Online sports betting apps are legal and readily available throughout the state, and we will show you the best sports betting apps in Oregon on this page. In addition to the offshore mobile sportsbooks, which tend to be the best available, Oregon has one official sports betting app.

Oregon has only licensed this one sportsbook, which is run through the state lottery. They really want to bring in that extra revenue to state coffers. This app is called Scoreboard and is really one of the worst options available to Oregon bettors.

To kick things off, look at this quick table of the best sports betting apps!

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Oregon also has lots of casinos, mainly on Tribal lands, and these casinos also host sportsbooks. All of the mobile sportsbooks we recommend here will also have mobile casinos for Oregon bettors.

We recommend our favorite mobile sports betting apps here, and they are all the best sportsbooks available in Oregon. Here are our three recommendations for mobile Oregon bettors:

  • Bovada
  • BetUS
  • XBet


Sports Betting Apps in Oregon

Sports betting enthusiasts in Oregon can rejoice as the state has embraced mobile betting, allowing residents to place wagers using their smartphones and tablets. Since August 2019, Oregon has been home to a thriving mobile sports betting scene, with offshore sportsbook apps like Bovada, BetUS, and MyBookie leading the charge in providing a world-class betting experience.

While DraftKings is the sole licensed mobile sportsbook operator in the state, offshore betting apps have been serving Oregon sports bettors for years, offering a wider range of options, better odds, and more exciting promotions. These mobile platforms have earned a reputation for trust, reliability, and exceptional customer service, making them the go-to choice for sharp Oregon bettors.

To participate in mobile sports betting in Oregon, you must be 21 years of age or older, regardless of whether you choose to bet using a state-licensed app or an offshore sportsbook app.

Our Oregon mobile sportsbook reviews take into account specific criteria and factors that will be most important. In addition to our traditional sportsbook reviews, we emphasize customer service, mobile design, and mobile-specific bonuses. To convey this, we will go over the following categories for each of our recommendations:

  • The sportsbook features
  • Mobile betting app review

While you can find lots of locally licensed sportsbooks at the tribal casinos, when it comes to online sports betting apps, offshore sites tend to be the best! Here are the best sports betting apps in Oregon:

Bovada Sports Betting App

The Bovada sports betting app is a big name in Oregon mobile sports betting. They are well-known and well-trusted throughout the state and the country, in fact. For those who prefer a stable, well-recognized brand, and the security that comes with it, Bovada is the mobile sportsbook for you!

They have earned this reputation with over a decade of great service. And their mobile betting design only gets better and better. Their speedy payouts and fair odds have also been key to their large and growing reputation.

Bovada Mobile Betting App Review

One of the best parts of the Bovada mobile app for Oregon bettors is that there is no need to download it. That’s right! You can just click the link here on whatever device you are using. Their site will automatically optimize to the dimensions and uses of your device.

This is part of the great design work from the Bovada team. The best sports betting apps are doing this. It is a big convenience to be able to visit the site, whether from a tablet or smartphone and have it ready to work.

Bovada Football Betting App

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BetUS Sports Betting App

BetUS stands out first and foremost for its incredible bonuses and promotions. For example, their standard signup bonus is worth a whopping 125% match of your initial deposit in the mobile sportsbook.

At the same time, if you use Bitcoin in your initial deposit, their matching percentage grows even higher! They will give you 150% on top of your first BTC deposit. Two-thirds of this go to the sportsbook, while the other third is for the mobile or online casino.

BetUS Mobile Betting App Review

In order to use the BetUS sports betting app, just go to their website, register your account, deposit, and start making your bets. You can save that extra space on your phone for pictures of your family and other items.

These big bonuses will help you place the bets you want to. They have plenty of markets for the Portland Timberwolves and other teams that are the favorites of mobile Oregon sports bettors. These are just some of the features that make this well-rounded sportsbook app really stand out.

BetUS Football Betting App

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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XBet Sports Betting App

XBet really stands out for its excellent mobile app design. You can tell they focus first and foremost on the needs of mobile bettors. This also improves the experience of people who use desktop sportsbooks.

This is because mobile users have limited functionalities. So if a mobile user can navigate the site, all users will benefit from the improved usability. XBet is an excellent sportsbook app for this and other reasons and is a great option for anyone looking for a new mobile sportsbook.

XBet Mobile Betting App Review

XBet has a sleek look. Their extensive betting markets are easy to navigate, thus making it a breeze and tons of fun when you want to place a bet on the Portland Timbers or other top professional teams in Oregon. Just tuck those wagers into your bet slip as singles or combine them into parlays.

If you want to sign up with XBet, follow the link and enter your basic information. Once you make your first deposit, you will be eligible for their welcome bonus, which will help you place even more bets on your favorite teams.

XBet Basketball Betting App

50% up to $500
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Offshore Betting Apps vs. State-Licensed Apps: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing a sports betting app in Oregon, bettors have two main options: the state-licensed DraftKings app or offshore sportsbook apps like Bovada, BetUS, and MyBookie. While DraftKings is the only legal and licensed mobile option available, offshore betting apps offer several advantages that make them attractive to Oregon sports bettors.

Advantages of offshore betting apps in Oregon

Wide range of betting options and markets

✅ Competitive odds and lines

✅ Generous bonuses and promotions

✅ Reliable customer support

✅ Secure banking options, including cryptocurrencies

✅ Mobile-optimized platforms for seamless on-the-go betting

✅ Advanced encryption technologies to protect personal information and funds

✅ Access to college sports betting markets

✅ More diverse betting options and markets

✅ Competitive odds and lines

✅ Generous bonuses and promotions

✅ Mobile-optimized platforms for betting on the go

One notable aspect of Oregon’s sports betting law is the prohibition of college sports betting on the DraftKings app. This means that users looking to wager on their favorite college teams, such as the Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers, will need to turn to offshore sportsbook apps to place their bets.


Timeline of Sports Betting Apps in Oregon

1989: Oregon introduces Sports Action, a parlay-style betting game
2007: Sports Action is discontinued due to pressure from the NCAA
2018: PASPA is struck down by the Supreme Court
2019: Oregon legalizes sports betting, and DraftKings becomes the sole licensed mobile sportsbook operator


Betting on Your Favorite Oregon Teams

Oregon sports bettors have a wide range of options when it comes to wagering on their favorite sports and teams using offshore sportsbook apps like Bovada, BetUS, and MyBookie. These mobile platforms offer extensive coverage of major leagues and events, as well as niche sports and international competitions.

Popular sports and teams for Oregon bettors:

  • Portland Trail Blazers (NBA)
  • Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers (NCAAF & NCAAB)
  • Portland Timbers (MLS)
  • Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
  • Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants (MLB)
  • Seattle Kraken and San Jose Sharks (NHL)
  • Portland State Vikings (Big Sky Conference)
  • Portland Pilots (West Coast Conference)


Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Apps in Oregon

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) have gained popularity in Oregon, with several top DFS sites available to players in the state. While the state-licensed DraftKings app does not offer DFS in Oregon, bettors can still enjoy this exciting form of fantasy sports wagering through other reputable providers.

Offshore sportsbook apps like Bovada, BetUS, and MyBookie also offer daily fantasy sports contests, providing Oregon players with even more options to engage in DFS on their mobile devices. These platforms often feature large prize pools and a wide variety of contests, catering to both casual and serious DFS players.


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