Massachusetts sports betting apps are abundant out there — all ready to capitalize on “The Bay State” huge appetite for legal sports betting. With that said, there are only a few Mass betting apps actually worth your time and money. Allow us to give you a lay of the land on the best sportsbook apps in the state!

Best Massachusetts Sports Betting Apps

Massachusetts resisted legal wagering for a long time, longer than most states in the Northeast. But “every dog has its day” and Massachusetts became the latest US state to legalize sports betting in mid-2023.

Surely, lawmakers were pressured into legal sports wagering by DraftKings, which is headquartered in Boston. The second-biggest of sports betting sites wasn’t even allowed to operate in its home state since 2018, when betting first became legal at the federal level. That was then and this is now, it’s all fair game for Massachusetts sports bettors.

DraftKings Sportsbook is what you would call a regulated bookmaker. Also in this category are the likes of BetMGM Sportsbook, Caesars Sportsbook, ESPN Bet, FanDuel (not just daily fantasy sports these days), and Fanatics Sportsbook, among others. They are good choices for Massachusetts sportsbooks, but we believe the best user experience goes to offshore betting apps.

Offshore sportsbooks offer a few advantages over regulated sites. One, is more betting markets to place bets on. Two, is more payment methods to bet with. We suggest a few Massachusetts sports betting app in the offshore world, all of which perfectly encapsulate these benefits. Check these out if you’re in the market for a Massachusetts sportsbook:


Online sports betting has long been led by Bovada. Long before betting was even legal, Bovada was the “best bet” to get your gambling fix online. That’s largely remained the case all these years later because to this day, the Bovada user experience is top-end.

The online betting site just flat-out makes wagering a breeze. Inside the app of Bovada, it offers a gamut of bets in sports, casino, and even horse racing. Transferring money in and out of the sportsbook apps is quite easy. And most of all, Bovada is trustworthy — hence why they’ve been in business since 2011.

✅Large selection of betting markets
✅Reputable name in the online betting industry

❌ Welcome bonus pays little compared to competitors
❌ App could use a more modern-looking design


Remember earlier when we said the best betting markets are reserved for offshore sportsbook apps? Well, we were being serious and the BetOnline app is what we mean. Every single betting line you can probably think of can be found at BetOnline. Of course, that includes the majors like NFL, Super Bowl, NBA, MLB, World Series, NHL, Stanley Cup, college sports, and other sporting events. But what makes BetOnline so intriguing are the more obscure betting markets it also offers.

Curling, cricket, rugby, those less-followed sports are also here for the taking. That’s on top of markets that are barred from being offered at regulated sportsbooks — politics, entertainment award shows, movie box office results, WWE, etc. Only offshore apps are unrestricted enough to take money on those events, and BetOnline leads the way in doing so.

✅Deep menu of betting options
✅Rewards program across the sportsbook and casino

❌ Welcome offer is smaller than most competitors
❌ Mobile app feels a little dated


Without a shadow of a doubt, the BetUS app smokes every other Massachusetts betting app in the promotion department. This includes the regulated bookies too because none of them are even in the same stratosphere as BetUS. The sign-up bonus at BetUS? This deal can reach as much as $3125 of maxed out. To put this into perspective, you’ll be lucky to get $1000 in bonus bets from competing sites off their welcome offer.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of BetUS promotions, however. Crypto-only deals can skyrocket to $5000 in free play. Even more, the refer-a-friend deal has a max value of $6000. These are insane numbers and 100-percent legit too. This isn’t one of those “too good to be true” instances either.

✅Most promotional bonuses in the industry (just use the correct pronoun code)
✅Competitive odds offered throughout the sportsbook

❌ 14-day expiration on welcome bonus (and most promotions)
❌ High rollover requirement before funds can be withdrawn


The XBet app leads Massachusetts sports betting apps with its mobile betting experience. This platform is on the newer end, perhaps that’s why its mobile app is more modern. For one, it requires no download from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store. Mobile sports betting can be had by just accessing the website from a mobile device’s web browser.

XBet’s mobile sportsbook really excels at live betting. There’s an entire menu that offers only live betting options, which is mostly for the major sports (for now). Once inside — whether using a phone or computer — locking in live bets is cake. Lag is nonexistent, which is mission-critical when updating odds in real-time.

✅Top-notch mobile betting experience
✅Live betting on a wide range of games

❌ New users don’t earn that much from welcome bonuses
❌ Online casino game menu could use more options

Choosing The Best Sports Betting App In Massachusetts

Massachusetts bettors, you have a ton of options to choose from. If you want a MA sportsbook that we haven’t already covered, that’s fine too. All we ask is for you to pinpoint what’s your biggest need as a sports bettor. Once you know this, picking sports betting sites becomes easier by orders of magnitude. Perhaps look for online sports sites that offer these qualities:

Depth of betting menu: this is what we’re all here for, right? To get action on any and every bet imaginable? Therefore, you’ll want a spot that offers everything in one spot for you. Of course, this applies to different sports and leagues, but wagering types too — spreads, moneyline, prop bets, same-game parlay, etc. The last thing you’d want is to miss out on the sports bet you’re looking for.

Betting odds: competitor odds to go along with a wide range of bets is the goal here. Getting the most “bang for our buck” ensures you’re getting the max payout possible. Why bet Boston College +120 when another app has it at +140? That latter option obviously means a better return on investment, which matters greatly in the long run.

Bonuses: it’s not hard to get free money at the top Massachusetts betting sites. However, some are more giving than others. By choosing the sportsbook with the most bonuses, you’re minimizing risk on your bets since it’s “house money” you’re playing with. Go get the most free play possible to aid in tour wagering efforts.

How to Bet With Offshore Apps In Massachusetts

At first glance, the sports betting industry can feel confusing — with so many different apps and tough-to-understand odds. However, it’s easier than you think and you’ll quickly realize this once you get set up with an app. This sign-up process is quite simple. Here are the five things you need to do;

1 Pick the best Massachusetts sports betting apps you want to play at. There is more than enough information on this page to help you do so.

2. Sign up for an account at the online betting site. A sportsbook promo can be redeemed here (the sign-up bonus) so don’t miss out on the free winnings.

3. Choose a payment method to fund your account and make a first bet. Most apps will accept debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, crypto, and similar payout options.

4. Look for sports bets (or casino) throughout the platform. Once you find a wager, lock in with whatever you want to risk.

5. Keep betting until you’re ready for a payout. Here again, choose the payment method and winnings will be returned to you in real life.

State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

Massachusetts bettors, you’re primed to start wagering on professional sports, college sports, casino, and everything else. Seriously, don’t overthink this if you’ve read this far. Take all this info and get out there to begin sports betting — the time is now!