If online sports betting is legal in the USA is one of the most common questions we receive. This makes sense! State laws with regards to sports betting in the USA are changing all the time. That’s why we are here! Here you will find all the information you want to know about the legality of online gambling in the USA.

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Is It Legal to Bet on Sports Online in the US?

Sports betting in the USA is heavily regulated. The laws vary greatly by state, so understanding the patchwork can be confusing to some people. The first distinction is between offline and online gambling. Legal online gambling is more common in the USA than offline betting. 


Only Lousiana and Nevada have legal offline casinos statewide. All other states have the restricted to riverboats or cities, like Atlantic City. 


There was no legal sports betting offline outside of Las Vegas until the 2018 Supreme Court decision (Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association). This really opened up the market for where you can bet on sports legally. But of course, this did not have much to say about any online sports betting law.


That is one of the biggest advantages of online gambling. You do not need to travel hundreds of miles to specific locations. Rather, you can go to a legal gambling site right from your home. Even in states that have not regulated and legalized sports betting, it is perfectly legal to use offshore sports betting sites. 


Legal Betting Sites in the USA

Knowing where to bet on sports legally is a key part of doing this right. Online gambling and online sports betting are so much more simple in this sense. Where to bet legally on sports will vary by state in any case. 


Here are the sites that are mos available across the United States. Because they are offshore betting sites, they do not need to be licensed in most states. Ironically, the states that allow local online sportsbooks sometimes, in rare cases, limit access to offshore bookies. This is mainly the case for New Jersey, though with such a fast-changing legal sports betting online landscape, you should check back here often. 



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Where Can I Bet on Sports Legally By State

With the Supreme Court decision of 2018, almost every state has passed or introduced legislation to legalize sports betting. You do not need to be a resident of the state to enjoy the casinos online or not. In general, you must be 18 years old for legal online gambles and 21 for in-person casinos where alcohol is served. 


Here are some of the key states in the legal gambling scene. They will give you an idea of the different ways that states have approached legal online sports betting.



Currently, California is home to many casinos. In fact, they have more than any other states, though they are all on Tribal lands. Various laws and even constitutional amendments have been introduced, though none have become law. 


Most importantly, residents of California can freely enjoy the best online betting sites. There you can gamble completely legally without any concern. Read more about the legality of California betting here. 


California Betting


Illinois is one of the most open states when it comes to US sports betting. They legalized online sports betting in 2019, and many stadiums such as Wrigley Field have applied to become betting kiosks.


They do require in-person registration to use the state-sanctioned betting sites. However, you can continue to freely use the recommended offshore betting sites without a problem.  They continue to be a route for legal online betting. You can find all the details of where and how to bet in Illinois.



Sports betting is now legal in Iowa. You can enjoy legal gambling and sports betting either online or in person. Iowa is the 11th state to legalize sports gambling. You can use state-regulated or offshore legal gambling sites. 


Check out all the details and find recommended sports betting sites for Iowa here.


New York 

New York state has plenty of brick-and-mortar places to bet. You can also continue to use the offshore legal betting sites found on this page. However, the state has yet to launch its own online betting platforms. 


While they have a few casinos around the state, using a legal online betting site is easily the most convenient option for NY bettors. Read all the details here.


New York Beting

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Las Vegas and Nevada, in general, were the only places to bet live on casinos and sports for a very long time. When the first online, offshore sportsbooks opened up in the mid-1990s, everything in the legal gambling USA landscape changed drastically. 


If you want to avoid the crowds and the tourist prices on the strip, online gambling is also legal throughout Nevada.