Bettors will have their pick at sports betting apps Louisiana. Look, there’s a lot of online sportsbooks inside the Pelican State, as its affectionately called, maybe too much of we’re being honest. For the casual bettor, it’s hard to tell them apart when picking out a Louisiana sports betting app, but allow us to guide you in the right direction as best as we can!

Louisiana Sports Betting Apps

The state of Louisiana is in an interesting spot. It’s very much in the “Deep South” which is known for two things — its passion for sports (especially college sports like football) and its ultra-conservative nature. What that translates to in most of the region is a ban on sports betting. However, Louisiana bucks the trend as it’s one of the few southern states in the U.S. that’s legalized sports wagering. Sort of.

louisiana sports betting apps

You see, online betting is not legal across the entire state. Louisiana took another unique approach in allowing each county (or parish, as they call them) to vote on it. In the end, 56 out of 64 parishes went for legalization. This covers the major cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The other eight can only be if they travel to the legal parishes, which many end up doing.

Want an easier solution though? Stick to offshore sites for the top Louisiana betting apps. Since these operators are housed outside the United States, local laws don’t really apply to them. Louisiana bettors can freely wager at these offshore betting sites no matter the parish or state or country, it’s just about all fair game. Not only that, but these are legit the best online sports betting app Louisiana has to offer — even over legal sportsbooks like BetMGM Louisiana, Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana (which has a land-based location for retail sports betting), DraftKings Sportsbook, ESPN Bet, FanDuel Louisiana, Wynnbet, among others. Allow us to explain:


None of the regulated Louisiana sportsbooks can compare to the BetUS app in terms of promotional values. It’s honestly not even close because BetUS offers the best deals on a pure dollar basis. That’s what ultimately makes BetUS such a recommended bookie, there’s really no other place a bettor can earn this much free bonus bets.

How much are we talking about? Let’s call out a few of the bonus code as a frame of reference. New sign-ups that fund their account can earn as much as $5000 in free play depending on what they first deposit thanks to the welcome bonus. Want more? How about BetUS’ referral bonus that dishes out as much as $6000 in free play. These sums sound too good to be true, but trust us, they are 100-percent legit.

bet us louisiana

New users in the state can use this money to bet on whatever they like. Whether it’s local sports teams — New Orleans Pelicans, New Orleans Saints, LSU Tigers, etc. — or any other sprt of their choosing.

✅Biggest promotional bonuses industry-wide (the first bet (or two) is free cause of these promos)
✅Deep betting menu across sports, horse racing, and casino

❌High rollover requirements on bonuses
❌Bonus earnings expire in 14 days


Having a deep sportsbook menu should be a non-negotiable feature. We mean, that’s what we’re here for, right? To find bets for sports and leagues we want action on — and we want it all in one place. Welp, that’s exactly what Louisiana bettors get out of the BetOnline app. You’ll be hard-pressed to NOT find the betting line you’re looking for at this site cause it really has it all — same game parlays, moneyline, prop bets, and more.

Here’s another separation point between offshore betting sites and retail sportsbooks (legal ones with in-person betting allowed at the casino): offshore offers more lines. Not only more lines, but more betting markets that legal sportsbooks can’t touch — politics, award shows, WWE. Laws prevent regulated bookies from offering this, but no such rule exists for offshore. At BetOnline, sports bettors have the full gamut of betting odds available to them with little to no restrictions.

betonline lousiana

✅Massive and we mean massive sportsbook menu
✅Solid sign-up bonuses to get you started (just use the correct promo code)

❌Website and app could use a new, more modern look
Live betting support could stretch to more sports and leagues


In terms of pure popularity, the Bovada app leads the way in the offshore betting industry. They’ve been around since 2011 and have attracted a large user base due to their trustability, ease of use, and a deep menu of online sports bets. It’s a well-rounded experience without any major warts.

Bovada also perfectly encapsulates another major positive from offshore sites versus regulated bookies: more banking methods. The app allows sports bettors to insert and cash out in a multitude of ways, including crypto. Cryptocurrencies are not allowed at legal sportsbooks. Bovada though? Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and a few other coins are fully supported. These coins are typically cheaper and faster than “traditional” cash-based methods.

bovada louisiana

✅Reputable sportsbook app for LA sports betting
✅Supports various banking methods

❌Bonuses are low in dollar value
❌Casino section feels lacking


You got to give the XBet app a lot of credit for its mobile-first look and feel. Many competing sites were founded when mobile devices could barely get on the Internet. Therefore, they were a little late to the mobile app game. Not XBet, however. You can use the app from an iOS and Android device and have a phenomenal playing experience right away. Here’s the thing too: no download from the Google Play store or Apple App Store necessary. Just pull up the site from your mobile device to start betting.

This top mobile sports betting experience becomes apparent when live betting. XBet’s in-play feature is one of the best around. There’s almost no lag so odds change in real time and you can also lay a bet in time before it changes. We found ourselves betting live while driving (not recommended for safety reasons), during work, and at the bar with friends. The XBet affords this type of flexibility.

xbet louisiana

✅Aesthetic-looking website and app
✅Top-notch mobile sports betting features

✅Competitive odds for sports fans

❌Bonuses are pretty “meh”
❌Could use more casino games

Choosing The Best Sports Betting App In Louisiana

Ever heard that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink?” That’s how we feel about sports betting app recommendations. We’ll tell you what to look out for when making your decision, plus point you in the right direction (our four recommended bookies before), but the rest is on you. With that said, consider the following qualities when picking your best sportsbook:

Betting menu depth: what’s the point of any betting app if they don’t offer the odds you’re looking for, right? In a perfect world, every sport and league you need is offered under one roof. It would be cumbersome to have to use multiple apps to get your fix.

Betting odds: not only do you want the best of bets to choose from, but ideally, you want the best prices for those same sports bets. Price is another word for odds, by the way. The betting lines affect your payouts so always aim for getting the best value possible.

Bonuses and contests: these promotions offer a nice little “pick me up” for Louisiana bettors. One, it helps eliminate the risk of betting if there’s free play to be had. Two, it can just make the betting experience more fun with unique contests and prizes to shoot for.

Payment methods: here’s another biggie, offering various methods to bank. This goes for both inserting money into the app and then getting paid out on winnings. Maybe you’re into crypto, if so, you want a Louisiana sportsbook who fully embraces it and doesn’t fight against new technology.

How to Bet With Offshore Apps In Louisiana

What stops many would-be bettors in their tracks is this idea that getting set up with a betting app is either “hard” or “long.” Both could not be further from the truth. The process was very much designed to be straightforward and quick, as we’ll explain in this five-step plan:

1. Select a sports betting app. We’ve recommended a few of our favorites, but only you can really know which is the best fit for you.
2. Sign up for a new account on the site. This will ask for all the basic stuff (name, address, age, context info). You’ll likely have to process your identity with an ID card or house bill so don’t lie here.
3. Fund tour betting account with a supported deposit method (most places will accept debit cards, PayPal, checks, or crypto)

4. Look for a sports (or casino) bet to take. Just scan the menu til you’ve found something bet-worthy and risk what you’re willing to.

5. Keep at it until you’re ready to cash out winnings. You can choose a cash out method to get the money back into your coffers.

You’re legitimately a few clicks and minutes away from finishing reading this to being set up for a betting account. It’s that easy!

State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

You’re ready to bet online at a top Louisiana sports betting app if you’ve read all the way down to here. You have all the information (more in our FAQs below if you need it), now you just need to take some action. Pick out the Louisiana sportsbooks and get to it!