With legal sports betting barely becoming a thing in the Bluegrass State in late 2023, there’s been an explosion of Kentucky sports betting apps. Maybe too many sportsbook apps, honestly, because it can be overwhelming for a newcomer who just wants to bet on sports. Allow us to help you cut through the confusion and choose the best sports betting app Kentucky has to offer.

Best Kentucky Sports Betting Apps

September 7, 2023 — that’s the day sports betting was legalized in this U.S. state, first in-person only. Then a few short weeks after sports betting apps Kentucky officially rolled out for online betting. You’re going to find all the well-known sports betting sites inside the state. Names like the BetMGM Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook (not the DFS platform), ESPN Bet, FanDuel Sportsbook, or Caesars Sportsbook come to mind.

However, the best app for KY sports betting is probably not any of those names. No, no, no your “best bet” might actually be offshore betting apps. These don’t play by the rules that regulated or retail sportsbook do, and that’s to player’s benefit. Without the legal red tape, offshore wagering apps can offer more odds in more markets — and all at killer prices too.

Allow us to explain which offshore betting apps lead the way in the Kentucky marketplace. These apps are the “cream of the crop” for reasons we’ll explain:


Free-play bonuses are a “rite of passage” in the online sportsbook market. Every app has one deal with a bonus code at least. However, no one — and we mean no one — can compete with BetUS in terms of dollar value for deals. That goes for regulated bookies that offer peanuts compared to what the BetUS app does. So for any bettor who wants to earn as much free play as possible, BetUS has to be choice number one.

Take, for instance, the BetUS welcome bonus (also called sign-up bonus). This either goes for $3125 or $5000 in free play depending on what you use to fund your account — cash (debit cards or check) or crypto. That’s almost unheard of value. Most competitors offer $1000 max and that’s it so we’re talking about at least 3X the value at BetUS. That’s one of many killer promos offered at BetUS. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

✅ Massive promotional bonuses in dollar value (especially for new users)
✅ Vast sportsbook menu

❌Bonus earnings expire in 14 days
❌High rollover requirement for bonus earnings


The Bovada app is effectively the OG of the online sports betting industry. It’s been around since 2011, and that doesn’t just happen by chance — not in this ultra-competitive landscape. Bovada has stood the test of time cause it’s a well-rounded betting experience that serves thousands and thousands of sports bettors worldwide.

That trustworthy factor is why Bovada is a highly recommended wagering site. Let’s face it, betting online doesn’t always have the best reputation. While most of the industry has been cleaned up of bad actors, that’s largely due to sportsbook apps like Bovada. This app has led the way and attracted a large userbase cause of it, leaving scammers in the dust. Your money is in good hands at Bovada, believe that.

✅ Reputable sports wagering app with a decade-plus of experience
✅ Sportsbook and casino are loaded with betting options

❌Bonuses are smaller compared to competitors
❌Website design could use a makeover


Here is the big advantage that offshore betting sites have offer regulated sportsbooks: more gambling markets. Look, you’ll get all the major sports and leagues both of them. However, the differences lie in the more “obscure” betting markets.

See, you can bet on politics at offshore sites — the US presidency or foreign elections too. That’s not legally allowed at top Kentucky sportsbooks that are regulated (e.g. FanDuel Kentucky). The same goes for entertainment show wagering (Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes), WWE gambling, or certain Super Bowl props (like the Gatorade shower). All those bets, plus more, are exclusively available at offshore bookies. The BetOnline app goes the extra mile in offering these types of bets too. At the end of the day, it’s never bad to have these extra options at your disposal.

✅ Deep list of sports bets readily available (at competitive odds too)
✅ Multiple bonus bets to choose from (just use the right promo code)

❌Casino section could be more modern
❌Mobile betting app could use an aesthetic facelift


MyBookie app stands out for one major reason: its mobile sports betting experience. The year is 2024, and the vast majority of Kentucky bettors are gambling from their mobile devices — both iOS and Android.  Some bookies have embraced this with well-designed mobile apps, and among those, MyBookie is leading the way. Use the site on your phone and it’s a seamless experience compared to a regular computer. No need to even download anything from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, it’s all from the web browser.

This is particularly noticeable when betting live. MyBookie has a dedicated section for catching live betting, which is supported for most of the major sports leagues. Access the section from a phone and it’s a clean experience — odds change in real time and bets can be made in a jiffy. All of this is perfect for bettors and sports fans who are on the go, whether at the sports bar, driving, or even at work.

✅ Well-designed mobile app
✅ Elite in-play wagering experience

❌Bonus options are so-so
❌Casino game section not that deep

Choosing The Best Sports Betting App In Kentucky

Here is the easiest way to choose a sports betting app: identify what your most desired feature is. Once you know what you want most, the decision process becomes infinitely more cake. You simply choose the online Kentucky sportsbook betting app that has the best feature for your desire. On that note, here are a few features you may want to consider:

Betting menu depth: no one wants to fumble around different sports betting sites to find the wagers they’re looking for (e.g. moneylines, spreads, prop bets, same game parlays, etc.). No, no, you want all of them in one spot whether that’s NCAA college basketball, Kentucky Derby, Louisville Cardinals specifically, Kentucky Wildcats, or other sporting events. Some bookmakers offer odds for more sports and leagues than others so factor this into your decision.

Betting odds: say you want to bet on a boxing fight. That wager might be offered across many sportsbook apps, but at slightly different prices. Wouldn’t it be great to get a line at the cheapest price to you? That way, you’re maximizing betting value? If you pick the right app, this can become the norm.

Bonuses: let’s be real, we could all use some spare betting funds — especially in this economic environment. Well, that’s what bonuses effectively do: offer free money for sports bettors to use at their will on any and every sport out there. Can’t complain about that, right? Just make sure you’re using the appropriate Kentucky promo code with these deals. Cods will differ between welcome offer and others.

Trustworthiness: any time you’re using your hard-earned money online, you want to know it’s in good hands. For one, you want to make sure it doesn’t get taken. Two, you want it back when you’re ready to cash out. These are must-have features of any app that no bettor should ever have to budge on.

How to Bet With Offshore Apps In Indiana

One thing we want to make absolutely clear: getting started at any Indiana sports betting app is easy. Really easy, in fact. You can get set up in minutes. Here’s exactly how:

1. Choose a sports betting app using our highlighted criteria above.

2. Create an account at said app. They’ll ask for the usual information like address, age, name — which you’ll have to verify with an ID or house bill.

3. Pick a deposit method to fund your new posting account. Cash (debit card, checks, PayPal, etc.) and crypto are accepted at most places.

4. Scrap the app of the Kentucky sportsbook to find your favorite bet. Size it as you wish and place wagers.

5. Keep on betting until you’re ready to cash out. In that case, choose a payout method to get your funds returned to you in real life.

It’s really that easy — no matter which Indiana app you end up choosing.


State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

Welp, that just about covers it for us, Kentuckians (and visitors of the state). You should have the full low down on online betting in Kentucky if you read every word on this page (including our FAQs below). Now it’s on you talk synthesize this information AND take action!