Unfortunately, Florida remains one of the few states in the United States without legal sports betting. The conservative state has banned licensed sportsbooks like BetMGM or FanDuel from operating. This opposition has created mass opportunities for the offshore betting market, however.

Offshore apps do in fact work inside of Florida. Since offshore apps don’t operate in Florida or the US, they don’t have to abide by the in-state ban. Essentially, this means Florida bettors MUST go offshore if they want online betting action within state borders.

So this article is dedicated to the very best offshore betting apps the Sunshine State has to offer. Keep reading as we give you the “lay of the land”, plus must-know suggestions.

Top 10 Florida Betting Apps

We’ve reviewed every Florida app we could find. Seriously — that’s the only way to really know what the best apps are. That’s why we’re confident in presenting this top-10 list:

Florida Betting Apps Highlights
BetOnline Betting App Best app for variety of sports betting
XBet Betting App Best app for elite mobile betting experience
Bovada Betting App Most reputable app around
MyBookie Betting App Top-notch app for live wagering
BetUS Betting App Best app for big-money promotional bonuses
SBG Global Betting App Great app for new and experienced bettors alike
Sportsbetting. Betting App Highly recommended app for in-play betting
Everygame Betting App Best app for competitive betting odds
BetNow Betting App Only app with sportsbook rebate
GTBets Betting App Well-rounded betting app

BetOnline Florida Betting App

betonline sportsbook 2024

BetOnline’s sportsbook is as deep as it gets. NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, soccer, fighting, cricket, politics — anything and everything you can bet on is inside the sportsbook. Ultimately, that’s why you’re here, right? To bet on sports? Well, at BetOnline, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet.

This also extends into the actual betting types too. For the sports and leagues we mentioned above, you’ll find an array of bet types including moneylines, over/unders, props, and futures. In fact, the prop market is the most impressive of all at BetOnline.

It really is options galore at the site. In any given day, there will be hundreds of sports bets for the taking and what’s not to like about that, right?

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XBet Florida Betting App

xbet sportsbook app 2024

We’ll be honest, when it comes to app design, many Florida apps are behind the curve. Many of them first built out mobile apps during the 2010s and have stuck with them ever since. Sure, they work, but they’re dated-looking and sometimes clunky to use. You can’t describe the XBet app like that, however, as they are industry leaders in this regard.

The XBet app is both aesthetic and functional. First off, the green-and-dark design is visually impressive. It feels futuristic, rather than outdated like other competitors. Using the app is also a flawless experience. The app loads lightning fast and errors were nonexistent in our experience. We’ve tried out a lot of apps over the years, but XBet stands a cut above the rest.

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Bovada Florida Betting App

bovada Pennsylvania

The big thing that stands out about the Bovada app is the name itself. Bovada is one of the industry’s O.G.’s — predating many of the big-name apps you’ve likely heard of like DraftKings. It’s hard to hang around this long and attract a worldwide user base like Bovada has unless you’re doing something right. Welp, Bovada is doing a lot right.

The app itself is one of those things. Bovada has stripped it down to the core essentials — betting and more betting. Forget fancy gimmicks or shiny new objects, Bovada is there strictly to offer bets in a simple way and succeeds wildly at doing so. There is just a simplicity to using the Bovada app, which bettors will appreciate.

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MyBookie Florida Betting App

MyBookie mobile betting- Nascar 2024

MyBookie really excels at on-the-go betting. We used the app anywhere and everywhere — school, work, the sports bar, in the car (not recommended for safety reasons) — and app performance was consistently good. The same goes for using it on cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection, the app just never cracked.

All this makes the MyBookie app really reliable. You want that reliability when you’re rushing to place a bet before the game starts, or heck, even when you’re live betting and need to lock in the in-play odds at that very second.

50% up to $1,000
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BetUS Florida Betting App

betus sportsbook app 2024

Bonuses, bonuses, and more bonuses — this is where the BetUS app separates itself from other Florida sports betting apps. No other app will give you as much free play as BetUS, and it’s not particularly close either.

For instance, BetUS’ sign-up bonus tops out at $3125 in free play. Even better, the referral bonus can reach $6000 when maxed out. Both numbers are simply unheard of industry-wide.

Promotions like those go a long way in minimizing the inherent risks that come with online app betting. Therefore, it makes strategic sense to use BetUS for all the free betting that awaits there.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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SBG Global Florida Betting App

SBG Global UFC Betting App

Like BetOnline, SBG Global is an all-in-one betting destination of sorts. Yes, the sportsbook is the main draw, but the app also offers a casino and racebook — both of which are well-stocked. It’s impossible to get bored here as there’s always something to put money on.

When there are this many betting options in one app, it could be cumbersome to find the actual bet you’re looking for. Not at SBG Global, though. That’s a testament to the app’s user interface, which just works like it’s supposed to. All bets are organized by platform, sports, league, and so on. Even first-time bettors will have no issue getting around the SBG Global app — it’s that intuitive.

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Sportsbetting.ag Florida Betting App

sportsbetting baseball

Live betting has caught fire as of late — with zero signs of slowing down. Bettors with an appetite for in-play wagering need to scope out Sportsbetting.ag. Few apps have perfected the in-play experience more than Sportsbetting.ag.

For starters, the app performs exceptionally well at just keeping up with a live game. In our first-hand experience, the live odds didn’t lag behind the actual game all that much. This is mission-critical, especially for high-scoring sports like basketball.

Moreover, Sportsbetting.ag offers in-play betting on just about all the major leagues — NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. We’d like to see more support for smaller leagues or sports, but then again, this is an industry norm. As the live betting market continues to mature thanks to more betting volume, we expect this change and Sportsbetting.ag to lead the way.

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Everygame Florida Betting App

EveryGame Baseball Betting App

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of being a successful sports bettor: securing value-rich odds. In fact, this is probably the second biggest ingredient after making the right picks. The good thing about the Everygame app is this is where it shines — offering bettor-friendly odds.

Yes, most betting apps are nearly identical with their odds. Variance is hard to come by, but when it does happen, it’s likely at Everygame — and the kind that benefits bettors (not the bookmaker). Everygame bettors might get moneylines and spreads with lines shaved off by a bit, which over time, can really affect your profit and losses.

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BetNow Florida Betting App

betnow sportsbook

We’ll be honest: it’s near impossible to offer a one-of-a-kind feature as a betting app these days. Impossible because this is a copycat industry. If one thing works at one app, another app will follow suit, then another and so on. Yet there’s one thing that BetNow and only BetNow offers: a sportsbook rebate.

Get this, if you have a losing week betting sports — hey, it happens to the best of us — you’ll get two percent of it refunded in free play by BetNow. Is that a huge amount? No, but it’s better than getting zero back, which is the industry norm. This promo is on top of four different sign-up bonuses and another three reload deals at BetNow. Believe us, this app is all about promo variety and that’s respectable.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
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GTBets Florida Betting App

gtbets promotions

GTBets checks a lot of the boxes a Florida bettor would need out of a betting app. Well-designed app? Check. Huge array of betting options, from sports to casino? Definitely. Big-money bonuses? Yes, including an entire rewards program. Slick love betting feature? Oh, you betcha!

We could go on and on, but you get the point. GTBets app just offers a well-rounded betting experience that appeals to any kind of bettor, from the complete newbie to the tried-and-true veteran.

100% up to $500
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Choosing The Best Sports Betting App In Florida

We get it, the list of Florida betting apps is extensive. So extensive that it can feel overwhelming to pick one or two to actually use. To help you narrow down your selection and find the best Florida sportsbook app, consider the following factors:

Ease of Use: A well-designed Florida sports betting app is crucial. Features, bonuses, and sports markets matter little if the app is slow, confusing, or frustrating to use. Look for apps with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and quick page loading, especially if you plan to place in-play wagers.

Quality of Promotions: Top Florida gambling apps regularly offer inventive and tempting promotional offers. Consider your preferences, whether it’s deposit matches, refunds, odds boosts, or specific betting options. Choose an app with promotions that align with your wagering style.

Betting Options: While many FL online betting apps may seem similar, important variations exist. Look closely to identify apps that cater to your specific preferences. Check for variations in points spread options, the availability of prop bet markets, and a diverse range of sports leagues and events.

Banking Methods: Ensure the Florida sports betting app supports your preferred banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Check for options such as credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and e-checks, keeping in mind the potential limitations on withdrawal methods.

Payout Speed: Consider how quickly your winnings can be withdrawn to your personal account. Different payment methods and operators may have varying processing times. E-wallets often facilitate quicker payouts, but be aware of any internal checks conducted by the operator that could affect processing time.

How To Bet With Florida Offshore Apps

Bettors like to overcomplicate the set-up process for a Florida betting app. It’s way more simple than you’ve been led to believe, trust us. Here’s the five-step process to get started:

  1. Choose the Florida sportsbook app you want to use. We’ve provided plenty of information to help with this decision.
  2. Sign up for an account on your chosen app. They’ll ask for all the basic info you’re probably used to — name, age, address, etc.
  3. Fund your new account. You’ll unlock a sign-up bonus with this first deposit so that’s something to look forward to.
  4. Look for a bet that interests you. Browse the Florida sportsbook (or casino) menu until you find something appealing.
  5. Place your bet and pray for some luck on your side. When you’re ready to withdraw winnings, select a payout method.

State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

Want an in-depth guide just like this but on other states? Check out the directory before. This will come in handy if you’re traveling or moving outside the Sunshine State: