Unlike many other Florida apps that feel stuck in the 2010s, XBet’s is noticeably different for all the right reasons. It’s this combo that makes the XBet app both highly aesthetic and functional.

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Bovada California Betting App

bovada Pennsylvania

California bettors might be on the fence about thing whole betting online thing, especially since it’s still illegal. We don’t fault you for being hesitant, however, if you are, you might want to start off with the Bovada app. This spot just reeks of trustworthiness. It’s been in business since 2011 and has one of the largest user bases among offshore apps. Neither of those happen by coincidence, folks.

Bettors flock to Bovada for its no-frills gambling experience — and we mean that in the best way possible. Bovada makes betting on the app as easy as possible to use, that means stripping away unnecessary features and going all in on what matters most: betting. Even a completely first-time bettor could probably pick up on Bovada because they’ve made it that easy to use.

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MyBookie California Betting App

mybookie Pennsylvania

These days, you need an app to bet whenever and wherever you are — whether that’s at work, at the bar, in your home, or driving. Bet opportunities can appear at any moment so you need a trusty app to rely on. MyBookie is one of those apps. This is a perfect on-the-go app.

We say this because not once in our experience did the MyBookie app hold us back from placing a bet. We tried it out using both a Wi-Fi connection and cellular data and each overperformed — especially when live betting. That clutch performance across the board is why MyBookie is so highly recommended by us.

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BetUS California Betting App

betus sportsbook app 2024

The BetUS app is the go-to spot for promotions that are almost “too good to be true.” We can assure you they’re legit though, and no other California sportsbook comes close to outdoing BetUS in this department.

Here’s a small sample of the promos running on BetUS year-round. New players can look forward to a $3125 max sign-up bonus. The app also has a refer-a-friend bonus that can reach $6000 in free play. These types of numbers are practically unheard of industry-wide. So if you want free bets (who doesn’t?), then BetUS is stop number one.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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SBG Global California Betting App

sbg global baseball

SBG is a jack-of-all-trades betting platform. Of course, the app’s sportsbook sucks up the most attention — as it should because this thing is good, really good. However, we want to call out the casino and racebook too. Both platforms are perfect compliments to the sportsbook.

The selling point here is that SBG bettors in California have access to all three in one single app. Not only that, but the app performs exceptionally well across all three platforms despite different interfaces and game options. A badly-designed app would fumble the playing experience, but we can assure you that’s not SBG.

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Bet now Florida Betting App

sportsbetting baseball

In-play betting doesn’t get much better than Seriously, in all our tests, consistently performed the best at live betting. This starts with offering a good collection of sports to bet on in real time. Pretty much all the major sports will have in-play odds on its games. does a great job of updating its odds as the game is unfolding. Any major lag here could derail the in-play betting experience, but we found none noticeableont Any live bet we made was recorded instantly, assuring we locked in the odds we wanted. Live betting on just flat-out works like it’s supposed to.

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Everygame California Betting App

everygame baseball

Odds from California app to California app are usually identical. That’s just how the industry works as most betting lines are sourced from the same exact spot. However, if you are to find some odd discrepancy, it’s most likely at the Everygame app.

This is in the bettor’s favor most of the time, not the bookmaker. You might get a moneyline or spread off by -10 or half a point. That seems small on the surface but adds up in the long run. Bettors using Everygame are all but guaranteed to be maximizing odds by playing here over other apps.

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BetNow California Betting App

betnow sportsbook

Promotions are where BetNow stands out. Unlike many other apps, they offer a variety of ‘em. We counted four different sign-up bonuses, three reload deals, and three more rebate programs. This level of options just isn’t a thing at most apps, which force users into a one-size-fits-all promotion. So kudos to BetNow for diversifying.

BetNow is also unique in offering a sportsbook rebate program. Casino and racebook rebates are the norm, but in our experience, only BetNow offered them for sports betting too at a two-percent rate. Online sports betting is infamously a copycat industry so the fact BetNow is all alone in offering this sportsbook rebate is nothing short of incredible.

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GTBets California Betting App

gtbets baseball

Last but not least is the GTBets app. Many of the stand-out features we’ve mentioned about the other apps on this list can also be found on GTBets. That means a bevy of promotions, a well-designed app, and multiple betting platforms (sports, casino, racebook).

We do want to call out the Game Time Rewards program. Like Las Vegas casinos, GTBets rewards players for betting activity — across all its platforms. These rewards become “comps” like free play to use. In that regard, GTBets literally pays you plays here. The entire rewards program is a nifty feature that should appeal to long-term bettors.

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Choosing the Best Sports Betting App in California

For Californians on the hunt for the best sports betting app, the choice involves more than just picking any platform. It’s about finding an app that resonates with your sports betting preferences and needs. Here’s a quick guide to navigating the sports betting apps in California landscape. Before selecting your bookie, ensure every box is ticked for your ultimate betting experience:

  • Breadth of Betting Markets and Odds. Look for apps offering a wide range of sports, from popular leagues like the NFL to niche markets such as NCAAB and NCAAF. Competitive odds are crucial for value betting, especially in markets like football and basketball.
  • Intuitive sports betting platform. Find a betting app that caters itself to your needs – track your searches and try to find the right betting opportunities with a built-in algorithm.
  • Bonuses and Promotions. Seek out generous offers, including welcome bonus packages that maximize your initial deposit.
  • Live Betting Features. The ability to engage in live betting is a game-changer, since it offers real-time wagering options on competitions already underway. Make sure that the sportsbook you choose features up-to-date odds and markets.
  • Versatility in Betting Options. A top-tier sports betting app in California should provide diverse betting types, from moneylines and point spreads to parlays and prop bets.
  • Customer Service. Consider the level of customer support provided. Top betting apps in California offer robust support channels, including live chat and email.

How to Bet with Offshore Apps in California

Follow these simple steps to start betting with the best offshore apps available to California residents.

1. Choose your favorite sportsbook. Go with a solid offshore bookie known for reliability and good betting options. We would recommend Bovada, BetUs or BetOnline to start.
2. Sign up with one of those recommended sportsbooks and verify your account to get going.
3. Pick how you want to fund your account. Cryptocurrency can keep you anonymous, and the deposits are typically faster.
4. Check out the many betting markets on your book, choose your wagers, and place those bets with confidence through their mobile app!
5. When you want your payout, start a withdrawal to your preferred payment account. These offshore bookies will process your requests quickly and safely.

Your State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

We have guides just like this for other states beyond California too. Here are quick links to our most popular:

*Were you looking for DraftKings, FanDuel or BetMGM? Unibet or Fox Bet? Or maybe Caesars or PointsBet? We have good news and bad news. Firstly, the bad news: Those brands are not available for California bettors. Unfortunate, we know. But don’t worry, we have some good news: All of our reviewed sportsbooks are available in California, and they all offer you a sign-up bonus when you make your first deposit. We have reviewed all sportsbooks available in California and have accounts with them all. You can trust Bovada, BetOnline and the rest of our recommended brands. They have over 10 years of experience from serving US and California bettors!